Storm clouds brewing

There’s a storm coming our way and it’s headed for 10th and Diamond.

It’s pretty damming when Kent State is able to befuddle Rutgers with a sophisticated offensive scheme while Temple is stuck in the Stone Age, offensively. Kent State has no more offensive talent than Temple has

Batten down the hatches, this storm headed our way is going to be a bad one.
Hurricane Sandy?
Heck no.
All those Temple haters waiting to come out of the woodwork to pile on the Owls’ program, Steve Addazio, the quarterbacks, the kids and the coaches.
Is some of it warranted?
I’ve been the first to criticize the offensive scheme and I will continue to do so until it is changed from a run-to-set-up-the-pass approach to a pass-to-set-up-the-run.
To me, nothing would maximize the ability of the Owls’ great running backs more than play action on first down, bubble screens, shovel passes to spread the field and open up the run.
This run-first to set up the pass has been a disaster.
I wrote as much after losses (Maryland) and I was just as adamant about it after wins (UConn).
It’s pretty damming when Kent State is able to befuddle Rutgers with a sophisticated offensive scheme while Temple is stuck in the Stone Age, offensively. Kent State has no more offensive talent than Temple has and that includes the line.
This is what I wrote after the UConn win and I highlighted it in red:

The way this team currently is constructed, the run can never set up the pass. It’s not going to work. It’s got to be the other way around.

On defense, I wrote last week that Temple was beaten on so many jump balls in the secondary that they needed to get 6-foot-3 scout team quarterback Kevin Newsome, a three-time All-State safety in Virginia, back there and move another 6-3 player, Vaughn Carraway, from safety to corner in order to best utilize their best athletes.

This from former Temple hoop great Mike Vreeswyk yesterday. I know who is embarrassing here and it ain’t Temple football.

That didn’t happen and the Owls’ secondary got scorched again.
The Owls need playmakers in the secondary and Newsome would be a playmaker. He looks good holding the clipboard on the sideline, but he’d look a lot better getting a pick six and holding the ball over his head in the end zone.
The coaches are big boys.
They can take it.
I will not criticize the kids, though.

The kids are another story.
I believe they are giving their all in some misguided schemes.
Right now, I believe big changes have to be made on defense in order to put the Owls’ best athletes on the field.
Newsome and Carraway and Anthony Robey need to be back there. Put your tallest, fastest, highest-jumping athletes on the back line.
Heck, with the D-line so thin due to suspensions and the linebacking corps top-heavy in talent, I would also seriously consider going from a 4-3 to a 3-4 defensive scheme. Play Hershey Walton at nose guard and John Youboty and Sean Daniels at end and rotate in the other guys. That gives you two more athletic and faster guys in there to either rush the QB or make game-changing plays in the secondary.
Kent State beat Rutgers by disguising its defense and forcing turnovers. Mostly because of that, the Flashes got seven turnovers. The RU turnovers were the result of pressure, something TU almost never dials up on defense. Instead of tipped balls becoming interceptions, the TU secondary’s best move is tackling a guy 20 yards downfield.
Temple played a vanilla defense against Rutgers and did nothing to force turnovers.
Yeah, it’s a gamble now to change the base defense from 5-2 to 3-4 in four practice days but the definition of insanity is doing the same thing next week and expecting a different result.
Really, could they do worse than give up 47 points to a Pitt team that had a hard time scoring 20 on Buffalo?
The other problem with that is you need practice time to do it and the oncoming storm doesn’t help. Maybe the Eagles could allow use of NovaCare but that’s far from an optimal solution.
The Owls are looking at getting ready for Louisville with mimimal outdoor practice time.
That’s a double wammy of a storm and far from a perfect one.


11 thoughts on “Storm clouds brewing

  1. Today's game was a complete disaster. The owls were outplayed in every aspect of the game (except for kicking). Once again we make a pedestrian QB look like Dan Marino, although given the performance against the run it wouldn't have mattered. I think this once again speaks to the talent gap between temple and even the lower tier BCS schools. Daz needs to win the recruiting wars at home against Rutgers, Pitt and occasionally PSU to close this gap. In the meanwhile he needs to work with the talent currently on the team and devise schemes to leverage their talent. His run, run, pass approach is driving me nuts. I'm also of the mind that he needs to seriously think about starting juice. I'm a fan of CC but he's not getting it done this year. I don't blame him for today's loss but frankly we need a spark and that's a logical place to start. If the owls show up next week with the same gameplan as this week we're going to get absolutely smoked. They need to do something with the secondary and I see our third string QB as the best available option. I keep thinking about how Daz sat CC last year while we suffered through CS and wonder about his assessment of available talent. Nevermind a bowl game we still need to demonstrate we belong in a BCS conference. Keep up the great blog.

  2. Mike, no one cares enough to bash. You can't manufacture interest, it is earned. A New Mexico Bowl win over a bad team and a used car salesman for a head coach is not enough. Nor is a move to a allegedly stronger conference. True interest will be built by steady leadership and results over an extended period of time. Long term vision is what Golden had. The fact that the program didn't have the cache' to keep him is the biggest problem of all.Be safe this week. The storm.reminds all it is only a game.

  3. Schools like Kent State, Toledo, Ohio, Northern Illinois have proven what you can do with "lesser" talent.I think Temple's talent level is comparable to those schools, maybe even better (if the recruiting rankings me anything).The frustrating thing about this year is that Ohio (Penn State) and Kent State (RU) have been able to do what Temple wasn't able to do.That's because they have quick passing attacks that negate the need for a whole lot of straight-ahead blocking.Our coaching staff should have figured that out going into the season and I don't have a whole lot of confidence they are going to be able to figure it out now.

  4. Massowl raises a great point. I was hoping to see 20 posts from ticked off fans after yesterday's debacle. Just another disappointment relating to owls football.I also share your frustration around teams with seemingly lesser talent taking out BCS schools. You could easily make a case that the MAC is stronger than both the BE and ACC despite a disparity in recruiting stats. Frankly, I'm glad we're in the BE because I don't think our record would be any better in the MAC but the perception would be worse. I really think the owls need to focus on developing a system and team that provides a sustainable platform for growth. The owls won't have McManus, one of the best kickers in the country, to bail then out next year. Since they'll also lose top-tier backs in Harris and Brown, they'll need to start figuring out how to generate points next year. The current offense isn't cutting it. The defense is also in need of serious upgrades. I don't see any light at the end of tunnel for the secondary. They are brutal and the rest of the BE is lighting them up. I know the owls are a young team but I'm pretty disappointed in their coaches and players performance. If Ohio and Kent State (for Pete's sake) can pull it together and knock out BCS schools with their talent the owls should at least be competitive.

  5. I've resisted calling out the coach so far, but Daz has to make some changes. I think, based on recent results, we would be a middling MAC team this year. Massowl said Golden had long term vision; maybe, but this team now is mainly his backup guys and they are not stepping up. The defense has been a concern all year and I has thought that would be a strength. Our lines are getting beat; we need more creativity in our blitzes and our offensive side, One more thing – CC semed to be playing ok in the 2nd half, why was he yanked? Vs RU I understood the switch; is CC done as starter?

  6. Hey, guys, sorry I didn't moderate your comments sooner but I went to the Eagles' game today.Why did I feel it was de ja vu?I'm sure folks expected more from the Eagles than the Owls, but that doesn't mean that the fans of both are equally disappointed.Taking this convo totally away from the Eagles, I agree that our lines are getting beat.I don't agree that there's no remedy.The remedy is a short quick passing game on offense and a 3-4 blitzing scheme on defense.Do we have the BAllS to make those changes?I seriously doubt it.I hope I'm wrong.

  7. Great point MassOwl makes about no one caring.I had to laugh out loud when the announcers during the Pitt game said that the Temple quarterback situation was "going to be a big topic of conversation in Philadelphia" this coming week.Where?On sports talk radio?All they do is talk about the Eagles on talk radio in Philadelphia, ad nauseum.I guess that's one of the "blessings" in Temple playing so poorly.

  8. Power out in Central Massachusetts and will fight the urge to draw a gratuitous comparison with our offense. Be safe everyone.

  9. You, too, MassOwl.Power out around me (East of Roosevelt Blvd and in some parts of Center City) but here on the West side of Blvd. still have power.I was in the Poconos for Irene last Aug. and was without power for 2 days.Listening to the transistor radio was no fun.

  10. Temple should just bench all the non contributing upper classmen and just play all the Frosh and Soph to gain expierence for next year and the future! The starting lineup should go as follows(QB C.Coyer, RB J.Gilmore, FB W.Benson, WR J.Fitzpatrick, WR R.Deloatch, TE C.Booth, LT Z.Hooks, LG E.Lofton, C J.Quinn, RG K. Friend, RT R.Korang)Thats 7 Frosh in the lineup! Defense id go LE M.Ioannidis, DT L.Brown, DT H.Walton, RE B. Chudnoff, LB N,Smith, LB T.Matakevich, LB R.Dvoracek, FS K.Newsome, CB D.Cooper, CB T.Young, SS S.Marshall. Thats 8 Frosh on Defense for a combined 15 Frosh on both sides of the ball! All of the non Freshmen in that lineup will return next year also! Oh yeah and id have Fitzpatrick and Herbin as my return men! Id still give Matty Brown and Montel Harris some PT but they dont help us out for the future! Might sound crazy but these underclassmen need all the expierience they can get! Just think, play them all toghether now and come 3 years they will all be VERY expierienced Veterans and may all be All Big East selections! Just a crazy thought though LOL

  11. I hear what you are saying, but that's a good way to lose every game 47-17 from here on out.Jamie gilmore had a few carries this year, maybe 15. I don't think he's carried the ball for more than 2 yards in any of those rushes.Montel Harris gives you the best chance to win now. I don't see those freshman DEs giving me the pass rush I need. Youboty and Daniels are the best pass rush guys by far but we need an Adrian Robinson (or two) and even those guys are no Arobs. I don't think there is an Adrian Robinson on this roster, so we'll have to go out and recruit him.

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