TU-RU by numbers: Who’s poop now?

Steve Addazio and the Owls react after reading posts on Rutgers’ rivals’ site about Temple.

If you have read the Rutgers’ message board over the last year or so, you get the impression that all Rutgers’ fans agree on at least four things:
1) Temple can’t draw more than 15K to its home games;
2) Temple is a bad addition to the Big East while Rutgers is good;
3) Temple doesn’t own the Philadelphia TV market;
4) Temple never has had a winning season.

Notice this poster has Rutgers beating Temple for the same reasons he had USF beating Temple.

One fan even went as far as to post a poll on the Rutgers’ website comparing the Owls to “poop.”
Those beliefs are based, as Steve Addazio has stated, on “way back when days.”
The metrics back up Addazio:
 1) Temple has averaged nearly 30K fans to its home games over the last three years. Temple’s home game last year vs. Villanova drew 32K fans, 31K from Temple. Temple’s home game against Villanova this year drew 33K, 32K from Temple. Temple drew 26K to the USF game and there might have been 100 fans from USF (would you leave Tampa for Philly in Oct.?). The Owls’ home game vs. Penn State last year drew 57K fans, at least 40K wearing Cherry and White, as Addazio correctly pointed out in the Maryland post-game press conference (go to 6:00 in time stamp) last year.

Another typical “know-it-all” (err, know-nothing) Rutgers’ fan.

2) Most of the schools thought Temple was a good enough addition to the Big East to invite the Owls back in on March 7, 2012, despite what Rutgers’ fans think.
 3) Temple’s bowl game against UCLA drew the second-highest TV rating of ANY BOWL EVER on ESPN in the Philadelphia market, second only to Penn State’s 2007 appearance in the Alamo Bowl and higher than any SEC, PAC-10 or Big East matchup ever shown in the Philadelphia market.
 4) Temple is working on four straight winning seasons, while Rutgers is not.
Who is poop now?
More Temple vs. Rutgers’ numbers:
Temple opponents (2012): 18-14; Rutgers’ opponents (2012) 10-21. Advantage: TEMPLE.
Temple in its last 20 conference (MAC and BE) home games: 17-3; Rutgers in its last 20 conference road games: 8-12. Advantage: TEMPLE
Temple in its last 20 overall conference games: 12-8; Rutgers in its last 20 overall conference games: 8-12. Advantage: TEMPLE
Temple overall record last 3.5 years: 29-14; Rutgers’ overall record last 3.5 years: 28-16. Advantage: TEMPLE
Temple current streak of winning seasons: 3; Rutgers current streak of winning seasons: 1. Advantage: TEMPLE.
Temple wins against Rutgers in last 6 games: 4. Advantage: TEMPLE
Temple at home against Rutgers in last 4 games: 3-1. Advantage: TEMPLE
Temple all-time in Philadelphia against Rutgers: 9-6. Advantage: TEMPLE
Temple this year in BE road games: 1-0; Rutgers this year in BE road games: 1-0. Advantage: EVEN
Temple Bowl MVPs currently on roster: 1; QB Chris Coyer Rutgers Bowl MVPs currently on roster: 1, RB Juwan Jamison. Advantage: EVEN.
 Jamison rushing yards against UConn: 110; Montel Harris rushing yards against UConn: 142. Advantage: TEMPLE
Temple coaches with national and SEC title rings (3;) Rutgers coaches with national and SEC title rings (0). Advantage: TEMPLE
Temple conference championships (1, co-MAC East, 2009); Rutgers conference championships (0). Advantage: TEMPLE.

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One thought on “TU-RU by numbers: Who’s poop now?

  1. This message is from Pat McDonald. thanks, Pat:Mike, Having grown-up in East Brunswick NJ (down Ryders Lane from Rutgers), I actually rooted for the "REAL" Rutgers football teams – before the Rutgers Fan Club in Trenton (AKA the NJ State Legislature) decided that Rutgers was on par with other state universities (Nebraska, Ohio State, Michigan, Oklahoma, Penn State, et al) and started shoveling money at the RU sports program. The 1977 undefeated RU team had one thing the 2012 RU team does not – HEART!!! Your numbers point out EXTREMELY well that Rutgers may be 6-0 but they haven't played anybody yet (and don't let anybody try to con you into buying that the win over Arkansas is a "quality" win, given that both Arkansas and Syracuse torched the RU secondary, and each can hang their losses to RU on costly turnovers). When I texted all my friends from HS about the win over USF (and I made an honest mistake claiming it was the first time Temple was 1-0 in the Big East, forgetting 1997 in my exhilaration), their answers all cited that RU was (at that time) 5-0 … I decided immediately to keep silent "if" (my feeling at that time) Temple beat UConn for their (truly) first-ever 2-0 Big East start, knowing that the true showdown would be this Saturday's game at the Linc … After coming from behind the past two weeks (AND after trying to come back against Maryland, and running out of time), Temple is primed to knock off Rutgers – EVEN if we fall behind early … now that the QB situation is stable (as opposed to last year, when Coach Addazio handed Penn State a win by yanking Mike Girardi for Chester Stewart, then throwing Girardi back into the game when Stewart proved he was out of his element), I firmly believe that Chris Coyer will lead the team past Rutgers … Love your blog, and hope that this weekend I can happily text my HS friends again, after our beloved Owls hang one on Rutgers. Patrick McDonaldBaritone Horn,Temple Marching Band 1981-83

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