Five Misconceptions About Temple Football

Temple Football For Dummies

Temple Football For Dummies

There is so much misinformation out there online about Temple football that we thought we’d set the record straight, at least for internet search purposes, for the next week or so.

This is not for Temple football fans, who know better, but for the great unwashed out there like that Notre Dame Bleacher Report guy who probably still thinks Bobby Wallace is the head coach.
Misconception No. 1
Temple football is among the worst programs in college football.

Answer: Not so. In fact, Temple is among the upper half of college football programs over the last five years. The Owls have been bowl eligible for three of the last four years and, except for the flukiest of Hail Mary plays (Buffalo, 2008), would have been bowl eligible four of the last five.

In 2010, they were denied a bowl despite having an 8-4 record and beating a champion from a then BCS league (UConn, which also beat Notre Dame that year). Temple beat that team by two touchdowns.
Misconception No. 2
Temple will be worse this year than last because it lost its head coach to Boston College.

Describing Addazio’s offensive philosophy
as “three-yards-in-a-cloud-of-dust”
is doing a disservice to two yards

Answer: Heck, we’ll just let this Florida fan give you the answer here. Boston College actually did Temple a favor by taking Steve Addazio off its hands. Describing Addazio’s offensive philosophy as “three-yards-in-a-cloud-of-dust” is doing a disservice to two yards. It was more like one yard in a cloud of dust. No one has told Addazio that it’s actually legal to throw on first and second downs. Any Florida or Temple fan can tell you that. In six months, every Boston College fan will say the same thing, too.
Misconception No. 3
Temple has no players.

Last common foes, same season* How Temple did How Notre Dame Did
UConn, 2009 Won, 30-16 Lost, 33-30
Navy, 2009 Won, 28-24 Lost, 23-21
Pitt, 2012 Lost, 47-17 Won, 29-26

*Temple and Notre Dame also played South Florida, although not in the same season. South Florida beat Notre Dame, 23-20, in 2011, and Temple turned around and beat South Florida, 36-27, in the 2012 season.

Answer: The Owls have plenty of players and new head coach Matt Rhule, who recruited almost every one of them, is finally putting them in the best position to win.
The Owls have a tough and physical defensive line, led by end Sean Daniels and interior defenders Kamal Johnson, Levi Brown and Shahid Paulhill. In linebackers Blaze Caponegro, Nate D. Smith and Tyler Matakevich, they probably have the best starters combined with subs in the AAC. Anthony Robey is a future NFL pro at one corner.
Misconception No. 4
Temple no longer has a running back with the talent of Bernard Pierce, Matt Brown or Montel Harris.
Answer: Not true. Kenny Harper has the most experience, but Zaire Williams comes with a higher recruiting pedigree than Pierce and Brown had.  Jamie Gilmore, who was’s No. 7 all-purpose running back in the nation the year he was recruited out North Marion (Fla.), is a third-down back who likely inherits the Matt Brown role.
Temple has plenty of weapons on offense, led by quarterbacks Connor Reilly, Juice Granger and P.J. Walker (last year’s Player of the Year in New Jersey) and slot receivers Khalif Herbin (2011’s Player of the Year in New Jersey) and Jalen Fitzpatrick, who started as a quarterback of the Pennsylvania team in the Big 33 Game. Owls have a triple-threat (run, pass, catch) H-Back in Chris Coyer and a playmaking tight end, Romond DeLoatch, who can get deep.
Misconception No. 5
Since Temple lost kicker Brandon McManus to the Indianapolis Colts, the Owls have no kickers.
Answer: Also not true. They have one of the highest-rated punters in the country, Paul Layton, a transfer from the University of Albany. One of their two freshmen placekickers, Jim Cooper, Jr., was a first-team All-American and holds the New Jersey record for career field goals (38). The other freshman kicker, Nick Visco, holds the Philadelphia record (all kickers over 100 years) for points scored.

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10 thoughts on “Five Misconceptions About Temple Football

  1. A yard, a cloud of dust, and bruised running backs.

  2. I think the owls have a good young nucleus but this will be a rough year. Don’t undersell the challenges of the new, coach, new conference and young team. No doubt we’ll be a better team in a couple of years with top tier competition under our belts and some seasoning for the staff. We also need to burn in a few folks in positions that have been critical to our success in the AG age (ie running back, kicker).

    We also need to regain the winning attitude we had under AG. Daz was an unimaginitive fraud and I’m sure the kids saw that before we did. MH can recruit and seems to be dedicated to the long term success of the program. I don’t expect him to burn red shirts or half ass game prep with aenemic offensive and defensive game plans. I also expect him to better assess the talent on the team.

    Go owls and go TFF.

  3. If a “rough year” is 7-5, yes, this will be a rough year. This league is no Big East. Heck, it might be slightly better than the MAC but TU is way better than it was in its days in the MAC. Last year was a rough year. This one won’t be.

  4. Just had to “trash” a comment from an ND fan that says “Notre Dame better beat the Bill Cosbys by five touchdowns.” Hmm. Really? Why? What does that add to the discussion? I don’t mind intelligent Notre Dame fans coming over with a question or comment about the game, but I wouldn’t go over to an ND site and say, “Temple better beat the Regis Philbins by five touchdowns.” I don’t get the “better beat Temple by five touchdowns” remark. Why? Will the world end if it’s four or three or two? I don’t think so.

  5. I’ll admit theres a lot of misconceptions about Temple football, but #3…I don’t know, your argument comparing those games doesn’t hold up. Temple certainly have players, but you’re comparing Temple and 2009 Notre Dame? First off, Temple didn’t play UConn in 2009. Second, not that it’s a big deal, but you got your score wrong on the Temple/Navy game. 2009 Notre Dame was coming off an 6-6 season which sealed the deal for Charlie Weis. It was not a good season by comparison, and while Notre Dame did have a couple good recruiting years under Weis, he was not very good at developing most of that talent. As far as the 2012 Pitt game, that was one of the worst games for us in 2012 where we went 12-0 during the regular season. Some of our key defensive players, like Nix, were battling the flu that week and we just played a huge game against Oklahoma the week before. Pitt was the perfect trap game.

    In any case, you can try to compare performances between these two teams against similar opponents, but it doesn’t really work because the Transitive Property doesn’t apply to football. Each week Notre Dame plays they’re pretty much guaranteed to get an opponent’s best performance because that game is circled on just about everyone’s calendars at the start of the season. Even when Notre Dame was at 6-6 in that 2009 season, teams like Connecticut were ready and dialed in to provide the upset because thats a big stage for them. Connecticut maybe played only one or two other big games in 2009 regular season, #5 Cinci being one(Close game there too) and probably West Virginia. While a win against Temple is still a plus in anyone’s book, can you honestly say you’re going to get 100% effort from every team you play each year? Thats just the way it is.

  6. 2009-Navy (Independent)

    9/5 @ Ohio State (11-2) L 27 31
    9/12 vs. Louisiana Tech (4-8) W 32 14
    9/19 @ Pittsburgh (10-3) L 14 27
    9/26 vs. Western Kentucky (0-12) W 38 22
    10/3 vs. Air Force (8-5) W 16 13
    10/10 @ Rice (2-10) W 63 14
    10/17 @ Southern Methodist (8-5) W 38 35
    10/24 vs. Wake Forest (5-7) W 13 10
    10/31 vs. Temple (9-4) L 24 27
    11/7 @ Notre Dame (6-6) W 23 21
    11/14 vs. Delaware (non-IA) W 35 18
    11/28 @ Hawaii (6-7) L 17 24
    12/12 vs. Army (5-7) W 17 3 @ Philadelphia, PA
    12/31 vs. Missouri (8-5) W 35 13 @ Houston, TX Texas Bowl


    392 272

  7. Geez, what difference does 27-24 and 28-24 mean? Also, according to this, I got the 23-21 ND score right. Checked a couple of other sources and that’s what I came up with. Splitting atoms here. Maybe neutrons.

  8. Like I said, the score wasn’t a big deal, I was just letting you know. I still don’t see where Temple played UConn in 2009 though.

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