Smith: Temple’s Gateway to the West

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The Gateway Arch in St. Louis represents the city known as the Gateway to the West.
Move that about 300 miles to the Northeast and put it in Pittsburgh for Temple’s purposes.
Former Gateway head coach Terry Smith is proving to be one of Matt Rhule’s most productive hires so far.
Look at the list of the six “hard” verbals so far and it is peppered with Smith’s Pittsburgh-area ties.
Today is a good day to talk about those ties for two reasons: is reporting today that Lenny Williams, Sto-Rox’s outstanding dual-purpose quarterback, is about to commit to Temple and the Owls are coming off their first-ever camp held in the Pittsburgh area this weekend..
That would be great news because Williams would be the Owls’ most high-profile recruit out of the Pittsburgh area since Victor Lay signed out of Aliquippa. (Adam DiMichele, also from Sto-Rox, would have qualified but he was technically a Penn State recruit and a transfer from a Florida JC.)

The website’s list of hard Temple verbals.

As a senior at Sto-Rox, DiMichele threw for nearly 3,000 yards and 36 touchdown passes.
Thirty-six TD passes.
By comparison, recent Temple recruits Chester Stewart (DeMatha, Md.) and Vaughn Charlton (Avon Grove, Pa.) had 17 and nine touchdown passes during their senior years.
We’ll see what kind of numbers Lenny Williams puts up in the TD-throwing department his senior year, but I’m willing to bet it’ll be closer to 36 than 17.
Williams would be the fourth Temple verbal from the Pittsburgh area this season, joining the Gateway duo of Delvon Randall (safety) and interior linebacker Brenon Thrift and Renaissance Christian Academy athlete Troy Simons.
Smith, DiMichele and Rhule all were in Pittsburgh this weekend, spreading the Temple gospel.
Evidently, they found a few believers and that can only be good news for Temple fans going forward.

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3 thoughts on “Smith: Temple’s Gateway to the West

  1. Rhule doing great recruiting work in western PA (PSU/Pitt territory) and NJ (RU territory) This is good news also due to seeing many high level recruits transferring out of schools to be closer to home. Northern VA isn't too far away either.

  2. encouraging news is we are getting kids recruited by Rutgers, Pitt, UConn, Maryland and West Virginia…., hopefully Rhule will return to the redshirt strategy AG mastered and Daz for some unknown reason abandoned

  3. Rhule and Smith seem to speak the kids' lingo.I don't think Daz connected as well.AG made a positive impression on the kids' moms.First and third methods worked; middle didn't.Plus, Daz recruited half-hazardly.Seems like Rhule is following AG's plan of recruiting a complete team (25 guys, 12 defensive, 12 offensive, 1 specialist).

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