Robert Burton Week at UConn

This was the talk of national radio and ESPN TV on Jan. 26, 2011.


Game time is 1 p.m. Saturday.

In the crowd of about 35,000 fans at the Temple vs. UConn game on Saturday, there will be one person who can’t lose.
His name is Robert Burton.
You won’t see them, though, unless you have a pretty good set of binoculars that can peer through some stained glass or the ESPN3 telecast catches a glimpse of him because Burton will be in one of those fancy heated club boxes.

Our prediction on this game, published on June 4 in this blog (before
Montel Harris got here).

UConn or Temple is going to lose, that’s a given, but Burton will be a winner either way.
That’s because if UConn wins, Burton will get to see his favorite school win an important college football game at Homecoming.
If UConn loses, he’ll get to say “I told you so” and probably will be trying to suppress a smug grin behind the stained glass. Largely because Hathaway left, Burton has since patched up his well-publicized differences with UConn.

Connecticut v Temple


Burton was the guy who donated $3 million for his name to be given to the Robert Burton Football Complex, then wanted it back after UConn athletic director Jeff Hathaway hired Paul Pasqualoni instead of Steve Addazio.

The Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Club parking lot, at
Silver Lane and Simmons Road, is where visitors usually tailigate at UConn

but the official TU alumni tailgate will be at the Gray Lot across the street.

Now Addazio is at Temple and Pasqualoni is at UConn.
That’s why this week is Robert Burton Week and Saturday is unofficially Robert Burton Day at Rentschler Field.
It didn’t matter that Temple already hired Daz in the days before Randy Edsall resigned, Burton wanted UConn to go after him anyway.
I’ve got to give Hathaway a lot of credit for showing some ethics in picking the best available person and not raiding a fellow institution of hiring learning’s most recent hire.
At the same time, it looks like Temple made the better hire in that the Owls’ stock appears rising while the Huskies seem be going in the opposite direction.
The Owls can further solidify that general consensus with a solid win on Saturday.
In all games, there are winners and losers.
In this one, on this day, at least there is one person who could be both.

Rentschler Field forecast for Saturday.

2 thoughts on “Robert Burton Week at UConn

  1. Sitting behind the Temple sideline on Saturday, we saw Daz only a few times during the game. When we watched the replay at home, his energy, charisma and will to win was awesome to watch. Temple got lucky to get him. The little bit of flack he's taken for the vanilla offenses early on was unwarranted, I truly believe he did not want to expose players who were not ready. Also, when he speaks, he praises assistants, administration, starters, bench guys, definitely spreading the credit around. No coach will ever say "I'm leaving for the 1st SEC job that comes around", but Daz seems truly glad to be at Temple and appears to relish the idea of building a program.

  2. totally agree. Love how he gave Al Golden credit in the post-game presser.That said, I felt AG used Temple as a stepping stone for his career and AG admitted as much in his first Miami press conference when he said, "I told my wife five years ago, things like this could happen."AG never mentioned Temple in a 40-minute presser.On the other hand, Daz showed loyalty to Florida by completing his commitment to UF and coaching in the bowl game.That told me a lot.I don't think Daz told his wife when he took the Temple job that he could be anywhere other than Temple in five years and I think he will be very happy to be here.It was that way with Harry Litwack, that way with Wayne Hardin, that way with John Chaney, that was with Fran Dunphy.Temple is a very special place and Daz realizes that.

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