5 Possible Upsets This Week

Click on the photo for this week's college football upset specials.

Click on the photo for this week’s college football upset specials.


5 thoughts on “5 Possible Upsets This Week

  1. Looking at today’s Louisville – Florida International game (72-0), why do I get the sinking feeling it’s likely what we’re going to see at the Linc in 3 weeks

  2. Probably because our DBs never try to step in front of the pass. For the last couple of years, I think they’ve been coached to let the guy catch the ball and then tackle him, even if it’s in the end zone. At least that’s the way it looks. Love to see some of our DBs break on the ball and take it the other way.

    • Well the way the Uconn – Michigan game is going so far and if Uconn does win I really have to change my assessment of the Temple program , given the way we’ve played so far. If we go on and lose all AAC games this year then we really have no business at this level and we need to look at getting back into the MAC. At least it’s still FBS level as I don’t think going FCS is a real option. A bad year this just kills anything AG started, back to the days of bad attendance, blow outs, etc. The way this season is going I really think the admin needs to make some hard decisions about football. Why this level of pessimism, aside from SMU today and USF, I see teams like Memphis coming up with a win when they need one, Uconn playing with real fire and executing and Rutgers beating an SEC team. What do I see with Temple losing their last 2 games almost the same way, one to an FCS team, coaches that don’t seem to make adjustments or change schemes and worst of all, panic

      • Connecticut blew it. I am not sure if that is good or bad. Probably bad for the conference. To be honest there is an “In between” zone. UConn did lose to FCS Towson State earlier in the year. Certain programs are FBS quality one year and FCS quality another year. I feel like Temple, UConn, Rutgers, UMass, Eastern Mich., Western Mich, Buffalo are in the “In between zone” I think they could do well forming their own FCS conference with out of conference games against FBS teams to get a pay day. Play six conference games play Delaware, Villanova and Penn plus two games where you get destroyed by superior competition. The stands would be filled for Delaware, Villanova, Penn and Rutgers. Even UConn and UMass would be exciting.

  3. Panic is a good word and, unfortunately, true.

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