A discussion with Matt Rhule

I really miss Fran Duffy and Scott “Our Very Own” Hartkorn.
Those were the video guys from back in the day with Al Golden.
Not only would they file a report a day, they’d send me the link and I would post it on TFF immediately.

In the video below, you see
Morkeith Brown leading
the guys in the ahhh-HAAA cheer.
To me, that’s what Temple football is all about.
No, not the cheer itself
but the fun of playing
the game and the swagger,
the confidence,
that Temple brought
to the stadium every Saturday

Duffy and OVO brought the fans close to the team by interviewing a different group of players every day. The personalities of the  players showed through the screen, with guys like Adrian Robinson and Morkeith Brown doing dances and Morkeith coming up with his own Temple cheer. I hope the current video guys are allowed enough rope to do the same thing with the players as the summer progresses. In the video below, you see Morkeith Brown leading the guys in the ahhh-HAAA cheer. To me, that’s what Temple football is all about. No, not the cheer itself but the fun of playing the game and the swagger, the confidence,  that Temple brought to the stadium every Saturday.  AS much as I missed the winning,  I missed that swagger and fun last year.  Connor Reilly said something the other day that indicated to me the fun is back. “The whole atmosphere is changed around here,” Reilly said.

For a couple of years, Fran Duffy and his crew gave fans an insight into Temple football in their daily “Owl Outlook” features.

Duffy, who Al Golden called “the best in the business” at the team’s football banquet, is now producer with the Philadelphia Eagles television network. You’ll see some of his work Friday night on TV against the New England Patriots. OVO was Duffy’s right-hand man at TU.

Still, you’ve got to take what you can get and what you can get these days is an interview with Matt Rhule. Love the way Matt talks to the press. He’s honest and straightforward and doesn’t try to hide or sugarcoat anything.
Got a report from a few of the ex-players who said Connor Reilly has the “it” factor. I like the “it” factor. You know it when you see it. Adam DiMichele had it. Chester Stewart and Vaughn Charlton didn’t have it. Chris Coyer had “it” when Scot Loeffler was the OC. He didn’t have it when Ryan Day took over. I think Juice and P.J. have “it” as well.
The it factor can win a lot of games for you.
Also like that Rhule is saying the younger players are the story of the defensive secondary. After that secondary was torched last year (not really ALL their fault, there was no pass rush), it’s time for younger blood, although I think Anthony Robey is an NFL-caliber DB.
Rhule said today was the first day heat was a factor. Looking at the long-range forecast, doesn’t look like heat will be much of a factor going past the next day or so.
Unlike last year at this time, when Steve Addazio was complaining about the quality of the wide receivers, it looks like that group is a strength of this team.
See what happens when you commit to throwing the ball?

Throwback Thursday (skip the preliminaries and jump ahead to the 3:30 time stamp … this is what Temple football is all about):


5 thoughts on “A discussion with Matt Rhule

  1. As you have, been hearing really good things about the young receivers on the team. A coach willing to throw the ball and receivers who can get open and catch. This season should be a lot more fun than last.

  2. Daz was a non-factor for the owls and frankly probably set the program back a couple of years. I think MH can humanize the owls and continue his strong performance in recruiting to build a sustainable and likable team well suited for the Philly market.

    Also, I’ve been impressed with the Philly.com coverage of the owls so far. I hope we don’t see a drop off in the quality of the articles with our new beat reporter.

  3. They have a kid from Maryland, Nate H., who was a track star in Maryland but I haven’t been able to find any football history on him. Rhule said he has great hands and might end up being a first-teamer. Good to hear. Love to hear when track stars have great football hands. Frank Budd (Villanova) didn’t. Bob Hayes (Dallas Cowboys) did.

  4. agree with Mike, coverage on Philly.com has been unexpectedly great. we may take a beating by playing two top 5 teams this year, positive side is playing a great schedule helps with recruiting…, gives MR something to sell…., this team will get better as the season progresses…, great energy so far……, we are definitely lacking in swagger….., senior loaded team needs to step up….,

  5. I wonder how much of that great coverage was part of a sustained campaign started by a Temple fan on Scout.com to call the Inquirer sports editor. Whatever, I hope it’s sustainable. Keith Pompey sustained it a year ago because he was genuinely drawn into the program. I think Mitchell needed to be kicked in the seat of the pants. Much prefer guys like Pompey who are self-starters. Great energy=swag+swag=confidence=+confidence=wins.
    Everyone was walking on egg shells with Daz. Rhule’s got the loosey-goosey thing going. I think our interceptions and sacks pick up as a result.

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