Your AAC champions: The Temple Owls

Temple Stadium upgradesmoreys

I’ve never been a big fantasy football game or simulated game guy, but I have to admit I’m intrigued by the  CBS Sports simulation that has the Temple Owls as the first champions of  the American Athletic Conference.
I’ll sign for it now.
Yeah, I know that eliminates my dream season of seeing Temple unbeaten, but that’s OK.
The way the Owls are recruiting, No. 30 nationally and with a bullet, that might come in a couple of years.
Got to take this simulated thing with a grain of salt.
The only “game” simulations I’ve seen for Temple in the past have had the Owls losing both 2011 games, 29-27, to Maryland (Owls won, 38-7) and 34-29 to Wyoming in the New Mexico Bowl (Owls won, 37-15).
CBS picks the Owls for a 9-3 overall record and Rutgers with a 5-7 overall record.
From their lips to God’s ears.
Let’s hope, though, this one is right.


11 thoughts on “Your AAC champions: The Temple Owls

  1. testing for replies

  2. Like the new website Mike. Leaving comments here seems easier too.

  3. thanks, Bear, the clock must be off because it wasn’t 9:02 yet when I posted your comment.

  4. trying to figure out where the clock is now. Countdown clock from the old site didn’t transfer over. Right now pounding my head against the wall. Will figure this out soon, I promise. Heck, I don’t even know where the html template codes are on this.

  5. Great site, Mike. Good luck with the new format. Go Owls!

  6. Sugar Bowl: Texas A&M beats Temple, 37-27

    10 points loss in the Sugar Bowl? not ideal, but not terrible either. I would take that season no doubt about it.

  7. Also, I agree with Bear. This site is much easier to respond on. Maybe that will help increase chatter.

  8. A bowl game against Johnny Football? Where do I sign up? Can you imagine the ratings in Philadelphia for that game?

  9. Nice site. Don’t let any Scarlet Knight fans hack and deface your blog. I happened across “modular stadiums” by accident. This would be a lower cost option than paying the iggles higher rent. I would rather watch a game at Franklin Field than pay higher rent for LFF.

  10. Love the new look. Much cleaner. Sugar Bowl? I’m in!!

  11. Hoot Hoot Hoot! Go Owls! Love the new site. Keep up the good work.

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