Sports Illustrated sits down with coach Rhule

Ryan Alderman (left) and Jalen Fitzpatrick look like they are having fun
after Fitzpatrick caught game-tying touchdown pass at UConn.

You can forget all of that talk about Temple football becoming the Boise State of the East.
How about the Florida Gulf Coast of the North?
That’s essentially the message head coach Matt Rhule imparted to Pete Thamel in today’s online edition of Sports Illustrated.
That’s OK with me.
The message essentially is this:
If Temple’s players have fun, they’ll play loose and with confidence and win, just like  those Florida Gulf Coast kids did over the weekend in Philadelphia.
If Temple’s players play tight, like Georgetown and even our own Scootie Randall did, they won’t perform to their highest level.

Any publicity is good, especially on

Think Florida Gulf Coast and Khalif Wyatt.
Or the fun Khalif Herbin looks like he’s having when he’s carrying the ball from scrimmage. When he’s running a pass route, Herbin looks out of his comfort/fun element.
That’s the kind of confidence and fun levels that Rhule wants to bring to the Edberg-Olson Football Complex every day.
If the Owls can play with that kind of confidence and sense of fun that FGCU and Wyatt always plays with, the results on the field will be Boise State-like.
I once asked Temple football Hall of Fame coach Wayne Hardin about the fun of playing football.
“Mike, the only way you can have fun is to win,” coach said.
If the only way to win is to have fun and still do work, I’m all for it.
I think Rhule might be onto something here.
We’ll find out for sure in the laboratory environment of September, October and November.


5 thoughts on “Sports Illustrated sits down with coach Rhule

  1. we'll all stay positive until results prove otherwise.., Pete Carroll was the last successful 'players coach' at the collegiate level…, God Bless Rhule if he believes he can win at Temple in similar style and fashion.., unabashed enthusiasm is a narcotic and if he brings wins, four-star recruits, and full stadiums then all of us will be Rhule junkies….,what else can we root for?

  2. Good point.One of the big differences between Rhule and Daz (and this is a very good sign) is that Daz often spoke in generalities like "we've got to be tough" and "we've got to get every ounce of sweat and grind it" while Rhule is very specific about schemes and personnel.He knows that Sean Daniels has to step up and be a big-time pass rusher.To me, the only difference between Sean and Adrian Robinson was motor.Sean has every bit the talent of Arob but Arob had the will to get to the QB. Sean gets close, but Arob puts the dude down.Also, the Newsome thing is impressive. I think Daz humored Kevin to get some depth at QB.Rhule is being brutally honest with KN. He can help the team at another position.He can't help the team as a fifth-string QB.

  3. "He'll be a very skilled athlete at another position."Good stuff to read right there. Owls have enough QB depth without Newsome. Its other positions I'm worried about…

  4. I was surprised about his mention of Reilly at QB. I wonder if he was just giving him some love or if he can really help the QB depth. I know nothing about him except for his stats in NCAA13

  5. Yeah, I really think the defensive secondary could benefit best from a guy with Newsome's talent.I think the WRs are fine with Miller and Fitzpatrick. Love to see Herbin slotted right into the Matty Brown role but our DBs were torched last year.

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