Respect everyone, fear nobody

"I think I might have been adopted." Photo by Howard Smith

“I think I might have been adopted.”

When it comes to Saturday afternoons, the mindset I’ve always hoped Temple football would adopt is this:
Respect everyone, fear no one.
I hope this team respects Fordham and plays up to their ability for once. Fordham has a very good team. Temple has very good players but has not played like a good team yet.

Click on the photo of Juice for a preview of the Fordham game.

Click on the photo of Juice for a preview of the Fordham game.

I don’t think this team has played up to their ability in the first two weeks.
I thought there was a little too much “satisfaction” following the 28-6 opening-game loss to Notre Dame.
I was not happy or even encouraged by that performance.
A major college football team has got to make extra points and chip-shot field goals. A major college football defense should know to how to play a deep zone and keep everything in front of them with 1 minute, 14 seconds left in the first half. A major college football team should be able to complete touchdown passes.
I haven’t seen any of that in the first two weeks.
There should be no “coddling” of players who don’t perform. Next one in should be the standard.

There should be no “coddling”
of players who don’t perform.
Next one in should be the standard.

Did I expect Temple to win at Notre Dame? No, but I didn’t expect 28-6. Why do schools like Tulsa, UConn, Navy and USF go into Notre Dame SINCE 2009 and come away with wins and Temple gets blown out?
Not acceptable. It’s just not.
When does it get to be Temple’s turn to win one of these marquee games?
It all starts with playing well against some of the “lesser” opponents and building momentum from there. For Temple this year, it will all have to start on Saturday against Fordham and hopefully lead up to better things like an upset of Louisville on Oct. 5.
When Bruce Arians played defending national champion BYU at the Vet, his teams slugged it out toe-to-toe with the best in college football. Temple lost to BYU, but it was 26-24, not 28-6. The Arians’ teams played with a swagger. Did they care that was BYU? No.
Struggling to score against a Houston team that gave up 72 points to SMU last year and 30 points to Texas State (not Texas A&M, Texas Tech or even Texas-El Paso) is also unacceptable.
There are a lot of points left on the field because the players have not been put into a good position to score (see the six plays in the post immediately below that we have not seen this season for an example).
If there’s one thing Temple fans want to see this week, it’s getting the ball in the hands of the playmakers and those playmakers making plays.
Is it too much to ask? God, I hope not.

Tomorrow: Tailgate checklist (early) and game analysis (late)


5 thoughts on “Respect everyone, fear nobody

  1. Hi mike as usual a well thought out article. When you talk about getting the ball in the playmakers hands, I’m not certain to whom you’re referring. Nobody has stepped up on offense this season to make a big play. The play on offense has been pedestrian and the defense has toughened inside the twenty but honestly we’ve given up 1,000 yards in two games against marginal offenses.

    The special teams are an unmitigated disaster, as you point out and I don’t think the coaches have out the team in a position to play as effectively as their talent should allow.

    Tomorrows game is no gimme and don’t be surprised if the owls come out on the wrong end of the score. This game needs to be a signature win for MR and his staff or the season could feel very long and his tenure very short.

    Keep up the great work and go owls!

  2. thanks, dayowl.
    Chris Coyer (bowl MVP QB, hasn’t thrown a pass this year… disgraceful coaching IMHO; Coyer had 184 yards rushing against Ohio; he is a tremendous runner in the open field; NOT A SINGLE CARRY THIS YEAR? YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! This kid should get five carries a game; disgraceful coaching IMHO);
    Romond DeLoatch (kid was a human highlight reel in the spring; haven’t gotten him the ball);
    Zaire Williams 7-33 against ND; gets only 11 carries against porous Houston defense (poor coaching there);
    Herbin (Player of year in NJ, 2011, hasn’t played… may have been an injury);
    Jalen Fitzpatrick is also a better player than he’s showed; his subpar performance might be because they are not spreading the ball around to Coyer, DeLoatch and Williams effectively.
    Offensive approach is better than Daz, worse than Golden.

  3. I agree with all your assessments of the playmakers my bigger point was that no one has stepped forward this year. I think this is due to coaching and frankly poor execution by kids who aren’t delivering (read Jalen Fitzpatrick).

    I’m a huge fan of CC but he hasn’t been used at all this year for all intents and purposes. I agree with your assessment of MR being somewhere between his two predecessors, Al Golden and Rich Kotite.

    I’m hoping to get to tomorrow’s game and hope to see the owls execute a better plan on all sides of the ball. Where have you gone Bruce Arians?

  4. The Owls have played conservatively on offense. Connor has overthrown all his deep routes, except the two picks. The Owls need to hold on to the ball and not turn it over against Fordham. I hope the Owls can grind out a Maryland-type of win without too many trick plays.

  5. Fordham plays eight in the box. One of the few teams in the country that gamble that way. The Villanova announcers were shocked they played it like that last week (I was listening while jogging after getting home from the TU game). I would be much more worried if Daz was still the coach against this team because he would still try to pound his six against their eight. Temple needs to utilize the screen pass (err, Williams) and the bubble screens (err, Herbin) to keep this defense from digging in. …still don’t understand why Coyer hasn’t thrown the ball once or run it once. They are wasting his talent using him strictly as a TE and a Wildcat QB.

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