Top 5 TU players of post-Wallace Era

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I’d have to rank DiMichele No. 2 and ……
the No. 1 player of the last 8 years is …


How can you not go with The Franchise, Bernard Pierce, who had the most productive three years in the history of Temple football


5 thoughts on “Top 5 TU players of post-Wallace Era

  1. Interesting that the top 2 players both only played three years at Temple. Close, but no cigar, for Dominique, Jaiquain, Neblett and Bruce Francis. Really thinking about putting BF in there somewhere but couldn’t.

  2. I know he is a kicker and all, but how about Mcmanus? Kicker and Punter. All time Temple leader in scoring. Should be good for at least honorable mention, right?

  3. absolutely, honorable mention behind Bruce Francis and ahead of those other guys like Neblett. Bruce Francis had 15 touchdown catches one year. Will we EVER have another guy with 15 touchdown catches again? Doubt it.

  4. Rod Streater, and who hit harder than Jarret? those guys gave us swagger

  5. Definitely in the top 10, just outside the top five IMHO.

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