How ’bout ‘dem OWLboys?

Chris Coyer talks about the fateful two-minute drill.

Coyer absolved those sins with what I believe is the most clutch throw I’ve ever seen from a Temple quarterback and I’ve seen a lot of clutch throws

Five games into the season and there are so many theories about how this football season is going to play out for the Temple Owls.
Prior to the fifth game, I had a premonition that this was going to be a “16-13 or 21-14 game” and I wrote that in my Friday post, adding “go with the Owls.”
I was wrong.
It wasn’t 16-13 or 21-14.
It was 17-14.
And they needed overtime.
Close enough, and I got the right side.
We all know now how the first five games have played out, with the Owls winning more than they have lost and being unbeaten in the all-important conference games.

My reaction to UConn players walking through the halls.

Still, though, my belief turned into absolute metaphysical certainty only when I found myself sharing the same hotel as the UConn players, the Sheraton in Rock Hill, CT.
Not having a refrigerator in the room, I had to get up every two hours in the middle of the night and walk down the hall to keep my tailgate, err, stuff cold. My makeshift “refrigerator” was a trash can filled with ice that kept melting. So I needed frequent refills.
Each time I opened my door, I saw two or three UConn players wearing Huskie sweat clothes walking aimlessly through the halls.
At least it looked like aimlessly to me.
At the same time, I was being told that Temple ran plays in the parking lot at its team hotel on the other side of town in Cromwell and also received texts from that hotel saying the Owls were safely tucked in their beds and not wandering the halls.
Temple head coach Steve Addazio has that kind of stuff pretty much locked down.
I didn’t know UConn head coach Paul Pasqualoni was lax on the discipline end, but the evidence seem to have suggested otherwise.
Still, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement in other areas for Temple, either.
Hey, I wasn’t thrilled with the offensive game plan (I WAS thrilled with the defensive game plan) but a win is a win.

The way this team currently is constructed, the run can never set up the pass. It’s not going to work. It’s got to be the other way around.

Coach Wayne Hardin used to always say, “run when they expect you to pass and throw when they expect you to run.” A simple but effective philosophy taken from the old shell game. He wasn’t considered an offensive genius for nothing.
I can honestly say that every time Temple runs (first and second down, mostly) I expect Temple to run. The same can be said for the Temple passing downs. If a schmuck like me can figure that out, well-paid RU coach Kyle Flood has a whole lot of easy tendencies to game plan for this Saturday.

For the life of me, I can’t figure how Temple ran Montel Harris (28 carries, 142 yards) wide on fourth and inches when center Sean Boyle was left uncovered and quarterback Chris Coyer could have gone 20 yards on a sneak. Coyer absolved those sins with what I believe is the most clutch throw I’ve ever seen from a Temple quarterback and I’ve seen a lot of clutch throws.
I don’t know what the harm is in a play-action throw every once in a while on first down, not third, or rolling Coyer out with quick slants to Jalen Fitzpatrick and Ryan Alderman to set up success in the running game. The way this team currently is constructed, the run can never set up the pass. It’s not going to work. It’s got to be the other way around.
That’s the kind of stuff that has to be locked down as well as bedcheck has been.
Success in the final six games depends on it.
I can say that with the same absolute metaphysical certainty I felt about Temple winning after watching those UConn guys walking the halls.
Unless I see the offensive approach change against Rutgers, no more predictions.


13 thoughts on “How ’bout ‘dem OWLboys?

  1. great game.., any idea of the attendance?

  2. Looking around the stadium, it was beautiful to see a Temple game (even away) in a nice 40K stadium with almost every seat full.Official crowd was 37,894 but it looked packed.I have to give the UConn fans a lot of credit.Most of them were very classy to us and we talked to a very nice older couple who lived by the "dock of the bay" where UConn meets the ocean.They said they were glad to see us back in the Big East.I got a couple "Temple sucks" on the way in and had a perfect comeback:"You know, that's what the USF fans told us before the game last week."

  3. Listening to the game I thought it was the "Toledo Syndrome" all over again and too be honest figured, ok let's focus on not finishing last in the conference and 5-6 while disappointing we would have at least shown to be competitive. With this win, still have tough games but I feel a lot better about getting 6 or more wins. Some interesting blog comments, the BE boards suddenly say we beat the 2 worst programs in the BE, I thought that was supposed to be Temple. Plus something that goes back to your post about scheduling awhile back that was on the ESPN BE blog, "The Owls did not have multiple gimme nonconference games like every other Big East team"As for the stadium situation, for now I would like to see the university work with the Eagles, more in the way the Steelers seem to work better with Pitt, and maybe get the end zones painted Cherry and White once in a while. Next week would be good, especially with the Eagles having a bye.

  4. Because the RU offense is not capable of putting up huge numbers, this will be a great game.26 points on a very bad Howard team (yes, Howard) and 24 points on a very bad Tulane team is not impressive.They did score 35 on Arkansas but Arkansas is 1-6.If the Owls can put up 14-20, they can win this game.My formula: 5 McManus FGS and a TD will do it.BUT (and this is a big but), the Owls will have to play-action throw on first and second downs and not wait until third all the time. The latter is a recipe for failure.

  5. totally agree on the end zones.I thought that TEMPLE and OWLSlook in both end zones should be a permanent fixture at the Linc every time the Eagles aren't playing the next day.I was told the hold up is $10K per game.Get 'er done, Temple.

  6. With genuine respect to Rutgers for being undefeated at thispoint of the season, they really haven't had an impressive win to date. They've neither beaten a team with a winning record nor won in a convincing way. I think with the owls special teams play, rushing game and very serviceable defense they could upset this top twenty team. CC is definitely going to have to be more effective than this week's game as the owls will need to open the box up for MH to get some room. The owls will also need to play more disciplined than any game this season but they have a real opportunity to pull this off.

  7. Dayowl,I truly believe in my heart of hearts with every fiber of my being, the Owls can do this … BUT … not the way Daz has approached the last 3 games.Daz says setting up the pass with the run is "who we are" .. I really think that should be amended to "who I think we should be."With our current personnel on our roster, IMHO we "should be" a roll-Coyer-out-to-the-left-team with an option to run if nothing is there and an option to hit the short slants (which will be there) to JF and RA and RD.Daz, when you recruit Jerry Kramer, Mike Webster, Bob Brown and Art Shell, then what you want us to be will be who we are.I think the running game can work behind Martin Wallace and Wyatt Benson leading the way for Montel, but only if we scare the bejebbers out of RU with Coyer on the edge with a pass/run option.

  8. unimaginative and underperformance on offense over three last three seasons has derailed our destiny…, our guy drop way too many passe, and CC has got CS pocket presence syndrome…., rolling out may not be a bad dea…, almost impossible to beat this Riutgers ream w/ 2 or more turnovers and 78 yards in penaltities…, how many fr have we started?

  9. CC's pocket presence is the product of having only 2 starters returning on the OL. Remember, CS was playing in front of one of the greatest TU OLs in history (second only to the 1979 OL, IMHO).CS could have had a sandwich before every throw.CC, on the other hand, stood tall in the pocket and made one of the greatest throws in Temple football history.Mad love to CC for that.He will get better. They just need to roll him out away from the pressure.

  10. I am a HUGE Coyer fan. However, i dont think Daz is giving him great opportunities for consistent success throughout the game. Temple has the most predictable offense I've ever watched. How often is Coyer give a 3rd and 6+ yards? I love that Daz is committed to the run, but he really needs to open it up a little more. Let Coyer get into a rhythm

  11. Hi mike, I agree on CS being a stiff and can honestly say Daz's inability to see this probably cost us the PSU game. I can also say I was never so glad to see anyone graduate from Temple, except for me. I couldn't take another season with him under center. I would also add the 1986 OL, led by John Rienstra to the list of great owl lines. They opened up the holes that allowed Paul Palmer to run wild against many of the best teams in college football. I think this OL is a year or two away from gelling in that manner and hopefully they'll have a stud RB and legit to capitalize. Keep doing your thing.

  12. From a purely aesthetical point, the Temple offensive approach needs some help, but look at the results, 200 plus yards on the ground against a team that knew that's all we were doing. Against a team that supposedly had the best or one of the best rushing defenses in the conference and the country. Also if you listen to Addazio's post game press conference, it sounds like he wanted to open things up, but the uncharacteristic penalties (I recall holding penalties on four straight kickoff/punt returns to open the second half) kind of hamstrung the play calling. And can we please let the Chester Stewart thing go. We are where we want to be back in a BCS conference with a ranked team (top 20 in the BCS) coming to town. We need to make sure we get butts in the seats at the Linc on Saturday.

  13. I didn't bring up CS (I don't say that name because it upsets a friend of mine). Kent Duke compared Chris Coyer's pocket presence to CS.I simply pointed out that CC did not have the benefit of a great OL that CS did.Give CC last year's OL and his pocket presence is Tom Brady-like.The kid is getting beat up back there not because of his pocket presence but because of the 0.9 seconds he gets to throw on every down.Yet he stood tall and delivered the clutchest throw ever when the Owls needed it desperately.This kid is a winner.Now roll him out on FIRST down and give him time to throw with ball fakes to Montel.

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