Temple gets finalized football schedule

Saturday, Aug. 31
Temple at Notre Dame
Saturday, Sept. 7
Houston at Temple
Saturday, Sept. 14
Fordham at Temple
Saturday, Sept. 21
Saturday, Sept. 28
Temple at Idaho
Saturday, Oct. 5
Louisville at Temple
Friday, Oct. 11
Temple at Cincinnati
7 p.m., ESPN/ESPN2
Saturday, Oct. 19
Army at Temple
TBA/CBS Sports
Saturday, Oct. 26
Temple at SMU
Saturday, Nov. 2
Temple at Rutgers
Saturday, Nov. 9
Saturday, Nov. 16
UCF at Temple
Saturday, Nov. 23
UConn at Temple
Saturday, Nov. 30
Temple at Memphis

Instead of figuring out a couple of flight connections and picking up a rental car for another 50-mile trip, Temple football fans can fly out of Philadelphia directly and relatively cheaply to any road game this year.
That’s tangible progress in this shifting conference landscape.
The only difference is Moscow.
Idaho, not Russia.

Idaho listing Temple game as Homecoming where the Owls will have to 
face the best students that uni can find (below).

If the Owls were playing in Russia, they’d have a direct flight.
Temple fans who have been waiting for the last few months to book trips can start booking now.
Road trips to Ypsilanti, Oxford and Muncie _ venues all too familiar to Owl supporters in the not-so-distant past  _ will now be replaced by trips to Chicago (Notre Dame), Cincinnati, Moscow, Dallas, Piscataway and Memphis.
Still think leaving the MAC was a bad idea?
I don’t think many Owl fans will be making the trip to Moscow anyway. Cheap Flights.com will be able to get you in there Thursday, Sept. 26, for $587.89. It’s a six-hour, 59-minute flight to Boise with a stop in Chicago. You get a rental car in Boise and drive to Moscow. That’s 298 miles.
Probably the better way to go is fly from Philadelphia to Seattle, with a stop in Houston, and take an Alaskan Air Propeller plane from Seattle (after an overnight stay) to Pullman. From Pullman, it’s just a 10-mile drive to Moscow.
Good luck. I hope the game’s on TV.
Other than that, the trips look spectacular for the Temple one-percenters.
I’m not going to get into a game-by-game scenario here.
Those never work.

The official BE schedule release used LFF as the background.

Just ask the Temple basketball fans who put a W next to Duquesne, St. Bonaventure and Canisius and an L next to Syracuse.
Suffice it to say this is a much more manageable schedule than last year’s in football, with Maryland essentially replaced by Idaho and the high profile Penn State game being replaced by a higher profile Notre Dame game.
Villanova figured to be a much tougher D1AA (FCS) foe than Fordham, so maybe this is Phil Snow’s best opportunity to get a shutout as a DC since 1996.
SMU and Houston should be tough foes, but I don’t see those resumes being significantly more impressive than Temple’s has been over the last five years. Houston had the great year a couple of seasons ago, but Temple has been bowl eligible four of of the last five years. Matt Rhule was here in all of those four years and was away the non-bowl eligible season. Just sayin’.
If Temple can’t beat Memphis (losers to Tenn-Martin and Middle Tennessee last year) it probably should get out of the football business and I don’t think that’s happening any time soon. Even Bobby Wallace beat Middle Tennessee.
Idaho, thinking it scheduled the Temple of 2003, not 2013, has slotted Temple has its Homecoming Day game.
So did UConn last year and look how that turned out for the Huskies.
The days of other teams immediately putting HC next to the Temple game should be over very soon.


12 thoughts on “Temple gets finalized football schedule

  1. Should win:FordhamIdahoArmyUconnMemphisCould win:Rutgers (lose a lot on D)HoustonSMUUCFShould lose:NDUofLUCWin the 5 we should, split the 4 we could, 7-5.

  2. I said Daz's baseline (lowest he could go) for last year was 6-6.I agree Rhule's baseline is 7-5.The DC scares me to death.It didn't have to be that way. Nick Rapone wanted the job and he would have been the best DC in the country by a longshot. I think Chuck Heater will be in the top five at Marshall.The OC (Marcus Satterfield) is a rising star IMHO.

  3. 6-6 assuming a loss in the bowl game (cutting Daz some slack there)

  4. We should have won against MD last year. We came out completely unprepared; when we got down early, Daz did not change his game plan until the 2nd half. I know you're a heater guy, but their QB had all day, and would heave the ball to their tall 5 star WR. Anyway, we win against MD, for sure TU goes to HI to get the 6th win.

  5. Not Heater's fault. Daz's fault for keeping Newsome as 3d team QB, not first-team safety. Had the 6-4 Newsome, with a 37-inch vertical and a 4.5 40, gone up for some of those balls instead of our rather short and nonathletic strong safety, we might have had a couple of picks.Before the game, Newsome said Daz talked to him about switching to "wr OR safety" and it was my understanding Heater wanted to use KN as safety, where the kid was a three-time first-team all-state player.Daz said he wasn't comfortable with what would happen at QB if CC and Juice went down so he nixed it at the last moment.

  6. Thats the type of garbage im glad left, hopefully for good, when Addazio walked out the door. besides the fluke that was MD's QB situation last year how often do you loose 2 qbs in a game. If someone went down for an extended period you could move Newsome back to backup. Besides if you going to your 3rd qb your probably not going to be running an extensive playbook, not that Daz had one to begin with. plus you had another QB in Reilly, if he gets absolutely no reps who are you grooming to take over when a these 3 juniors all leave in 2 years and you have no one on the roster who even got reps in practice. I know PJ walker will probably be ahead of Reilly but he will still need a backup. I really hope all the qbs get a shot at the starting job including KN but if he is going to be third team let him actually help this team at S or WR. I actually believe who ever wins the job should start, PJ walker and whoever is determined to be the backup split reps and everyone else either changes position or redshirts or something. PJ needs reps more than a senior who will not help us next year

  7. First off, Love your site – one the best and up to date on the web, that is Temple and Rest of College football, nice job. One question though, why do you feel Kevin Newsome can be a first team safety (what evidence do you have to make this claim)? He may have been a very good all state High school safety, but he never played it at Penn State(he really never played anything there). I agree with most of what your analyses, but you lost me on this one, so not sure why you keep insisting Newsome could start at Safety. He is much too big, and slow. He is not the same athletic/mobile player he was coming out of high school, the one that Penn State thought they were recruiting. Anxious to hear your reasoning behind Newsome for Safety….

  8. thanks, Joe, but TOO SLOW? … they ran 40 times for the team and Newsome was behind only Herbin, Matty Brown, Nate L. Smith and Gilmore. Even though 40 times can vary like blood pressure, he's in the 4.5 range all the time.Look, his measurables are off the charts (4.5, 37 vertical, 6-4, 215) for that position and everything he did at that position in high school suggests that he's got incredible instincts to break on the ball.Even at QB, he almost broke a 44-yard run for 80 against Louisville.Since we already have a QB who broke two 80-yard runs for TDs, I suggest moving KN to safety.

  9. hey guys, I bleed cherry and white.., and have learned life is much easier when expectations are colored by reality….., we have three wins to bank on with Army, Idaho and Fordham; three ugly double digit let's forget lossess with UL, ND and Cinn; four games we'll start as the clear underdog; and two games that could go either way…, Rhule is a miracle worker if this team wins five or more games…, this is the least talented team Temple will put on the field in the last six years…i don't see one player from this squad who will play on Sundays in 2014…., c'mon man let's be real!!

  10. four wins in the bank: Army, Idaho, Fordham AND Memphis (4-8 last year, 2-10 2011, 1-11 2010 and significantly lower-rated recruiting classes than Temple the last FIVE years).Remember, Memphis lost at home to Tenn-Martin and MTSU last year.I would say Army is better than Memphis and I would be very serious.If Rhule can't beat Memphis, he might as well start packing his bags right now.It's what Rhule does in the toss-up games.You are giving him losses.I'm saying he'll at least split.

  11. actually after the MD game last year Heater was never the same, IMHO. He has a great resume, but in some ways I'm not sorry to see him go. On the other hand, I'm not sure if what we now have is all that good. But in Rhule I trust.

  12. I'm not feeling the Snow hire at all. If he beats Notre Dame, I'm loving the guy but I have to wonder if that was a hire based on a UCLA friendship when the guy was mentoring Matt.Since UCLA, this guy has not produced.By produced, I mean shutouts and defenses allowing single-digits in points.Since 1996, no shutouts and in the last 74 games, only three games where he's held opposing offenses to single digits.Then, allowing 44 points a game two years ago for EMU and 38 points per game last year.Ugh.Not good.Not good at all.

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