Tailgate Checklist

Knock on every door at about 7 a.m.

Knock on every dorm door at about 7 a.m.

Tailgate checklist Only clear plastic bags allowedinside the stadium
Temple roster http://espn.go.com/college-football/team/roster/_/id/218/temple-owls
Fordham roster http://espn.go.com/college-football/team/roster/_/id/2230/fordham-rams
Radio Brewskis
Sunscreen Sunglasses
Tickets Food
Binoculars Weather: 69 and sunny by kickoff

7 thoughts on “Tailgate Checklist

  1. Mike, I trusted your assessment of the team offseason despite what I considered bad and underwhelming decisions with the coaching staff, and looked forward to the season.

    I watched the Notre Dame game, and I was convinced that ND did the right thing by hiring Brian Kelly, because he truly is a saint. I must have been the only one thinking that ND purposely started running the ball only because they didn’t want to blow us out. It was glaringly obvious at the start of that game that our secondary was a joke, and I took the change in strategy to mean ND didn’t want to humiliate us 70-0 by halftime. After reading the comments here, I felt like I was the only one who thought this was the case, as everyone said our D “dug in” and did well against one of the top teams in the country. I think ND was just being nice and was never really in danger, and knew it from the start of their ‘scrimmage’ with us.

    Then I went to the Houston game with my classmates, and had a great time, except for the whole football part. That to me is an issue. I couldn’t even get anyone to come with me (for free) to this week’s game against Fordham. I don’t blame them.

    We lost to ND because they’re supposedly very superior to us in every way. We lost to Houston because they’re supposedly a good program. We lost to Fordham because they’re supposedly a very good FCS program on the rise. We’ve won moral victories as our D has been decent (supposedly) and Reilly has been looking solid overall.

    I think everything I typed in the above paragraph is a load of horsecrap, but seems to be acceptible to the Temple fan base. I am ashamed we are proud of accepting excuses and being worse than mediocre. Let’s be honest: this team is awful. It is literally painful for me to watch, and must be to other fans as well. I’m never surprised by what we do, we have no playmakers, and there is no excitement in the playcalling. I am bored most of the time, and if someone with my low football IQ can see what we’re going to do, how are we ever going to beat our opponents? We can recruit much better than FCS teams, we have better resources than FCS teams, our O-line had a full 40lb advantage PER LINEMAN over Fordham – so why did we lose?

    Temple’s board was hurt after Addazio, and the players fought for Rhule. I think the signs of being complacent are showing now. 0-3 and we just don’t seem to have any sense of urgency or spunk. This appears to me to be bad coaching. I don’t know what else to call it. Addazio was single-minded; I’m not entirely sure if I can grasp the kind of awful mentoring Rhule is suffocating this team with, as it actually appears to be worse. I feel awful for Coyer – the guy willingly agreed to switch positions and is seriously hurting his draft status by being on a team that does not want to demonstrate the skills he has. He’s also about the only player on the team who can catch the ball… or throw it at this rate if Reilly is sidelined again. We also just burned the redshirts on this game.

    If this team can’t handle the FCS ‘superpower’ that is Fordham University, forget handling unstoppable juggernauts like Idaho and South Florida. I’m not sure if those years in the MAC were outliers, and we’re really just a perennial bottom dweller – we’re certainly in (debatably) the worst football conference in the country now in the AAC, so maybe it’s right that we moved out of the MAC. Thank goodness we still have a scholarship advantage over these DI-AA teams, how else would we be able to compete with the Villanovas and Fordhams of the world?

    We have talked about how we deserve to be associated with the big dogs in college sports the past few years. I think we have become complacent and entitled. We deserve nothing until we prove it. All the credit goes to upstart, hungry programs like Fordham. You prove it every year, you don’t rest on your laurels just because you get a decent few years and become bowl eligible.

    Let me say that I do not make the following statement lightly: I am turning off Temple Football for the year. I have much better things to do as a student on Saturdays than watch an awful (read: well below mediocre) and uninspired football team lose. This whole post may simply be an overreaction, and I may regret it later and eat my words… but I wear my emotions on my sleeve, and at this moment, I feel it’s important that I make this statement loud and clear. This team’s play has been unacceptable, and some lessons are learned the hard way. When the excitement has come back to Temple, I’ll be back. That’s for sure, and I look forward to it. See you guys next year.

    • Great post considering the disgrace that was this afternoons game. First let’s stop talking about probable wins there are none at this point we have a couple of games where a win night be possible. About the coaching, I think that Mike’s assessment of Phil Snow at DC was spot on. 3 and 15 no problem we have the TU defense right where we want them. I think good D2 team could complete 65% or so against this D Neither the OC or DC seem to have a clue as to how to best use the players they have available. Right now seems like whoever picked TU to finish 9th in the conference was being optimistic

  2. I’ve posted a few times, an avid football fan and Philly dweller looking for entertainment on Saturdays. I’m done. Giving away my season tickets, if anyone will take them. Signing up with Rutgers; hell, grew up in Jersey.

    • Brian, I can understand your feelings about TU after today’s game. One word of caution before you sign on with Rutgers though next they join the B10 and they’ll start looking more and more like Temple once their in that conference

  3. I am glad I did not watch the game. Earlier, I said that a move to FCS is necessary. Small stadium and FCS. If we cannot recruit big time players then forget it. We gained a false sense of security being in the MAC for awhile. the FBS simply is not going to work for Temple. The truth hurts. by the way, Ivy League and Patriot League teams beat Fordham. Quite easily in fact. Temple is better off playing Villanova, Delaware, Penn, Lehigh and Lafayette. If we cannot beat Fordham….the less said the better.

    • Financially I don’t think there is any real advantage to moving from FBS to FCS but after today’s game from a competitive stand point I might be more inclined to agree with. I posted once befor that had this fear that Temple caught lightning in a bottle with Golden and each game this season that is looking more and more the case. Don’t know how solid the talk is of building an on campus stadium are but if that’ s in the works maybe you go with a 25K stadium and look at maybe not FCS but heading back to the MAC

      • As an additional note, I saw a pseudo documentary on Oregon and how they built their program from average to top ten. Unless Temple is going to do a tremendous recruiting push and marketing campaign with a major sportswear company, things do not look too hopeful.

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