Coaching Carousel stops at Temple

Heck, Clawson would be a great sell for a Temple fan base irate with Steve Addazio leaving because Clawson beat Addazio last year with half of Addazio’s talent

When Bill Bradshaw finally sits down and hammers out a short list for Temple head coaching candidates, the good news is that the Coaching Carousel seems to have stopped at 10th and Diamond and a couple of good men fell off.
Just as of a couple of days ago, it looked like Dave Clawson, the Bowling Green head coach, might be headed for Cincinnati, robbing Temple of a prime choice of coaching beef. That job went to Texas Tech’s Tommy Tuberville instead.
Good for Temple because Clawson is a much better fit for the Owls than Cincy. Heck, Clawson would be a great sell for a Temple fan base irate with Steve Addazio leaving because Clawson beat Addazio last year with half of Addazio’s talent. Clawson has Philadelphia-area ties, having been a longtime coordinator for Andy Talley at Villanova.
Clawson then built a FCS champion at Richmond, giving Mike London all the players he needed (Al Golden-style) before heading to Bowling Green. Now, at Bowling Green, he has the 8-4 Falcons in a bowl game.
It also looked as though San Jose State head coach Mike MacIntrye could be headed to either Cal or USF but Louisiana Tech’s Sonny Dykes got the Cal job instead and Willie Taggart got the USF job.
Again, good for Temple because MacIntyre kicked Dykes’ backside with San Jose State talent last week.
MacIntyre could still be in line for the Colorado job, but that is looking more of a longshot now that former Super Bowl coach Jim Fassel threw his hat into that ring.
Taggart’s getting the USF job is doubly good for Temple because another head coach with solid credentials, Mario Cristobal, was rumored to be in line to take over that job.
The Wisconsin job is still available but there are strong indications that Notre Dame co-defensive coordinator Bob Diaco is the solid choice to replace Bret Bielema, who went to Arkansas.
If Temple should hire a “head” coach, and I really think that’s the only way to go at this juncture of the program, possibly the best three candidates fell off that carousel and right into Bradshaw’s lap. When Bradshaw hired Golden, he needed a program-builder. When he hired Addazio, he needed a recruiter. With the talent already in place, now needs a proven head coach who can get the most out of the talent and establish Temple as a national brand.
I can’t believe three of the best men on a crowded coaching carousel at the beginning of this week are still around at the end, but I’m glad they are.
According to any objective empirical analysis, these three guys have all proven to be better head coaches than Steve Addazio:

MacIntyre might bring to Philly something TU fans haven’t
seen in two years: A forward pass.

MIKE MACINTYRE _ Is familiar with Temple, but probably would be blown away with the facilities now, which are 100x better than they were when he was a defensive assistant in 1997 and 1998. He had San Jose State, a program with a history worse than Temple’s (the Spartans almost dropped football three years ago), 10-2 and ranked No. 24 in the country. He’s just what Temple needs, a guy who can outcoach the guy across the sidelines from him. Temple did not have that with Addazio. It would with MacIntyre. Now would MacIntrye, whose son is a hotshot California quarterback, want to come here? Why not? He interviewed at USF. We can confirm that, but can’t confirm reports that he was in Thursday to interview for the Temple job. I hope he did and I hope he’s interested. Maybe he’ll bring his son along to play for my other alma mater, Archbishop Ryan (Raiders need a quarterback, too).
DAVE CLAWSON _  MacIntrye is either No. 1 or 1A.  I’m not sure which because of Clawson, who could be the 1 to MacIntyre’s 1A. Clawson is familiar with the Owls, having coached against them in the MAC. He’s familiar with Philadelphia, having coached at Villanova.

This is our guy

He’s had the Midas Touch with every team he’s coached, from leading a powerhouse Villanova offense to stockpiling the talent for FCS champion Richmond to leading Bowling Green into a prestigious bowl game. Remember, he beat Addazio’s best team with half of Daz’s talent. He would be an easy sell to the Temple fan base. He would have the Midas Touch at Temple, too.

Was going to put a photo
of Mario here, but decided
on his wife Jessica instead.

MARIO CRISTOBAL _ One year ago, he was one of the hottest young coaching prospects in the country, after taking obscure Florida International University to two bowl games. A rash of injuries this year cooled his stock a bit and he was, in my mind, hastily fired after a 3-9 season. Still, I think Cristobal, with the Owls’ current talent (not even counting the recruiting class) could have Temple at least 7-4 in 2013. Last year, Cristobal finished second in the running for the Rutgers’ job to Kyle Flood and would probably like nothing better than to send the Scarlet Knights off to the Big 10 with a BE loss in Piscataway next year. Married to the beautiful Jessica Cristobal. Could have also explained the 3-9. As much as I love Temple, if I was Temple head coach and married to her, that would explain me going 3-9 because I  might be late for a lot of practices.
All three would do a better job than any current assistant coach on Temple’s radar screen, even the legendary assistant offensive line coach of the New York Giants.

Tomorrow: The $17 million gamble


3 thoughts on “Coaching Carousel stops at Temple

  1. Great assessment mike. I've been reading some of the articles and postings regarding Daz's hire and have to say there are very mixed reactions. Andrea Adelson on espn thinks this hiring was the greatest thing since the forward pass (which maybe she can explain to Daz). I've never thought much of her analysis and this certainly doesn't increase my opinion of her writing(perhaps you could take her job). Many of the other comments focus on Daz's 4-7 record in a very weak Big East conference and his abrupt exit from a program for which he voiced his 'long haul' commitment. I think your approach regarding the evolutionary needs for the owls from program building to recruiting to coaching is great lens on things. AG and Daz both served their purposes but neither were great game day coaches. I'm glad Daz has cleared the way for a more innovative coach as I really believe he tapped out his potential and wasn't going to get the owls to the next level. If he lasts six years at BC I'll be shocked. I just hope the owls land a solid game day coach who can assess and manage talent. This team had the talent to win at least two more games and undoubtedly be more competitive in our losses.

  2. Great post, DO.I grew up watching Wayne Hardin outcoach everybody on the opposite sideline EVERY week, so I got spoiled. He may not have won every game but he won darn close to 70 percent of every game and nobody outcoached him.It was great to see the opposing writers comment how Temple was the "smarter" school in football.Then, to a lesser extent, Bruce Arians. I loved when BA eschewed the nickle defense (which everyone did in the 80s with a lead) for an all-house jailbreak blitz that won the Rutgers game. That was smart.Since then, though, with JB, RD, BW, AG and SA, we've been outcoached like crazy.AG won in the late years because of recruiting.SA had a good year when he had 2 good coordinators. He was terrible this year.Even Mario Cristobal, who finished 3-9, played Louisville to a one-touchdown game (a 28-21 loss). Daz got blown out. FIU didn't have half the talent Daz had.It's infuriating.If not a Wayne Hardin genius (like MM or DC), I want at least a Mario Cristobal on our sideline next year.

  3. We need the next Bill O'Brien. He turned a kid that wouldn't have started at a MAC school, into the most efficient QB in the Big Ten. This indirectly in now his greatest recruiting tool, in showing any kid that he can turn them into an NFL prospect. Hopefully BB can find his twin.

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