Eagles and Owls: Birds of a different feather

“Let’s face it, you want to run the ball all the time and I want to pass it all the time.”

Watching Andy Reid and Steve Addazio the last two days, it suddenly occurred to me that this is a tale of two coaches, same city, two different philosophies.
Reid wants to throw the ball all the time.
Addazio wants to run it all the time.
Well, not all, but you get what I mean.

Have to give it up to Nate Bauer of BWI for this correct prediction.

If you could put Steve Addazio’s head in Andy Reid’s body and Reid’s head in Addazio’s body, probably both teams would be better off.
For purposes of argument, the words never and all mean most.
Reid has a guy, Shady McCoy (almost went to Temple, by the way, but that’s a story for another day), who ran for 1,300 yards and 20 touchdowns last year and he never gives the ball to him.
Instead, he leaves his fate in the hands of a turnover-prone quarterback.
Addazio has an offensive line incapable of opening up holes up the middle, but he forces that square peg into the round hole with a stubborn trait of relying on runs up the middle.
Yet Addazio has a quarterback who never turns it over and throws nice balls, most of which are dropped.

Roll Coyer out to the left with the option of passing or throwing. If the pass is there, take it. If the run is there, take it. The fear of what Coyer can do with his feet will open up things for the Temple offense

Chris Coyer is not perfect, but he’s missed only two vital throws in this season in my mind and both were in the Penn State game. Even those might have been timing patterns that were the fault of the receivers.
He’s a kid you can win with if you put the offense in his hands.
Roll Coyer out to the left with the option of passing or throwing. If the pass is there, take it. If the run is there, take it. The fear of what Coyer can do with his feet will open up things for the Temple offense. Have Matt Brown and Montel Harris in space as dump-off options. Put Ryan Alderman near the first-down sticks as a target. Have 4.3 sprinters Jalen Fitzpatrick, Romond Deloatch and Khalif Herbin go deep.  Coyer in the straight dropback should only be a change of pace for Temple. The guys who have been dropping passes for Temple should sit on the bench.
Temple’s spread passing attack should open up lanes for the running game, not the only way around.
Just as importantly, moving those sticks will give the beleaguered defense a needed rest.
Same with Shady McCoy of the Eagles.
Establishing his running should keep the pass rush off Michael Vick and mitigate that team’s recurrent turnover problems.
Andy Reid and Steve Addazio. Both guys are pretty stubborn and I guess that’s one of the reasons why they got to where they are.
Something tells me, though, the first guy who recognizes the need for change will be the most successful this season.
I’m hoping it is both.
I’m praying it’s Addazio.


9 thoughts on “Eagles and Owls: Birds of a different feather

  1. Couldn't agree more. If he is healthy, have Harris carrying an equal load with Brown. That the offense can utilize Matt more effectively like the past 3 years. Use Harper and Benson more with draws and delays and the occasional Coyer run between the tackles. Plus pick 3 WRs, stick with them and please spread the formations out more

  2. Couldn't agree more. I noticed Coyer stayed tight in the pocket looking for an opening to run. Instead, the line just collaped on him. McGloin, on the other hand, rolled out, created distance to get more time to throw. Also ran for 2 touchdowns. He was much more successful. All game long I though, why dosen't Coyer roll out like McGloin?

  3. Wow. Two comments, same first sentence, two different posters. That's a first. Thanks.We'll score 30 a game against some of these BE teams, including USF, if we roll Coyer out. He will create so much havoc with their DBs (they won't know whether to cover or come up on run support) that their heads will be spinning."Coach, what do we do?"Skip Holtz will just shrug his shoulders and say, "I don't know."

  4. Only 1 throw to deLoatch, he caught it after fighting with the DB but his foot was out (though I did want to see the replay again because I thought he may have gotten his foot back in) get him the ball in space, big strong tall kid, let him out jump somebody else's DB's for once. Coyer rolling outto his left is a huge advantage as there are not a lot of left handed QB's. Still believe the offense will improve a lot this season.

  5. Deloatch had one foot in, one foot out. I thought that was all you needed in college. When I saw him with the PSU DB with the ball in the air, I had no doubt he'd come down with the ball and his vertical and hands (and most of all intestinal fortitude) is what I've been looking for in an Owl primary receiver all year.I want to see more of this kid. He's a star in making if he shows the "want to" he did on that play.He's going to have to be more aware of the sideline, but that'll come.

  6. The rules for a catch in college are somewhat confusing. You only need to get one foot down but you can't already have one foot out of bounds when you make the catch. I think he had his foot off the ground when he caught the ball. Unfortunately, I think it was the right call because you can't go out of bounds, come back in, and be the first to touch the ball.I wouldn't hold my breath for them rolling the QB out. Look at the season that Coach A was the OC at Florida. The whole season the line was struggling to protect Tebow and they would not roll him out. This is what led directly to Tebow's concussion against Kentucky. He was sitting in the pocket and got destroyed by a blitz.Considering the type of offense that BC has been running the last few years, Ryan Day doesn't give me much hope that he will install the roll out either. This ladies and gentlemen may be a long season.

  7. After carefully watching this team for three games, the rollout run/pass option is the only play that will work on a consistent basis. If they don't make this the staple of their offense, it WILL be a long season. Of course, Coyer misread a blitz on a similar play, but set the primary blitz protection as Wyatt Benson and you are going to have a lot of injured LBs trying to blitz CC this year and a lot of positive plays for Temple. Daz adjusted the offense to the personnel last year. He's still the boss. He gets to tell Ryan Day to do the same. He's got two weeks to fix this. I better not see three runs up the middle all the time against USF.

  8. The question really becomes who made those adjustments last year Addazio or Loefler?I hope it was Addazio for this season's sake, but the pessimist in me says it was Loefler. Judging by that 2009 Florida season I don't think that A is going to make that adjustment. The only shred of hope I have is that they were not allowed to roll Tebow out because Urban was trying to help Tebow's draft stock.

  9. Good news coming on the Coyer rollouts in my next post. Daz has heard.

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