The new guy and the old guy


All Temple fans will miss Keith Pompey

Full disclosure.
I know Keith Pompey.
I worked with Keith Pompey at the Inquirer.
I don’t know John Mitchell at all, but I’ve read his work.
Keith Pompey is that rare journalist who combines caring and passion with writing ability and knowledge. He was that way covering high school sports and he was that way with Temple.
All Temple fans are going to miss Keith Pompey, the old guy, who is replaced by Mitchell, the new guy.
That’s because, judging by his work with the Sixers, I put Mitchell in the category of a guy who does just enough to skate by, like Pompey’s predecessor, Kevin Tatum.
While Pompey typically did two and three stories on every Temple football game, Tatum just did one.
Often being at the games Tatum covered, I saw the game notes.
Tatum used quotes handed to him in the game notes, while Pompey dug for fresh stuff.
Mitchell covered the Sixers pretty much the same way Tatum covered the Owls.

Mitchell’s first story AFTER being switched to the Temple beat was on the Sixers.

That should tell you something right there.

When Mitchell was asked by a fan why no Temple stories, he replied “there’s nothing much happening” yet the same fan was able to come up with eight stories on University of South Florida football in the same time frame written by that school’s beat writer for the Tampa Tribune. The same kind of stories are happening at Temple.
While moving onto the Sixers’ beat is a promotion for Pompey, I get the strong sense that Mitchell views his new Temple assignment as a demotion and won’t do the job with the same vigor as Pompey did.
I hope I’m wrong.


13 thoughts on “The new guy and the old guy

  1. Keith is a passionate professional, this is just “the next job” for the new guy

  2. You may be right with the comparison of Pompey and Mitchel, but compared to what I would like to see Pompey fell short anyway. Some of the shortest “articles” imaginable, short on info (like how many stars a recruit had) which with a little digging should have been easy to acquire, etc. Personally I often felt hungry for info as a fan living far from Philly and little other possible sources. I’ve noticed that PSU (forget USF) gets much more press in the Philly paper than the Philly Div. 1A team. Sorry, but the PAPER just needs to put more emphasis on the Owls and then maybe the beat writer (whomever it is) would follow suit.

  3. when you compare Pompey with the people coming before him at the Inky (M.G. Missanelli, Mike Bruton, Tatum), it’s not even close. Pompey had them all beat by a good bit.

  4. Pompey was great and on par with Mike Gibson of TFF.

  5. Thanks, Dave, it’s been our mission and will be our mission going forward to touch on important topics of interest to Temple football fans, whether or not local press sees fit to discus them.

  6. I hope you’re wrong about Mitchell. Temple football is entering another exciting and critical period. The coaching staff seems to be a step up (there’s a potential story) recruiting is on par or better than many top BCS schools (there’s a story) and the owls are entering a new conference (you get the picture).

    I’d like to see a reporter whose like a dog with a bone as relates to owls football. This team deserves that kind of support and frankly needs it in this market.

  7. I like the dog with a bone analogy. Unfortunately, Temple means nothing to Mitchell and Tatum. At least, with Keith, even though he is Pitt guy, Temple is his hometown team (he went to North Catholic) and he treated it as such. I hope if Mitchell shows some of the same traits as Tatum did, the SE at the Inky will do what he did to Tatum: Take him off the beat.

  8. There are 2 ways to get out of a job you don’t want: do such a great job at it that you get moved/promoted where you want to go, or, do such an abysmal job that you get moved elsewhere. It may be early, but indications so far show us which way Mitchel is headed.

  9. He’s gone from Sixers to Temple.I don’t think he’s going up. He probably doesn’t think he’s going up. Bad news for Owl fans.

  10. I originally agree with you guys about losing Keith, but I won’t judge Mitchell just yet. He put out a nice article today about Coyer.

  11. Difference being that Mitchell was very unimpressive covering the Sixers, while Keith Pompey did an outstanding job with high school sports before coming to Temple. Best predictor of future success is past success.

  12. Hey mike, you are dead on. Something needs to happen soon. Between and all I see is penn st news. It drives me nuts. While on csnphilly they even have link to Have you checked out hooking your blog up with sbnation to get more exposure. Your blog is awesome.

  13. thanks. I had a request in to SB Nation in May and never got a response. I decided to get out of blogger because my other two jobs (rantsports and the suburban weekly) use wordpress and it’s easier to keep everything the same. I’ll put in another request for SB Nation today. This is a cleaner look.

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