Here’s the kicker: Brandon McManus is one

Brandon McManus has some classy things to say about Temple fans.
The big story out of the March 3rd Regional kicking combine was that 47 reporters requested credentials.
Usually, it’s no more than four or five.
Lauren Silberman was trying to make history as the NFL’s first female kicker.
She either paid $275 or was given $275 to make the trip.
She would have fared much better putting a 50-1 bet on the Temple men’s basketball Owls winning the NCAA championship.

CFPA winners
Brandon McManus
Carlos Santos
2011 (tie)
Caleb Sturgis
Randy Bullock
Texas A&M
Brian Walsh

As it stands now, and stood then, the bet on Temple cutting down the nets would have been much safer.
Her two kicks TOTALED 30 yards, one 19 and one 11.
All 47 reporters raced to her side to do the story.
Here’s the real kicker: Brandon McManus is one.
At the other end of the field, McManus was going 6 for 6, including 3 for 3 from beyond 50.
None of the reporters bothered to talk to him, but that wasn’t why he was there.
His stock immediately soared for the upcoming NFL draft.
Kickers are almost never picked in the draft but now it seems McManus could go somewhere in the middle rounds because of his performance at the combine on the heels of an outstanding season at Temple.
On Sunday, McManus received his CFPA as the specialist of the year for his performance while at Temple and got a rousing ovation from the 10,200 fans in attendance to watch the Owls top VCU.

France checking in, and we don’t mean former Soul
and Eagle kicker Todd France.

McManus ended his collegiate career as Temple’s career leader in scoring (338), punting average (45.4), field goals made (60), and field goals attempted (83).  The 2012 first-team All-BIG EAST punter and 2012 second-team All-BIG EAST kicker set the season record for field goal accuracy (82.4) and set game records at Army for extra points made (9) and attempted (9). McManus played in EVERY game of his collegiate career. In 2012, McManus led the Owls in scoring (74) and went 32-of-33 in PAT. He punted 54 times for 2,433 yards (45.1 average), including a career-long 68-yard punt against No. 19/17 Rutgers, while 15 punts longer than 50 yards. McManus went 6-of-7 on field goals of 40+ yards, including a 50-yarder in the win over South Florida. He also kicked the game-winning field goal at Connecticut in overtime and contributed 40 touchbacks on 56 kickoffs (71.4 percent).
McManus had a Temple connection long before he arrived on campus. His coach at North Penn High, Dick Beck, was the captain of the 1990 Temple team that went 7-4.
Jim Cooper, Jr., the kicker coming on board this year, has another Temple connection. His dad of the same name was the kicker for Bruce Arians in the late 1980s.
McManus proved that you can stay home and do great things at Temple, following in the, err, footsteps of his good friend, Bernard Pierce, of the Baltimore Ravens.
While the reporters were taking notes talking to Silberman, let’s hope future recruits were making mental notes watching McManus.
That’s the bigger story, after all.


12 thoughts on “Here’s the kicker: Brandon McManus is one

  1. new name, BAM, or Big America Metro

  2. I even like that better than my idea: Metro America…First, you get the BAM effect because everyone likes to shorten things to initials.Second, you take the number equation out of it.

  3. The Big American Metro Conference.., The BAM

  4. You peckerheads should stop bad-mouthing Bobby Wallace. When he took over at Temple, they didn't even have a real office for the coach! All they had been getting was what was left over from the basketball program. Take the year 2000. They were in a league with Miami(11-1), Va Tech(11-1), BC(7-5), West Virgina(11-1), Syracuse(6-5)and Pittsburg (7-5)in their primes. Facing that league with no stadium and in the process of building decent facilities (thanks to Wallace), the Owls went a respectable (for them) 4-7, losing to Maryland by 7, West Virginia by 5 and Pitt by 7. They were beginning to make headway when suddenly their AD couldn't make up his mind what he wanted to do and the Big East began to threaten to kick them out of the conference. Try recruiting good football players to an inner city school with poor facilities, no stadium and no conference. Wallace would have had just as much success as whoever it was that followed him if he had been coaching in the mac or maac or whatever it was instead of the Big East when it was really BIG. At least he got to enjoy the facilities Wallace fought for and got.

  5. I don't know what Bobby Wallace has to do with a Brandon McManus post but thanks.

  6. Bobby Wallace sucked ass. He delivered the fattest bag to Bo Jackson and has been a fraud ever since. A 1,000 miles away isnt far enough.

  7. I'm sure you won't have to worry about him wanting to come back to filthydelphia. LOL He won 3 consecutive National Championships so tell me, how many has Temple won in all sports put together? LMAO

  8. To "Temple Football Fever": I just get a little disgusted with the ignorant remarks some people make about a man who gave his heart and soul to try to make Temple competitive with Miami, Penn State, Va Tech, W. Va etc. To compare the competition he faced with what they've faced since is stupid at best. No offense to anyone who HASN'T done that.

  9. Wallace was 2-9 v the MAC. He was a skunk without the cute stripe or the french accent. He is where he belongs, making the equivalent money of a Rite Aid Manager (without the bonus.) Maybe if the Manager burns down a couple stores and spends 8 years mostly drunk, he will end up in a Pharmacy Hall of Fame.

  10. hey Owl fans, our best football history is yet to be written…, we have a rendezvous with destiny…, let's rally around doing what we can to promote our future

  11. Connor, I know you probably wasn't even born back in those days but after Big East started threatening to throw Temple out of the conference, everything went down hill and by the way, I'm still waiting on your national championship history. The only thing I know about it is when Hofstra used to beat the als (LOL) 900 to nothing every year! Have fun never winning anything! LOL

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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