Karma, Komen and Temple football

Temple football takes an active role this year at today’s Race for the Cure.

If Karma translates into support from the City of Philadelphia, season tickets might be moving at a brisk pace between now and August.
If you were at the Susan G. Komen Race for the cure this morning, you saw Temple football take an active role in the race.

For those of you who
want to donate to Nadia,
there is still time

I was there because my late mom was a survivor (she succumbed to another disease subsequently) and I don’t want to see any other woman go through what she did.
Some Owls were there because they had similar personal experiences, others were there because they are just good people.
We as fans are lucky them on OUR team.
Not that the Owls weren’t at past Komen races, they were, but this was just a little bit different.
This time the Owls were racing and walking for the cure for a disease that affects so many women and their families. Last year, they were “just” handing out water.
It’s all part of Temple being Philadelphia’s team.
The Owls have given the City of Philadelphia much in the past eight years.
In the past, the Owls have bowled for Big Brothers’/Big Sisters, visited the Children’s’ Hospital, handed out free turkeys for Thanksgiving and kept Diamond Street clean with regular sweeps from 10th all the way through 15th. This is not just a one-time deal. This happens every year.
The Owls do it not because they have to, but because they care.
I really did not see it at this level until Al Golden arrived in 2005 and it’s just evolved in a positive way every year since.
If Philadelphia gave back to them what they give to Philadelphia, Lincoln Financial Field would be packed every Saturday afternoon.
It hasn’t translated so far, but the Owls are winning hearts one person at a time.
Let’s hope Karma kicks in one day.


Bernard Pierce & Darryl Pringle

Blast from the past: Bernard Pierce helps Darryl Pringle clean up.


2 thoughts on “Karma, Komen and Temple football

  1. TFF – first, my condolences for losing your mom. Second, regarding our football team, their community involvement is inspiring. Third, I have been a Bill Bradshaw fan and am sorry to see him go. The next AD needs to start where BB ends, and get Temple athletics into the consciousness of the city and region. To me, the 9/7 game vs Houston is a huge opportunity to get folks to the Linc.

  2. Thanks.No. 1, Jan. 14, 2011 … but it still seems like yesterday.No. 2, don't know why Neil would bring Kevin Lynch here from Indiana with him and not name him AD. (I prefer a Philly guy in the spot, though.)No. 3, Houston is huge, much bigger than ND.One game at a time, though.

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