Your gameday checklist

Knock on every door at about 7 a.m.

Knock on every door at about 7 a.m.

Before you leave for tailgate,might want to bring these items: Only clear plastic bags allowed inside the stadium
Temple roster
Houston roster
Radio  Brewskis
Sunscreen  Food
Tickets  Sunglasses
Binoculars  Weather: Sunny, 79 by kickoff

4 thoughts on “Your gameday checklist

  1. The defense cannot do everything. The kicker has to make field goals and extra points. Game not over yet but I am surprised we could not recruit a good kicker. Plenty of good soccer players in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

  2. Wonder why the punter was kicking the extra points when we haven’t given Nick Visco a chance yet?

  3. The question is why Layton was kicking the extra point and trying a field goal late in the game when he was injured. The person’s son who sits next to me at the game is the team dentist and he generally comes up to his seat in the 4th quarter. He said that Layton had some type of groin injury and the training staff was taping it up at half time. I really think the bigger point is why the offense can;t capitalize more on red zone opportunities. If we score on that drive where Layton ultimately attempted a field goal the game becomes really different with Temple up 20-15.

  4. Touchdowns is the problem. We have enough weapons to punch in more than two TDs on that team. Houston’s defense is 1/10th as good as Notre Dame’s.

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