Montel Harris: ‘I want to help my team to the Orange Bowl’

Steve Addazio implores fans to take it to the next level.

About two minutes before the start of Temple’s game at UConn last week, a very loud chant of “LET’S GO TEMPLE” could be heard from the corner of the end zone where about 900 Temple fans stood.

Montel Harris, standing right next to Steve Addazio and loosening up, turned around and gave a “thumbs up” to the Temple cheering section and raised both palms as if asking for the volume to be turned up.

I’m glad  Harris is on Temple’s side for tomorrow’s game (noon, Lincoln Financial Field) with Rutgers.
He hears it and he gets it.

Michael Basiden has a phrase he repeats on WDAS-FM (105.3, Mondays through Fridays, 3-7 p.m.) when he says something people might construe as outrageous.

When you see the “this is our house” in the video, it’s a cue for a “Let’s Go Temple” cheer.

“That’s right, I said it!” Baisden, who has a popular nationally syndicated radio show, will repeat.
Harris doesn’t need to repeat it, but this quote has all but one Harris YouTube clip so far this season:

“I want to help my team to the Orange Bowl. That’s our goal.”
Harris wasn’t talking about Boston College.
 He was talking about Temple.
That’s right. He said it.
Last week’s game against UConn might have been a bowl elimination game.
Tomorrow’s game against Rutgers might be an Orange Bowl elimination game.
Win, and the dream remains alive.
Lose, and the dream in all likelihood is dashed.

Set the alarms for 7 a.m. tomorrow and enjoy the beautiful day at LFF.

If Temple wins, it is 3-0 in the league and might be all alone atop the Big East standings by 7 p.m., depending  on how the rest of the day plays out.
If Temple wins the league, it will go to the Orange Bowl and no amount of backroom dealing can keep the Owls out.
I like the way Montel Harris reaches for the stars.
Some Temple fans poo-poo such talk. Some might even call it embarrassing.
It is not embarrassing to tell people your goal is to be the best you can be.
Right now, the 2-0 Owls can be the Big East champs.
That’s a fact.
Whether they will be in a position to do it depends I think on a couple of things:
1) Can the fans take it to the next level? Can we get the 30K TEMPLE fans in attendance to stand and chant “Let’s Go Temple” at the top of their lungs and sing the fight song in unison like they did several times in the second half of the USF game? (If you don’t think the kids on the team hear it, see the first graph above.)
2) Will the offensive game plan be diverse enough to get the job done? In other words, maybe open up with a two-minute drill, throw in a trickeration play or two, throw on first down enough to set up Harris’ on second- and third-down runs?
I saw enough evidence in the second half of the Maryland and USF games to think No. 1 can happen.
No. 2, I’m not so sure about but I have to trust that a coaching staff with muliple national championship rings can  figure that out.
Harris and the rest of the Owls will be ready.
Will you?

Tomorrow: No story due to power tailgating but complete analysis on Sunday


14 thoughts on “Montel Harris: ‘I want to help my team to the Orange Bowl’

  1. The last time I was this excited the day before a game was out in Albuquerque. Last time I was this excited before a regular season game? I don't recall!Needless to say I will not be sleeping tonight and I will be one of the first in line to get into K Lot tomorrow morning! See ya down there Mike!

  2. I'm going for a 3-hour jog now so I can tire myself enough to sleep. I'll be up by 7, out the door by 7:30 and tailgating at 8.This game is WAY more important than the NMB.

  3. This is awesome— first just to hear this kind of chatter for TU football and second to know that we can win these types of games. Mike, you have been waiting for a long time for a game of this caliber and there is no team I'm sure you would like to knock off more than rutgers. GO OWLS

  4. Unfortunately, the UConn game was not available on DirecTV last weekend, so can't make an accurate prediction on this contest based on performance. My gut — and the reaction of UConn alums in my social circle — tell me that last week was more Husky collapse than Owls heroism.That aside, I take it as a good sign that all five Boston Globe writers picked UConn last week, and this morning all five chose Rutgers.Let's hope Rutgers wanders the halls of its team hotel tonight.What the hell. Owls 21, Rutgers 13.

  5. im with ya on the power tailgating tomorrow.

  6. cant ND take the BE BCS spot if they are ranked high enough? Someone would find a way to keep temple out

  7. yes, ND can take the BE BCS spot but CAN'T take the automatic Orange Bowl slot that goes to the BE champion.Orange Bowl won't be the NC game this year.

  8. as far as the UConn game, that was more of an Owl win than a Husky collapse, IMHO.Deon Miller made a GREAT catch on the sideline for a 33-yard gain (and was well-covered) and Jalen Fitzpatrick was well-covered as well but Coyer put it in the only spot that JF could have caught it.Great throws, great catches.Those are pluses for Temple, not minuses for UConn.The kicker missing?He's no Brandon McManus.There will be a lot of worse BE kickers than BM (like all of them).In fact, RU is playing its backup kicker today.

  9. No team I'd rather knock off more than RU which, for reasons that really escapes me, have this snotty attitude about Temple.Its fan base is the most arrogant I've ever come across and make the fan bases of Villanova and Penn State seem like cloistered nuns in comparison.

  10. Temple.Football.can.become.phillys.New.Main.squeeze,,….TEMPLE.TUFF.its.not.just.a.slogan.its.a.movement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,aka.buddy.brown(,……………$.star.recruits.THIS.SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#CHERRYANDWHITE.4EVER#TEMPLETUFF#BESTBLOGINCOLLEGEFOOTBALL

  11. Syracuse beating up Uconn is not doing a whole lot for my confidence level tomorrow.However, and this is big, the ball is not round and takes funny bounces.Look at Central Michigan.The Chips won at Iowa, 32-31, and lost at home to Navy, 31-13.Each game takes on its own story.I'm hoping Vaughn Carraway steps in front of a Gary Nova pass and takes one to the house and Brandon McManus kicks five FGS and our defense plays as tough Navy Seals.If those kind of things happen, I like our chances.

  12. Well at this point the Pitt game is the season as far as getting to a bowl. Clearly while competitive we're not with the top of the conference yet. Plus I think Addazio coached like he had his head up his butt the second half. Very disappointing and embarassing

  13. Mike,I have to ask this question. Do you really thin that Temple is better off in the BE rather then have remained in the MAC, $$ aside. Being at the game Saturday, I have to say that Rutgers being ranked 15th is a joke, and with Ohio beating PSU and Toledo beating that other fraud ranked BE team Cincinnati, would have been better off staying in the MAC for a couple of more seasons?

  14. No.Toledo beat ARGUABLY the best team in the league vs. Cincy.Ball State beat USF.Western Michigan beat UConn.The way we played Saturday, we would have lost to all of those MAC teams.Heck, the MAC might be better than the BE (except for RU and UL).

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