Matt Rhule becomes TU’s full-time coach today

A hybrid helmet between the old (left) and the new would be the best in college football.

Matt Rhule
Head Football Coach
Temple University

Dear Matt,
Let me officially be among the first to welcome you to the job full-time as Temple football coach now that the Giants have been eliminated.
I know you’ve been working hard for Temple since being hired, but it’s nice to get your full attention now.
I wish you nothing but the best. These players deserve a coach who will stay here and win for a long time.
First, thanks for bringing back the forward pass and Nick Rolovich to Temple. We’ve missed aspect of the game since the New Mexico Bowl.
You weren’t around at the end of the first half versus Maryland when the fans chanted in unison “Throw … The .. Ball.”
 It’s just as well.

Worst. Helmet. Ever. (Sorry, Chonn.)

You’ve come a long way since the last time we crossed paths and exchanged pleasantries while jogging at Mondak Commons in Upper Dublin Township a few years ago.
In the year since you’ve been gone, a few things changed that you might or might not know about. I’m sure you know coach Addazio changed the helmets. That was not a popular move to former players, who preferred the TEMPLE spelled out, as do most Temple fans (the results of a poll overwhelmingly favored the old Temple helmet).
Yet I realize branding the ‘][‘ is important, too. To me, the perfect compromise would be just that, a compromise, splitting the helmet down the middle with TEMPLE on one side and the T on the other side. To me, that would be the most distinctive and best helmet in college football today.

Nothing would please Dynamo Hyno more than a return to the TEMPLE helmet.

I know it’s not important in the overall scheme of things, but I hope you consider at least going in the direction of changing the helmets back to the Golden Era variety since that call was on Golden and Daz in the past.
It is now your call.
No biggie, since we survived the awful Owl helmet era and the attitude inside the helmet is more important than the lettering on the outside of it.
Also, you might have noticed in the Army game, we have an abundance of BCS-level linebackers and a dearth of depth at DE. Hopefully, some serious consideration is given to switching at least temporarily to the 3-4 until some big-time Adrian Robinson-type pass rushers can be recruited at the DE position.
I think Temple football will be the most exciting sports ticket in Philadelphia soon due to the changes you have already implemented.
I know the best is yet to come.
Good luck and Go Owls!

Mike Gibson
Editor and Publisher
Temple Football Forever


6 thoughts on “Matt Rhule becomes TU’s full-time coach today

  1. Started the New Year with this emailed in comment from Steve Sipe (Brian Sipe's brother). Thanks, Steve.Made my New Year's Day.It starts here:Dear Mike,From concerned Temple Fans everywhere, I am presenting you with an EMD (Eat My Dust) Award in being ahead of every coaching call this season.Although not a Rhule fan, you called the pick before any other media. Then you pulled a hat trick + with the assistant coaches. This is why TFF is a 1ST view everyday football updates.I have looked over the team now in place. If we can keep OC Rovovich for 3 years we got a gift. This is a head couch of San Jose State, or Nevada, of even better a football dead UNLV. No matter, HC Rhule has his replacement in assistant OC Satterfield training right behind him to learn the new offensive plan. Assistant DC Noble is HC Rhule insurance DC Heater is a long term stay. If he leaves, a trusted replacement is right there to assume the plan. This is the kind of HC leadership Temple has always needed and rarely received. If this team can fill out the rest of the roster from the recruit list I emailed, then Temple will have all the tools needed to win. K F I A 08-31-13Kick Fighting Irish Ass, we have to live it, breath it, and believe it; carpe diem 08-31-13!Steve Sipe

  2. Err, that's the Brian Sipe who is a New Jersey lawyer. 🙂

  3. I always try to avoid uniform talk, but my vote is for the 'T'.

  4. I did a poll on this site last year and people said TEMPLE by a pretty large margin. TU hospitality also did a survey and came up with a TEMPLE landslide.T is OK, but the beauty of my solution is that the TEMPLE people and the T people both win.If Congress could compromise like this, we'd have a balanced budget in two weeks.

  5. Did you have a poll on the black uniforms and the red road pants? Uniforms should be uniform. That's why they call them uniforms. I agree that the Golden Era sported the best uniforms.

  6. Black unis were incredibly bad luck. I knew the Owls were playing with Karma when they came out in them. Not a coincidence that they haven't worn them since. I hope they never wear them again.

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