Fast Forward Friday: Agreement in principle

Owls can go high end and have this view from Trump International …

According to Hawaii’s athletic administration, the school and Temple have reached an “agreement in principle” to play a football game on Friday, Dec. 7, 2012.
Whether it will be a day that lives in infamy or regular fame will be determined by whether or not the Owls are able to squeeze two wins out of their next four games.

... or slum it and have this view from the Maile Sky Court.

Heck, I hope the Owls now win all five but that will require a return to the offensive form they showed against USF and the defensive form they showed against UConn.
We can only hope.
Hawaii sports columnist Dave Reardon, who has a sweet job in a sweet town, noted that because the Owls will be playing the same weekend of the Honolulu Marathon, they might have trouble reserving hotel rooms.
Thanks to the magic of the internet, I found that should not be a problem.
I wanted to enter 50 rooms for three nights arriving Thursday, Dec. 6 and leaving Sunday, Dec. 9, but they only go up to 10 rooms. (This also  works for getting in Dec. 5 and leaving Dec. 8.)
At least 82 hotels had 10 rooms available as of this morning.
If the Owls chose to go first class, 10 people for 10 rooms at The Trump International will run them $12,270.
If they go low end, the Maile Sky Court will set the same amount of people back $4,270.
In between, they could go Hyatt Place Waikiki Beach ($6,470), Modern Honolulu ($10,170), Aqua Waikiki Wave ($10K even), Waikiki Marriott ($8,070) and Hilton Hawaii Village ($6,660).
That’s not even counting the airfare.
Where are the Owls getting this money from?
Pure speculation here but the Big East may be hyperventaling from the prospect of having six DIRECT bowl tie-ins and only three current teams qualified to fill them.
Syracuse and Temple could make four and five.
Plus, if Temple makes a bowl it will be a much bigger payout than the money the Owls made at the Eagle Bank Bowl, the Garden State Bowl and the New Mexico Bowl.
So a trip to Honolulu to set up that kind of payday would be chump change in comparison. (Or Trump change, if the Owls go first-class.)
Problematic that any of the other BE teams have a chance.
First, though, the Owls will have to show signs that they can come out of a six-quarter on-field funk.
They will have that chance starting tomorrow.

Tomorrow: Louisville Game Day Preview


3 thoughts on “Fast Forward Friday: Agreement in principle

  1. Good news. Assuming Temple beats Army, we will need a win against LVille, Cincy or Cuse to make the trip west real interesting. I wouldn't say I favor Temple in any of those games, but a win isn't totally unrealistic either. Lville hasn't played much of anyone and still only manages to inch out Ws. Cincy has lost 2 straight. Cuse is really good at shooting themselves in the foot. I could see a win in one of those three games…A bowl would be huge for the program's 1st year in the BE

  2. A bowl wouldn't just be huge, it is of the utmost importance.1)Extra Practice. This young team needs it.2)TV exposure. The more Temple is on national TV the better.3)Recruiting. Selling recruits on bowl games is important.4)While not bowl related the Hawaii game might be on TV if it is not the same time as the Army Navy game.

  3. Trying to sell the family on an early December trip to HI. There are direct flights from and to Newark/Honolulu. I see this game as a positive for Temple, whether it makes us bowl eleigible or not. OT: the poll question re: BB is a tough one. The 3 coaching hires have been spot on. The HI game, as noted above, just makes me smile. The Linc is a great facility. In other words, there is no wrong answer, but I'll be voting for the BIG EAST membership, as that possibility looked all but dead.

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