In this case, Aloha means goodbye

This time, the goodbye is for good.

Aloha is one of those words that could mean either hello or goobye.
For the better part of the last month, it meant both for Temple University’s football team.
First, it meant hello.
Then it mean goodbye.
Then it meant hello again.
Now it means goodbye again.
This time, the parting seems to be final.
This was the release Temple University handed out today:

As late as Saturday, people “in the know” were optimistic a deal would be announced on Monday.
When Monday came and went, I had my doubts.
The “unforseen circumstances” had everything to do with the Benjamins. Unlike the Temple deal with the Eagles, $15 million for the 15-year contract, Hawaii has to pay Aloha Stadium $100K for every time the stadium opens up. Still, there is plenty of talk about Temple being able to make a bowl game as a 5-7 team due to the very real possibility there won’t be enough 6-6 teams to fill the number of available bowl slots but I don’t think that’s even worth discussing at this point.
Unforseen circumstances on the Hawaii end seemed to be ironed out when the Warriors got permission from the NCAA to play the game on Dec. 7 in order to avoid a Dec. 8 conflict with Aloha Stadium but they spent the better part of two weeks crunching numbers that did not add up.
Speaking of numbers, I think it is a net minus for Temple football.
I would have liked to seen the Owls go out to Hawaii with a 5-6 record, finish at 6-6 for the regular season and a chance for a fourth-straight winning season.
That’s not happening this year.
I would have also liked to have seen Temple with the extra few weeks of practice so that a “young team” can develop.
Really, the only positive that can come of this is that this gives three-time “National Recruiter of the Year” Steve Addazio a chance to work his magic in the two months between Nov. 23 and Feb. 4, national signing day.
That was one of the big reasons the university made a significant financial commitment to Daz along with a $10 million addition to an already relatively new $7 million facility.
If the Owls are able to beat out a lot of Kent States and UMass for their recruits, it won’t mean much. If, on the other hand, the Owls are able to get guys with offers from Penn State, Michigan State and those type schools, it could be the significant talent injection this program needs.
Right now, though, the most important thing is to beat Army and, considering the results on the field over the last four weeks, that’s far from a given.
To do that, the Owls need to say Aloha to the 75.9 percent run-on-first-down approach and Aloha to a few well-timed play-action passes on those same early downs.
No need for the definition of  those two Alohas now.


5 thoughts on “In this case, Aloha means goodbye

  1. Just can't help but feel disappointed that the Hawaii game fell through. Like you said, it was a good way to gain practice. You never know, maybe we beat Syracuse and finish 5-6. It will be even more disappointing then. What happened to the team that beat South Florida? Even though USF is bad, that game and gameplan was the best one all season. Oh well.

  2. totally agree. USF is an extremely talented football team that beat UConn and extended Louisville to the end and lost by 1 at the buzzer vs. 'Cuse.Temple played like a confident team full of swag that day and hasn't since.Difference?Going 16 for 20 in the passing game kept the Owls in it the entire game and even though the defense gave up gobs of yardage, played tough enough to block a FG and win it.Now I think the offense's inability to move the ball also seeps into the defense's confidence and it saps the swag out of the team.This team has too many offensive weapons to be struggling moving the ball.I blame that on the run, run, run approach.

  3. Sorry guys but I don't see the owls beating the army team I watched last week with the same effort they put forth in the past month. I definitely don't see the owls beating 'cuse, who has been something of a surprise this year. I'm not saying this to be negative, I'm actually being objective. While army's running focused offense won't scorch the owls poor pass defense, I think they'll be able to win a low scoring game by stuffing the box and controlling the clock. The big advantage the owls have in this game is Brandon McManus's leg. In a low scoring ground game I think he could well be the difference. I also think having a new QB would help the cause immensely along with a better mix of run/pass which hasn't happened yet….so why expect a change?

  4. After four weeks of hoping that this team would go to a "true" spread offense, like Daz said they would have all summer, I've given up hoping for that.I still believe in the kids, though, but it's tough to win when the coaches run the ball all the time against 8 in the box.It's like watching Daz bang his head against a brick wall for 3 hours a week.I'm not surprised the line opened at Army -3 based on that.Even though I've never bet a Temple game and never will (too much emotional investment in the program), I wouldn't touch this line either way.

  5. I was agreeing with the play calling being a big part of the problem until this week. The 1st 3 drives were 10 rush 6 pass for 62.5% rush. The 4th drive bogged down with a penalty, but later drives opened up the passing game quite a bit. And what happenned? Poor execution; a couple of drops, but more errant throws, ending with an interception. If the passing game worked just a little bit better, I believe we'd see more of it.

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