Reports of the Big East demise premature

Big East football has secured a network deal, according to reports.

When folks ask me about the Big East and Temple University football, I pretty much have one answer:
“Would would rather make road trips to Oxford, Ohio, Ypsilanti, Mich., Muncie, Ind. or Dallas, New Orleans and Tampa?”
I rest my case.

“Would would rather make road trips to Oxford, Ohio, Ypsilanti, Mich., Muncie, Ind. or Dallas, New Orleans and Tampa?”

Temple football had two choices and two choices only:
Stay in the MAC and continue to take those trips to the directional midwestern schools, play Tuesday night games at home before 11,000 fans in a 70,000 seat stadium, and die a slow long death or go to real cities to play real teams and play college football almost exclusively on the day God created it for:
That’s above and beyond what talks loudest in college sports yesterday, today and tomorrow:
According to a report today on Yahoo Sports, the Big East is about to sign a football and basketball deal with the NBC Sports Network that will pay each team $2 million per season.
Considering that Temple was making pretty close to zero dollars (it made money only in the bowl season) with the MAC, it was a no-brainer that the Owls make the move to the Big East last year do everything they can to make it work now.
From all accounts, SMU, Tulane and South Florida are happy to be in the Big East. Cincinnati and UConn have one eye on the door, but no other suitors. If anybody leaves, there’s a group of  schools wanting to come in that approximates the New York Giants’ season-ticket waiting list.

Temple is sitting on a talent gold mine playing in a $521-million stadium, another potential gold mine

I’d love to see former Temple football “rival” Buffalo, a big city within shouting distance, given first dibs.
Selfishly, I think the Owls are in a much better position to compete and win in this league than they were last year and that position should even be improved going forward now that the offense has transformed from 1912 cloud-of-dust style to a 2013 spread in just a couple of months.
If you put the pin in the protractor at 10th and Diamond and created just a small semi-circle that includes the states of Pa., Md., NJ, NY, Conn., Mass., Del. and Virginia, there is 46 percent of the nation’s population inside the circle. There is only one Big East school, Temple, in the middle of that circle.
Temple is sitting on a talent gold mine playing in a $521-million stadium, another potential gold mine.
There’s nothing about Tulane or SMU football that scares me. Heck, Temple beat a Navy team that hammered SMU only a couple of years ago.
Temple football is on solid footing now and it behooves the Owls and Cincinnati and UConn to make it work.
Any reports of the Big East’s collapse are premature and should be put to rest by this impending deal.


14 thoughts on “Reports of the Big East demise premature

  1. The Big East still has brand recognition…, transformation efforts should include thinking "Big" well beyond maintaining the status quo

  2. This is a football-centric view. But basketball is the premiere sport at Temple and Owls are taking a significant step back on hardwood. And most, with the exception of the "A Jersey Guy" blog, feel the Big East is in a death rattle and the NBC deal is a joke.

  3. I'm football-centric. I plead guilty. Still, don't see how playing in a BE hoops' conference with Cincy and UConn and USF and SMU (Larry Brown) is any worse than Bonnies, Rhode Island, Fordham, GW, Richmond. We'll always play LaSalle, Penn and St. Joe's and probably Villanova so we lose nothing in hoops and probably gain if Cincy and UConn stay.

  4. I know alot of people are complaining that the basketball team is suffering in this and that we should have stayed in the A-10. What I think is important to note is that while the A-10 is very competetive this year they will not get to credit for it next year. What I mean is that just because we are strong this year dosent mean that anyone thinks the league will be as strong next year. the A-10 is not BCS conference so it will never dominate a the preseason rankings unless you make 2 final fours in a row. Plus if the C7 end up taking Xavier and others the A-10 would be much weaker than the big east they are complaining about. Another thing is outside of Georgetown and potentially villanove, for the sole reason of dominating them every year, i dont thing the C7 is as impressive as people are making them out to be. All that being said am I upset we got in the BE just in time to lose Pitt, Cuse, Rutger and louisville, very much so. However, There is no way that we arent better off in the BE that the Mac a-10 combo. Its not a major jump but its a small step in the right direction

  5. Are you just selectively reading? UConn and Cincinnati will bolt "C-USA 2" at first.opportunity. The.Big East has a short-term future at best and Temple is left with a bag of rocks in basketball. Oh, but it will be a thrill to compete against ancient Larry Brown in front of 3,000.sleepy fans at Moody Coliseum.

  6. I agree, The BE is fine and is certainly more interesting than the MAC. I thought the BE would get a little bit more money, but thats okay. Also, I would love for the BE to go with NBC instead of ESPN. Just a feeling, but I think NBC would actually air more games than the crowded ESPN.To MassOwls point. New BE basketball will still be better than A10, assuming Uconn and UC stick around awhile. Especially since the C7 is likely to snag the top A10 teams. And don't forget about Memphis coming in, they are a solid basketball program. Go Owls!

  7. There may be no "first opportunity" for Cincy and UConn. Cincy doesn't draw enough football fans and UConn will be forever blocked by BC.They might WANT to leave, but nobody wants them.As West Virginia found out the hard way, they are/will be better off in the Big East.West Virginia fans are now crying on their board that they should have never left the Big East.Cincy and UConn should be paying close attention to that sob story.

  8. No sympathy for WVU

  9. Temple is cordially invited to join the other Big East for basketball and all non revenue sports.Make the football conference a "football-only" alliance. Better hoops conference. Better hoops money. Better fit for non revenue sports, not having to travel the country. Football keeps the alliance and its good revenue.Best of all worlds.C7 + Temple, UConn, Cincy, Xavier, and Butler.

  10. NCAA rules prohibit that …

  11. Nope, you can be indy in their eyes, and have an alliance for TV contracts.

  12. I missed it, what happened with WVU?

  13. After losing to 0-9 Duquesne eefore a disgraceful home crowd WHILE campus was in session, can we please put this "premier" sport crap to rest about Temple basketball?At least Temple football has been bowl eligible 4 of the last five seasons.I know history from the 1950s is important, but it doesn't apply to current reality. Especially Valentine's Day reality, 2013.Temple must do all it can to save football. Hopefully, Temple hoops will be able to keep up.

  14. As far as West Virginia, its once-proud hoops' program (sound familiar?) fell to 4-5 in the Big 12 with a loss at mediocre Baylor.WVA fans are wondering why they left.Meanwhile, back in Philly, WVA transfer Dalton Pepper (6-foot-5) foolishly fouls a 5-11 player from Duquesne, who makes 2 FTs. Why Pepper is playing such a big role for Temple after failing at WVA is a mystery to me.DeCosey was a much better high school player in NYC than Pepper was in the Philly suburbs and he's sitting on the bench.

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