P.J. Walker leads unbeaten Elizabeth tonight

I don’t think this music is on Steve Addazio’s IPOD, but the passes are impressive.
The recruits so far, according to Owlscoop.com

When one of the nation’s top 15 recruits last year was asked why he chose a lesser profile school over another, he responded:
“That other school wanted me, but this team NEEDS me,” he said.
So it is with P.J. Walker of Elizabeth (N.J.).
Other schools may WANT P.J. Walker, but Temple NEEDS P.J. Walker and that is why I think he will be arguably the top recruit of the 2013 Temple class. I write “arguably” because you could make a good case for kicker Jim Cooper, Jr., too.
With Temple’s top three quarterbacks (Chris Coyer, Juice Granger, Kevin Newsome) gone after next season, the Owls need someone for the 2014 season who can be brought up to speed in the 2013 season to be The Man in the 2014 season.
To me, that person is P.J. Walker, who leads his team tonight (7 p.m., Williams Field, Elizabeth) against Franklin. Walker’s Minutemen are 9-0 and probably 10-0 after tonight (they already beat Franklin, 42-13, in the regular season) and are the top-ranked Public School in the state.

Williams Field is just off Route 1 in Elizabeth.

Head coach Steve Addazio says he wants to run a true spread offense, but he said that in the summer and that didn’t happen. He says that will happen next year. I want to see play-action passes on first down to make the running game more effective on second down. I want to see defenses have to defend the whole field and next just inside the tackle box. I think all Owl fans do. That’s a true spread offense.
We’ll see.
In my mind, the true spread has got to happen because Temple needs a “Doug Flutie-type” impact player to make the move from bad to good to phenomenal to super phenomenal.
This year, let’s be honest, the Owls were just plain bad.
They have to make the move to good next year and, I don’t care what Daz says, the record is going to have to reflect it. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but the construction guys didn’t take a year off, either.
Boston College wasn’t significantly better than Temple until Flutie pushed the school into national prominence. The same argument can be made for Louisville and Teddy Bridgewater.
Walker could be that player for Temple.
Once Walker takes the controls, they can think of being phenomenal in his sophomore year and “super phenomenal” by his junior year.
At least that’s the direction Daz promises the team is headed.
To do that, the Owls have to corral Walker and a few more impact players.
If you are in the neighborhood of Northern New Jersey, a trip to Williams Field might be a better option tonight than watching the MAC championship game on ESPN.
It’ll be like going to a Temple football game two years from now.


2 thoughts on “P.J. Walker leads unbeaten Elizabeth tonight

  1. Is it a done deal that P.J. will play QB for the owls. I know he plays it in high school but so did Kalif Herbin. Granted Herbin is 5-7 and Walker is closer to 6-1 but he strikes me as the Best athlete on the team so he plays QB type. Bobby Bowden made a living at Florida State by recruiting high school QB's to play WR, S, CB. I think he definitely could considering how Daz has used his QB's so far but he is listed on some recruiting sites as a wr/s. So was Teddy Bridgewater when he was recruited but perhaps at a large school Teddy would have been moved to WR and that played a part into why he went to Louisville to play QB. Im just curious if he is coming in strictly as an QB or more of an athlete who could get a shot at QB

  2. Strictly as a QB, Tom. In fact, he's the only known QB on the 2014 roster, which is why I'm hoping they'll bring in another guy this year or a JUCO next year.I suppose current starting WR Jalen Fitzpatrick (a former Big 33 QB) could be an emergency backup, but he's only 5-11.Walker throws about the best ball for an incoming recruit since Adam DiMichele. Reminds me more of Henry Burris than ADM, though.I don't think there was ever any thought of making Henry Burris anything other than a QB.

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