Green, Coyer, Harris, Newsome among heroes

Steve Addazio calls the win over USF his biggest in the post-game presser.

The biggest play in the biggest Temple game this century was made by the guy on the cover of the The Temple Gameday Homecoming program.
Marcus Green blocked the field goal on the day when he was the only player on the gameday cover.
I mean, you can’t make that stuff up.

Cody Booth makes “Temple TUFF” TD catch .

A 45-yard field goal certainly is no chip shot, but Green made sure the 26,000 fans did not have to watch the agonizing flight of the ball toward the goal post.
After so many twists and turns and heart-stopping plays in Temple’s 37-28 win over South Florida, Green probably saved the defibrillators from being used on a few older alumni.
There were other heroes, too, some who didn’t even play.
Kevin Newsome simulated South Florida quarterback B.J. Daniels in practice last week and that helped the Owls’ defense.
“Kevin Newsome, he was phenomenal, ” head coach Steve Addazio said. “Kevin Newsome’s coming into his own, by the way. He can really run explosively and he can really throw. We really appreciated what he’s done and where he is right now.”
The Owls are three-deep at quarterback with Newsome and Juice Granger backing up Coyer.
Temple baseball star Connor Reilly is no slouch at No. 4, either.
Still, I’d like to see the defense improved by putting Newsome at safety and moving Vaughn Carraway from safety to corner opposite lock-down sophomore Anthony Robey. Carraway’s got the speed to play corner and, at 6-3, 215 with a 37-inch vertical and a 4.5 40, Newsome would be a playmaker roaming the middle of the field at safety. If needed at QB, it wouldn’t take long to bring him on the other side of the ball.
Certainly beats Newsome holding a clipboard and running the scout team for the remaining seven games.
Have Reilly simulate the UConn QB next week.
Just a thought.
The other people who didn’t play and helped were the fans.
Everybody, from the student section, through the alumni were involved and loud and active.
When the fight song “T for Temple U” was sung in the second half, all 26,000 fans were on their feet and belting the song out at the top of their lungs. I never thought I’d see it in my lifetime but I hope to see it again in two weeks. These fans weren’t sitting on their hands. I was proud to be one of them. They were indeed the 12th man.
The team has to go to UConn and win a game next week but Rutgers thinks they are going to take over Lincoln Financial Field. I think they’ll be surprised that the stadium is solidly Temple’s now. They remember the “back in the day” Temple. They haven’t seen the new Temple.
They will.
Really, there were about 22 heroes on the field and this space is not large enough to list them all but, at least on offense, you’ve got to give credit to quarterback Chris Coyer, who was 16 for 20 with no picks and running back Montel Harris, who had 24 carries for 133 yards and two touchdowns.
Matty Brown left the game after accumulating 134 all-purpose yards and he got the longest standing ovation I can ever remember for a Temple player when he gingerly walked off the field in the fourth quarter.
The fans know Brown embodies the definition of Temple TUFF and sent him a message telling him that.
Hopefully, he will be OK.
The Owls were more than OK.
If they play with the competitive fire they showed Saturday, this season could get real interesting going forward.


8 thoughts on “Green, Coyer, Harris, Newsome among heroes

  1. I think it was as loud up in the club level seas where I have tickets as it was in the student section. Great to see and hear that kind of excitement. While a win is a win, I loved Harris's last TD as a nice exclamation point on the game. UConn game is critical for our bowl chances, win that and I think the worst we due in the conference is 4-3, with a 6-5 finish. Certainly don’t think pulling a victory from Rutgers, Louisville or Cinci is out of the question.

  2. Mike,Very happy for you. It was a terrific afternoon at the Linc. Got some nice color, had a "Papreps" sighting singing the fight song post-game in the concourse, and the beer was particularly cold in Center City following. Perfect homecoming.A few random thoughts, some good, some not so:1) Bad week off the field for the Owls. In building a tough, winning, disciplined program you can't have two players in one week in the headlines for off-the-field missteps. And both appear to be because of a severe lack of discipline. Let's hope it is not systemic.2) Slightly disagree with you on the crowd. Section 120 was dead as a doornail and actually hostile toward the coaching staff most of the game. The rows around me certainly weren't singing in unison except maybe during Kiss Cam when one of our members took it a bit too far. The 25,000+ announced attendance also was a work of pure fiction by TU athletics. Hey, it wasn't like a MAC game, but there will be much better days ahead for this crowd.3) Montel Harris is a beast. Excellent balance, football and vision. If OL continues to improve, this is an all-Big East back (right there with Graham).4) Coyer took the next step in his maturation as a quarterback. Didn't stare down his targets and delivered catchable balls. Stay healthy, kid, and you got a future.5) Love Newsome playing defense. Out of the box thinking. We need that.6) UConn is better than its record. Owls will need to play a more complete game to win at East Hartford.7) Thank you, Skip Holtz, for that final third-and-two call. And while much was said about Coyer playing against Maryland with a fever, is it fair to point out that B.J. Daniels played with an ankle the size of Addazio's head?8) Are the video boards in the Linc high-def, or is Temple sourcing cheaper equipment for replays and canned features. It looks shoddy and subpar compared to other NFL stadia.9) It's great to be 1-0. Who cares about 2-2. Go Owls!

  3. Temple doesn't "announce" attendance figures. Bill Bradshaw said that is the biggest misnomer ever. THE EAGLES announce the attendance figure and it is the EXACT number of scanned tickets through the gate.Unfortunately, that's what 26K looks like in a 70K stadium.The Eagles have no reason to inflate Temple attendance figures, since they have to pay a tax on it.

  4. Your capitalization of exact and faith in Bradshaw notwithstanding, you have a problem with facts here. The actual Lincoln Financial Field seating diagram notes that there are 29,000 seats in the lower bowl. Since there was not a soul in the second and third decks on the USF side, and just a smattering on the TU side, to have 26,000 people in that building yesterday would mean the lower Bowl was more than 80-percent full. Um, I don't think so. 15,000, tops.

  5. you probably believe somebody in the grassy knoll and not Oswald shot Kennedy. It was a GREAT crowd, probably a whole lot closer to 35K than 15K. Not even worth debating.

  6. Mike, I cam in from Cali for the homecoming game and in 30 years of going to owls games have to say this was one of the most exciting. I would also say overall I through the Owls played well enough to win the game, which is the sign of a strong program, but will need to step up in a few areas to beat some of the stronger BE programs. Overall I would give the owls a B+ for their performance (the plus coming from their gutsiness in the end. A bit more detail:Defense: B+. the defense played a solid game and did what was needed for the win. That said, usf receivers helped considerably with several dropped balls and their limited mobility of the QB helped. I was disappointed in some of their untimely penalties and had the special teams not risen to the occasion could have dropped the game. Standout: TM, awesome game for the froshOffense: A- CC continued to build on his impressive performance form last season. Smart passes and generall good decisions on the read options. I would still like to see a go-to WR emerge but the passing game yesterday was much improved Nd helped the ground game. Standout, MH with strong nod to CCSpecial teams:B+. the punt coverage combined with the blocked kick offset the fact BM, who is usually money, missed an XP and chip shot. Also felt the receiving team made very good decisions all day. standout, please….Coaching: Daz and company out coached the USF staff in prepping and adjusting during the game. I especially liked the mix of passing and running that was used so effectively. Intangibles: A. The owls overcame some first half miscues and remained focused on what was required to win the game. I prior seasons the owls might have folded up tents and expected to lose. This team continues to demonstrate tUFF ness.Keep up the great work and go Owls! Peace and best wishes. Owl87

  7. Didn't go to yesteday's game, but watched it on the Big East Network (that is SNY in North Jersey/NYC – same as Mets broadcasts). I thought announcers were good and even pro-TU. Were making a huge deal about # of Freshman playing. They showed a lot of good fan reactions.I thought TU played well and yes Montell Harris is a beast. O-Line looked real good and I hope it stays that way against UCONN. Concerns here are regarding Daz – yes awesome coaching job, but what was that delay of game penalty called after the roughing the passer call in last minutes of game? Was Daz the culprit. Also, So now team has two players arrested for abusing women and atleast one other suspension. I know Daz, not your guys, but come on.One other thing, does Scott Loeffler last the season at Auburn?

  8. My biggest concern about the coaching was the three running plays after getting the turnover at the USF 10. That's just plain dumb and there is no defense for it (unless you are counting the USF defense).Scot Loeffler, after putting up just 7 on a very bad Arkansas team, will not last BEYOND the year but he's welcome back here at any time (he would have play-faked and throw to to Deon Miller for six on the first play after the TO).

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