Hard to pick an MVP from this class … now

Right now, P.J. Walker looks like your 2014 starting quarterback.

Not many people know this, but there was once a quarterback who won a Maxwell Award at Temple.
Now, after a nearly 40-year wait, there is a second.
“Hard to believe, Harry.”
That might be the way current Temple radio color guy Steve Joachim would tell the story to play-by-play guy Harry Donahue.

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Joachim was the Maxwell Award winner for the 1974 college football season, emblematic of the nation’s best college football player.
Signing on the dotted line heading a solid class today is the second Maxwell Award-winner in Temple history, an incoming freshman quarterback by the name of P.J. Walker.
Walker’s Maxwell came for being the New Jersey Player of the Year for unbeaten Elizabeth.
Walker doesn’t remind me as much of Joachim as he does former Temple quarterback Henry Burris. Watching the film at the top of this post I had a similar reaction when former Temple coach Ron Dickerson showed me film of Spiro (Okla.) High School quarterback Burris.
My gosh, I thought. Same throwing style, same motion, as Henry Burris.
Same deadly accuracy. Walker is a little better runner than Henry was, but Henry has three Canadian Football Most Valuable Player awards on his mantlepiece.
We’ll see how P.J. develops. He better get there fast since he’s the only QB on the 2014 depth chart.
Walker could be the MVP of this class, but so could Jim Cooper, Jr., the first All-American kicker ever signed by Temple. His dad, also Jim Cooper, once kicked a 38-yard field goal to help Temple beat West Virginia. Son, also from Mainland, N.J., holds the New Jersey record for career field goals.

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Speaking about beating West Virginia, another MVP from this class could be running back Zaire Williams, from Timber Creek, N.J. The 5-foot-11, 200-pounder with 4.49 40 speed gave a glimpse of his big-time ability while playing for Cherokee two years ago. He finished with 42 carries and 386 yards (and six touchdowns) in a game against Cherry Hill East. Maybe he’ll break Montel Harris’ single-game Owl record (351, seven touchdowns).
Williams could be the MVP of this class.
So could two-time state heavyweight wrestling champion Averee Robinson, who once had six sacks in one game for Susquehanna Township while playing every position along the defensive line.

Shane Rafter (76) casts a rather large shadow.

Robinson comes from good bloodlines. His brother is a former Owl, Adrian Robinson, now with the Steelers.
I once told Adrian’s dad, also Adrian, that the Owls were playing that Robinson out of position, that  he should have been an outside linebacker but that they needed him as a “rush” end to get pressure on the quarterback. Both Adrians understood. Still, Arob was a natural OLB.
This Robinson won’t be playing out of position. He’s a natural nose tackle in a 3-4 AND a natural DT in a 4-3.
Since he is a state wrestling champion, maintaining gap leverage in a 3-4 should make him especially effective there.
Buddy Brown is one of the best linebackers in the state of New Jersey, so he could be MVP of this class or mabye it could be his Williamstown teammate Jullian Taylor, a transfer from Abington (Pa.). Camden Catholic middle linebacker Jarred Alwan so also highly rated, so it could be him as well.
Or it could be someone else, like Harrisburg’s Brian Carter or Meadville defensive back Artrel Foster or offensive linemen like Shane  Rafter (Moorestown, N.J.) or one of the two Montour linemen, Tyler Haddock-Jones or Matt Barone.
I’ve got an idea.
Let’s wait until the Temple football banquet four years from now and decide then.
The fact that there are so many in this group in the discussion at this point only bodes well for the future of Temple football.
What’s that Steve Joachim said?
Hard to believe, Harry.

Complete analysis of the class, with photos, up by Thursday afternoon


4 thoughts on “Hard to pick an MVP from this class … now

  1. I know that your saying that any of these guys could be the star of the class 4 years from now. However, It needs to be Walker. in 2014 he will be the only qb on our roster to have any time in our system. Im sure we will recruit a qb or 2 in next years class and probably even a JUCO player to bring some additional experience. However, Its quite scary to think about only having one guy who know the system and who is potentially one play away from starting a true freshman. We could use help and depth at every position. But PJ has to work out. he is the only guy for 2014 at the most important position on the field

  2. I'm confident he will, Tom.This ain't no Vaughn Charlton (second-team All-Southern Chester County League) or Chester Stewart we're talking about. (Stewart was recruited by everybody else to be a safety; that's where TU should have played him.)This is a kid a lot closer in skill set to Henry Burris than anyone I've seen in a TU uniform since.Maybe that's why potential Virginia transfer Mike Rocco was seen on campus recently.It's absolutely critical Rhule target a QB transfer like Rocco and/or a big-time JUCO, even if just for depth purposes behind Walker in 2014.

  3. Correct me if im wrong, but isnt Connor Riely going to be on the roster in 2014? Not that he will be a starter but he is another QB on the roster!

  4. good point. His class will graduate, heck even he might graduate, but since he's a redshirt junior going into this year he will be on the roster. He's an outstanding baseball player, though, who might be drafted.

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