Zaire Williams declares early for NFL draft

Zaire Williams has never played a game for Temple, not even a spring game, yet he has become one of my favorite players on this year’s team.

Williams, who will be wearing No. 23 for the Owls this season, has declared early for the NFL draft.


Do the math.
Williams promises his father that, after three years, he will be the provider in the family.
That means Zaire will forego his would-be senior season at Temple.
I see this as a good thing, not a bad thing.
Temple got three terrific years out of Bernard Pierce.


Bernard Pierce’s records at TU, all accomplished in 3 years.

If Williams, a late Temple commit who decommitted from West Virginia, is fortunate enough to get drafted, like Pierce was, chances are he’ll be putting up the kind of numbers that Pierce did.
Had Pierce stayed for his senior year, he would have broken all of Paul Palmer’s running records. As it was, he broke most of them.
If Williams is drafted, he’ll likely put up Pierce/Palmer-like numbers and, if that happens, Temple will have some very good seasons.
Remember, this was a guy who in a high school game ran for 386 yards and six touchdowns. Those are Montel Harris-vs.-Army-type numbers.

You’ve got to love Williams’ confidence, a swagger if you will. To me, one of the biggest disappointments in last year’s 4-7 season for the Owls was that they didn’t play with the swagger they showed in previous years.

I think Matt Rhule’s brought the fun back. Guys like Williams  are raising the entire team’s confidence level.

Plus, got to love a guy who shows that kind of love and respect for his father, who will probably be his biggest fan this fall.
I might not be the second-biggest fan or the third, but I’ll definitely be in the top 10.


11 thoughts on “Zaire Williams declares early for NFL draft

  1. finally figured out the clock on this blog. Now I’m in search of a better countdown clock for the ND game than that tiny thing at the top right. I hope 1:40 p.m. shows up.

  2. If he gets close to Pierce’s numbers for the next 3 years, I will be very happy. I just hope that when we play PSU (2014) he doesn’t get hurt during the game and we bomb.

  3. If he gets hurt this year, we have Newsome. I’d love to see Khalif Herbin run the ball instead of being a slot receiver. He could fill a “Matty Brown” type role. We have plenty of receivers, not too many guys who can carry the ball like Herbin can.

  4. Yes, I’ve always wondered why more recruits don’t think the way Daejaun does. This is just the type of kid who helps get Temple over the top.

  5. Great to have you back Mike 🙂

  6. Thanks, Marcus, spending too much time looking for a countdown clock that looks as good as the one on the old website (which won’t transfer over). Gonna find one, I promise.

  7. Ordered my season tix today. Last day of the 2 for $150 deal. See ya’all at the Linc

  8. the only thing good about the summer ending is Temple football beginning and, this year, it’s a new beginning. I could not take another year of pound and ground.

  9. Got my Season Tickets, with the 2/$150 as well. Too good of a deal to pass up. I hope Gilmore gets the start at HB, sucks he had to waste a year due to Daz’s incompetence. I would like to see Zaire redshirt.

  10. Great to see the new site. Also nice article to start things off. I’m really hoping MR can bring back some of the swagger and fun. I’m glad Daz is taking his run,run, run, punt offense to BC.

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