The 2d-most unusual place TU has ever played

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12 thoughts on “The 2d-most unusual place TU has ever played

  1. Unfortunately, the most unusual place Temple will play will be the Linc full of Temple fans. Having attended every Tu game at the Linc, don’t think anyone can argue with this.

  2. talking about the structure of the building here only, not the people in it. But your point is particularly true after Fordham and, to a lesser extent, Houston. No matter what happens now, the place will be a Mausoleum the rest of the season. Good Temple attendance numbers are also fueled by big early-season wins. When Temple loses early, it never recovers those fans disaffected by the early loses. Took the subway back to Center City after Fordham and all of those kids with painted Cherry and White faces were saying they’d never come back. Sad.

    • Mike, I understood the tenor of your article but was simply pointing out the futility that is TU football.

      • Gotcha. thanks, John. The more I think about it, the more I think we caught lightning in a bottle with Coach Hardin and Bruce. AG was the beneficiary of the MAC move. Daz was the beneficiary of AG’s recruiting. MR hasn’t proven to be the beneficiary of anything yet.

  3. I hope your prediction of a reverse is not overly optimistic.

  4. Since I just checked the Tennessee-Chattanooga playbook of 2012 online and did not see the reverse in there, it probably sadly is too optimistic, Phil. I did see a lot of the QB faking a pass four seconds after he handed off the ball, though.

  5. Oct 5th will be a decent crowd. Top 10 team. Teddy Bridgewater. People will come to see them play.

  6. Maybe the “Joe Philly” fans who will probably come out to see TB in hopes that the Eagles will draft him, but I have my doubts about the students, who disappeared against Rutgers last year but showed up strong for the Houston and Fordham games this season.

  7. I would tend to agree that the Louisville game may get better than expected attendance to see a top 10 team and Bridgewater. Doubt if a blow out lose will bring any of them back for any other games. Love the picture of the AC convention center, my wife and I attended the game and made a weekend out of it in AC, plus had the pleasure of meeting coach Arians as well.
    On another note, I noticed that coach Rhule has announced several depth chart changes for Saturday’s game at Idaho. A couple have me a little concerned is having a freshman (Dian Dawkins) start over Pete White, who I thought has been one of our better offensive linemen. Plus he has a freshman starting at the other guard spot. I hope he doesn’t consider this another game where he has the luxury to start freshman. I understand the idea of seeing what you have on the roster but we can’t come out of Idaho with anything less than a big win.

  8. I agree. There could be things going on behind the scene that we don’t see, but Pete White has passed my eye test. The OL blocked great against Fordham on the run game, not-so-great in pass protection. Amazing to me that Fordham can keep a FBS rush away from their QB on the Hail Mary and our QB gets sacked against a 3-man rush on our Hail Mary. They should have stuck to the run game against Fordham. I would like to see Zaire Williams get 20 carries against Idaho and Kenny Harper, a great blocker, about 10 more carries and maybe 2-5 carries for Chris Coyer as well. Then play-action off their running success.

  9. Cool pictures. I was at the Temple v Toledo game and have photos. I think an on campus domed stadium would be awesome. I like the Fargo Dome also, which as multiple “floor plans.’

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