Temple: Rodney Dangerfield’s Team

There's about a 100 percent chance of TU getting no respect tonight.

There’s about a 100 percent chance of TU getting no respect tonight.

Just finished watching the “Local on the Eights” on The Weather Channel and they say there’s a 30 percent chance of rain tomorrow in Philadelphia.
Then I paged down the remote listings and noticed there’s a special on ESPNU tonight (7:30) on American Athletic Conference (AAU) football.
I think I’ll pass.
I’m no forecaster, but I will go out on a limb as saying there’s 100 percent chance that Temple football gets no respect on that show.
In fact, that really should be the football team’s theme this year:
No respect.
The Dallas Cowboys might be America’s Team, but this year at least The Temple Owls are Rodney Dangerfield’s team.

This is where Temple used to be grouped on a regular basis.

This is where Temple used to be grouped on a regular basis. Those days are over. Click on photo to read story.

Coming home from the Maryland game in 2011, the movie on the fan bus was an appropriate one: Dangerfield’s Caddyshack.
In between gasps from some of the older women sitting behind me at the topless girls in the movie (“this is a Bill Bradshaw-approved video” Gerard McMahon announced), I thought that was a perfect way to end the day.
Temple got no respect going into the Maryland game –  heck the Owls even got razzed by the Maryland players in the pre-game warmup – and plenty of respect coming out. It is both my sincere hope and belief that the Owls will get the same kind of respect by November of this season they earned in a 38-7 win at Maryland that wonderful afternoon two years ago.

The same goes for all of the “prognosticators” this year, from Athlon Sports to Phil Steele to ESPNU.

Can’t blame them entirely. All THEY know is that Temple has a new coach, a new quarterback and a new running back and went 4-7 last season. WE know that all are significant upgrades, with the POSSIBLE exception of the RB position (even  though I think Zaire Williams in the second coming of Bernard Pierce).
People on the outside of the program don’t know as much as we do, but I like the way the pieces are falling together for this team,  especially the position changes, the upgrades in the passing game, the pass rush and the defensive and offensive line and secondaries. One guy just did a Temple preview for SI and predicted the Owls would win one in the conference and three overall. Wish I could find him and take some of that action right now.
Sure, I’d like to see them give Temple some good props tonight but they really don’t know.
They will by November, though.
Beat Notre Dame and they will in less than 10 days.
Meanwhile, I think I’ll watch TWC between 7:30-8 tonight instead.


11 thoughts on “Temple: Rodney Dangerfield’s Team

  1. Mike, good post. I will be taking the journey to the Notre Dame. I think that a good showing against the Golden Domers will go a long way toward building on the R-E-S-P-E-C-T department. At the end of the day we need to take care of business against the following teams to become bowl eligible: UCONN, Houston, Army, Idaho, Fordham and Memphis. Followed by respectable showings against SMU, Cinn and Rutgers. If we can pull that off we will continue to recruit well and be in a position within the next couple of years to regularly win 8 to 10 games a season and establish ourselves as the class of the AAC.

  2. Seven and five is the minimum I expect. There is NO WAY Memphis has caught up to our program. Memphis is well behind Temple. All you have to do is look at what each program has done in the last five years. Temple beat UConn on the road with a worse team than Temple has now. Army doesn’t have Trent Steelman anymore and I have the utmost respect for that kid, even though he never beat Temple. Houston will be a lot like the USF game last year. Fordham and Idaho are scrimmages (practices, really).

  3. Hey Mike, Temple student here that’s been following your site for a little while. Despite your precautions, my curiosity got the better of me and I watched the American Football Preview Show last night. A more fitting name would have been the Louisville and Teddy Bridgewater Show, because that’s all the “experts” talked about. I was expecting maybe for them to cover a little bit of every team in the conference but all they really talked about was how nobody is going to beat Louisville and how Teddy Bridgewater is such a smart quarterback and has a great chance to win the Heisman. Temple got some action in the highlights when Teddy was hitting wide open receivers against us last year. All that was really said in regards to Temple is that Addazio “did a great job changing the mindset of Temple.” This is what the so called college football experts think of Addazio. Didn’t mention anything about Matt Rhule except he’s a new coach with no head coaching experience. Was very disappointed in not hearing anything about our team, but I usually just turn to you for that.
    I just wanted to say that I enjoy following your website and love the enthusiasm you have when talking about Temple football, because usually enthusiasm and Temple football don’t go together. I’m really excited for this season to kick of and also feel that coach Rhule is going to get us back in the right direction. Coming from a family of Penn State grads, I’d love nothing more than for Temple to have a consistently competitive team and for us to kick their butts next year. I hope you’re right and Temple lives up to this hype that so few of us are giving them! I look forward to being at every home game (in our hopefully fuller student section) and cheering on our Owls to victory this year. Look forward to reading more about TU football soon.

  4. Scott,
    glad to see your response because students are absolutely CRITICAL to Temple’s success this season. Students were great in 2011 (12.5K for opener against Villanova and 14K for Penn State game), but were an Epic fail last year. 1K for Maryland and no more than 2K for Rutgers. Don’t know why that happened because Maryland was an early game and the Owls were 2-0 in the BE going into Rutgers. Our kids needed 14K screaming fans behind them to beat those two teams. With the addition of Morgan Hall, let’s get a buzz going on campus to get every single kid down on that subway to home games.

  5. by 14K screaming fans, I mean if the students are organized and cheering, that gets the 15K additional normal fans more into it as well.

    • I totally agree with you last year other than the first game against Nova was pathetic. Students just dont seem to care about the football team enough. There is no reason for kids to not show up and support their fellow classmates because every student can get a free shuttle from the middle of campus that takes them to the games. It even seems sometimes that the students feel the same way as the media and that is Temple sucks. Hopefully we have some more students this year that are willing to take the free 15 minute shuttle. One thing that will most definitely get students in the stands is success. If this Temple team can earn some wins and instill some faith in more students, I know more willbe willing to come out and give this team the crowd it deserves.

  6. And don’t forget they built a subway stop right in the middle of Temple’s campus that ends right at Temple’s home football games. Love to see all of those trains full of students, every single car. When I went to the Eagle Bank Bowl, the Washington D.C. Metro was full of Temple students singing T for Temple U all the way to the game. The few commuters were wondering what was up.

  7. What’s your thoughts on the starters announced? I think PJ is starting by the Fordam game. Also what happened to Deon Miller at wide out?

  8. Good questions, Craig. I think Fordham would be the PERFECT place to start P.J., if they burn his redshirt before then. Still pissed that Daz burned Jalen Fitzpatrick’s redshirt in 2011 and Khalif Herbin’s RS in 2012. Daz burned Temple redshirts like he was throwing grenades over his shoulder into the E-O on the day he left. That should have been the first sign he didn’t care about the future of Temple. In a perfect world, we’d save P.J.’s redshirt and I think that’s what Matt is going to do unless Juice/Connor implode or get hurt. Deon Miller will be in on goal-line offense for the fade. Don’t think he will be full-time starter.

  9. Do you know anything about Dondi Kirby? It looks like he was a 4* Illinois recruit with Western PA connections

  10. Yes, he’s very good and listed on the roster. I hope he makes the 1-2 deep on the depth chart coming out Monday. Plays a position of need for the Owls.

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