Game Week Theme: Get ‘er done

Hopefully, the presser above was the last SA will have to meet the media after a loss.

Love the return of the shovel pass to Matty Brown and Montel Harris. That’s the first time I’ve seen Temple use that play since the Wayne Hardin Era. Get Brown and Harris in space, not between the tackles, and watch them go.

Going into the season, I felt this was the most intriguing one in a long time, maybe ever, for Temple fans.
Now it’s shaping up as a strange one with a crossroad coming up in six days.
A return to the Big East after being the only school ever evicted from a major conference offered a chance for some sweet redemption.
Now, after the first three games, I don’t know what to think except that the Temple football team I saw the last two games should have been better than that. Maybe the best competition is in the past. Villanova (4-1) is better than expected. Maryland lost by three to UConn, but stayed in the game against No. 8 West Virginia. Penn State hammered Illinois, 35-7.
It’s Temple’s turn to impress this week.
This week’s theme is “Get ‘er done.”
If Pete Lembo and Ball State can deliver their fans a win over USF,  Steve Addazio and Temple should do the same for Temple fans.
Whatever Ball State did to beat USF should be copied and done better by Temple. William and Mary stayed in the game against Maryland by relentlessly blitzing a true freshman quarterback and Ohio beat Penn State by negating a Big 10 pass rush with a short passing game that featured quick slants. Ohio bled PSU to death with nickel-and-dime passes, then would take a deep shot downfield.
There was no evidence Temple tried to copy the same thoughtful strategies against Maryland or Penn State.
That was disappointing.
The Temple players and coaches should win on Homecoming  Day for all the Temple fans who were disappointed by the Maryland and Penn State outcomes but, most importantly, for themselves . They know they are better than this. It’s time to show it.
There are five encouraging things going forward into the last eight games of the season:

Owl QB situation is in good hands with CC.

CHRIS COYER _ The most important position on the team is in good hands. The team dropped eight passes against Maryland and seven more against Penn State. If just half of those passes get caught, Coyer’s quarterback rating is among the best in the Big East. I just watched the Penn State game replay and both announcers were raving over him, saying this is a kid you can win with and that’s something I’ve been saying all along. In fact, they said far more positive things about Coyer than Matt McGloin.

Ryan Alderman: Sure-handed

DROPPING THE DROPPERS _ The Temple coaching staff has had three game tapes to evaluate who is dropping the passes. I don’t think we need to go into that here, but Jalen Fitzpatrick, Ryan Alderman, Cody Booth and Romond Deloatch can all go after and catch the ball. Keep them in the rotation. I’m somewhat surprised we haven’t seen more of Khalif Herbin, but maybe they are grooming him to be an RB replacement for Matty Brown next year instead of the slot WR they recruited him to be. He needs to get on the field in some capacity, though. He’s a touchdown-maker. If you think he’s too small to be an RB, just remember this: He’s two inches taller and 20 pounds  heavier than Brown.

Get Montel Harris “in space” and watch him go.

OFFENSIVE RECOGNITION _  Addazio said all season “we’re going to run the ball, I promise you that.” After two games of running into a brick wall, I think even he recognizes that the way to move the ball is to get Coyer out of the pocket and strike fear in a defense with the ball in Coyer’s hand, the same way the Eagles do with the ball in Michael Vick’s hand rolling out. Coyer should pump once. If no receivers are open, take off. If the DBs come up on run support, float the ball over their heads to wide-open receivers. Then take a few cracks at the running game, not the other way around. Love the return of the shovel pass to Matty Brown and Montel Harris. That’s the first time I’ve seen Temple use that play since the Wayne Hardin Era. Get Brown and Harris in space, not between the tackles, and watch them go. Harris showed what he could do against PSU with a late long gain that set up the touchdown.

It’s only a matter of time before he breaks one.

SPECIAL TEAMS _ Brandon McManus is one of the top placekickers and punters in the nation. In a close game, he will win it for Temple. Field position should be in Temple’s advantage the rest of the season and, in Matty Brown, Temple has one of the top returners in the nation. It’s just a matter of time before he breaks one. I hope it’s Saturday.


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