Avoiding the Toledo Syndrome

 BE Offensive Player of the Week Montel Harris mentions two words in this video that sound great together.

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”
_Winston Churchill

The best weekend in recent Temple football history is over.
First Big East game in eight years, first BE win in eight years, large enthusiastic crowd, all good things.
The only way to make it better is to keep on pushing on and top it every week from this point out.
The focus when the kids put the pads on tomorrow should be on one thing and one thing only:
Beating UConn.

Montel Harris and Ryan Alderman exchange thoughts on how to make moves
in the open field.
Photo by Mike Edwards

The Huskies are no slouch, either. They won at Maryland and lost by three to an NC State team that just took down Florida State.
It’ll be important to buckle down the chin straps Saturday in Storrs, Conn.
I think this is a much better matchup for Temple than USF was because the Huskies have had trouble moving the ball and the Owls are just starting to find their offensive and defensive identities. UConn doesn’t have a QB who can make big gains out of broken plays like B.J. Daniels can. That theory goes out the window, though, if the Owls don’t play with the fire they showed against USF. The Owls have a history of losing focus after recent big wins.
For these purposes, we’ll call it The Toledo Syndrome.
That’s why the Owls should listen to Winston Churchill (and Steve Addazio) this week:
“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it,” Churchill said.
Here’s some recent Owl history:
TEMPLE 38, Maryland 7 _ At Maryland, franchise running back Bernard Pierce went for 159 yards and five touchdowns as the Owls took down an ACC foe that beat Al Golden’s Miami team, 32-24, two weeks prior. The next week? Owls lost at home, 36-13, to Toledo. After the Toledo loss, Addazio put the Owls back in pads and Pierce said “that was the hardest week of practice we ever had.” Owls went on to beat Ball State, 42-0.
TEMPLE 34, Buffalo 0 _ After a second-straight shutout win, Owls lay a 13-10 egg at Bowling Green. Five straight quarters of woeful offensive football got Chester Stewart a permanent seat on the bench. After becoming the starter, Chris Coyer finished the season with four straight wins.
TEMPLE 30, Uconn 16 _ After beating the eventual BE champs at home by two touchdowns, Owls fail to get a whole lot of offense going in the second half of a 22-13 loss to Penn State. Probably more due to Bernard Pierce spraining his ankle after giving the Owls a 13-12 halftime lead than a letdown, though.
TEMPLE 14, Ohio 10 _ Owls beat Ohio on a last-minute touchdown pass at home on national TV from Adam DiMichele to Steve Maneri then go to Navy, build a lead and lose, 33-27, when Golden eschews the kneeldown and hands off to Kee-Ayre Griffin, whose fumble was taken in for a score on the penultimate play of regulation. Golden could have kicked it to Navy and forced a triple-option team to go 80 yards with 17 seconds left and no time outs. Instead of allowing KAG a seat on the bus ride home, Golden throws him under it postgame.
But then, the program was just learning how to be great.
The sign of a great program is to follow one good win with another.
The Owls have a chance to do that on Saturday.


4 thoughts on “Avoiding the Toledo Syndrome

  1. Mike,As a Husky fan, I know many of us are looking forward to a good game this weekend. I think that unlike in the past Temple definitely has people's attention. I for one thought adding Temple to the Big East was a good move. They bring a solid hoops team and an good football program as well. Looking forward to seeing how they fare against teams like Louisville and Cincy.What are your thoughts on the game this weekend? The Huskies are struggling to move the ball on offense but the defense has been playing well so I predict a low scoring game that could go either way. Are you planning on coming to the game?Also, that receiver's foot was definitely OUT a few years ago – the call stands! ; )

  2. Foot was def. in. BE should not have had the replay official nor should the MAC have had the real officials. I think in games like that you have to have a PAC-10 crew and a Big 10 replay official and take away any conspiracy thoughts.Game should be a good game.I don't think UConn fans should be fooled by TU's performance against MD. TU made so many football folly plays (2 snaps over the QBs' head for starters) that it skewed the score.Also, Montel Harris played limited duty. He's without a doubt the greatest RB in the history of the ACC. He's an 8-time ACC Player of the Week and now he's a one-time BE Player of the Week.TU seems to have cleaned a lot of the play up.TU also has a lot of respect for the UConn defense.I'm thinking this is going to be a 16-13 game either way.Temple has a great punter and kicker in Brandon McManus.

  3. I agree and find it hard to argue his foot was not in, I'm just messing with you.Saturday should be interesting…Lot's of tension over Coach Padqualoni at UConn. While I feel Temple is a tough opponent a lot of people still don't feel that way in the media etc so it could blow the roof off of the frusturation of this fan base

  4. Dave,I know what your talking about.Tampa Bay online had a record 329 comments after its USF-Temple game story and many of the comments were on the order of "We lost to Temple? Temple? Really?"Temple is paying for 30 years of football futility with an incorrect perception by opposing fans.Most people dismiss the last three years but there are only 8 programs in the United States who have had more wins than Temple in the last three years.Temple has turned the corner.There are key members of this Temple staff who have won two national championships at Florida, including the head coach, DC and OL coach.These guys can coach.I think it will be a good game and not a blowout either way.

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