Temple finally recruits a four-star

Photo courtesy of Carroll County (Md.) Times

Pete White shows good pass protection technique giving Danny O’Brien time to pass.

While the current 2014 Temple recruiting class is highly rated, it includes a lot of three-star players but no marquee four- or five-star.

That all changed over the weekend when Temple head coach Matt Rhule announced to people attending the “Down the Shore” event at Wildwood, N.J. that highly touted offensive lineman Pete White was coming to Temple. Since White is a fifth-year senior who graduated from Maryland in May, he will not have to sit out. He’s the “Montel Harris” of offensive linemen. (Paul Layton is the Montel Harris of punters, graduating from Albany before coming to Temple to replace Brandon McManus’ role.)


Cool off with some ice cream at the Reading Terminal Market tomorrow

In 30-plus years of following Temple football, I can only remember one other four-star recruit snagged by the Owls and that was New Jersey Player of the Year Kevin Harvey (Paulsboro), a quarterback whose dynamic ball skills were wasted when then head coach Bobby Wallace switched him over to cornerback.

Other schools recruiting White out of St. John’s (D.C.): Florida, Miami, Oregon and Virginia Tech. Those schools make very few recruiting mistakes.

Temple will only have White for one year but if this guy lives up to his potential, he could be a nice addition to an already strong offensive line for the Owls. Remember, this line includes impressive sophomore-to-be Kyle Friend and 2009 starting center Sean Boyle. Cody Booth, who switched from tight end to tackle, also had a great spring blocking for the Owls and probably will be a starting tackle along with Boyle.

White started six games for Maryland in 2011 and one of them was not against Temple. The Owls won that game, 38-7, and their defensive line, led by the Steelers’ Adrian Robinson, had a field day, registering three sacks. White started the first two games at guard in 2011 and was injured in the 33-27 loss to West Virginia in the Terps’ second game. Interestingly enough, the Terps beat Miami (Fla.), 32-24, two weeks before losing, 38-7, vs. Temple, causing maybe even Al Golden to thank God he did not have to play Temple in the 2011 season.

White missed the Temple game due to an injury and, with him in the lineup against Miami and West Virginia, Maryland was the only team in the country to not allow a sack in the first two games.

Then Temple came to town.


8 thoughts on “Temple finally recruits a four-star

  1. any idea what happened to this guy in 2012?

  2. yes. nice catch. Thanks. Was going over the four-year guys and forgot the short-term rentals, which Newsome, Harris (a 3-star), Layton and now White are. I hope we never see Layton (not due to injury or any other reason than not having to punt this season). Sorry, Paul.

  3. Can’t forget our new guys Ruff and Davis that are 4 stars on a site or two (although not 4 stars on EVERY recruiting site)

  4. Aaron Ruff is a four star on rivals.

  5. By four-star, I mean four-star on both Rivals and Scout. That’s what what White was and Newsome was. Ruff is awesome, though, and I can’t wait to see him in Cherry and White.

  6. Good points,though. Newsome and White were “consensus” four-stars (both Rivals and Scout) and maybe I should not have been so demanding. I will say this: The first FIVE-STAR who signs at Temple will do it live on Feb. 3 (2014 or 2015, I hope 14) on ESPNU and pull out a USC hat from under the table, slide it back under, then pull out a Michigan hat, slide it under, THEN pull out a TEMPLE hat and put it on his head. THAT, my friend, will be a GREAT day for Temple football.

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