Four more years of Roseanne Barr

Playing the role of Bill Bradshaw, the Temple University administration, Dr. Neil Theobald, the players, parents and everybody else who thought hiring Matt Rhule as head coach was a good idea is Henry Winkler (above).

Playing the role of me is Ron Howard.

I had serious reservations about such a great university allowing a neophyte to run its football program that I expressed it in the day after Steve Addazio resigned, suggesting that the university follow these guidelines closely when it comes to hiring its next football coach.

These are the strict guidelines I suggested for the new Temple coach in a post on Dec. 4, 2012

These are the strict guidelines I suggested for the new Temple coach in a post on Dec. 4, 2012

The only difference is Winkler, or The Fonz, actually admitted he was wrong.
I don’t expect a similar apology.

In the comments below that post, I got into a little exchange with Michael about our philosophies on the next coach:


This was my response to that:


Let’s get this straight: Matt Rhule is not going anywhere. That’s not the way Temple University operates in athletics. If it makes a mistake, as this now appears to be, it swallows the mistake, admits no wrongdoing and gives the guy a period of years to either succeed or fail.

This is very much like being married to Roseanne Barr for four more years. A miserable four more years of waking up on Saturdays next to butt-ugly football and nagging “Temple sucks” comments with nothing to say but “yes, Dear.”

After losing the two most “winnable” games on the Temple football schedule, an 0-12 season is a distinct possibility now. I hope the team goes 8-4 or 7-5 or 6-6, but 0-12 is now a much more realistic number than any of those.

This is very much like being married
to Roseanne Barr for four more years.
A miserable four more years of waking
up on Saturdays next to butt-ugly
football and nagging “Temple sucks”
comments with nothing
to say but “yes, Dear.”

Rhule made huge mistakes in hiring two buddies as coordinators, one of whom, Phil Snow, has not stopped Division IA offenses on a regular basis since the last century. Marcus Satterfield was a backup choice as offensive coordinator. These buddies are great guys to have pizza and watch film with over at the E-O while discussing the good old days at UCLA and Western Carolina, but not good-enough guys to be  in a foxhole with on Saturday afternoons.
Satterfield had the distinction of being held to three points at halftime against a team that had given up no fewer than 40 points in its first four games.

Mario Cristobal, Pete Lembo, Todd Bowles, etc.

Mario Cristobal, Pete Lembo, Todd Bowles, etc.

Matt Rhule

Matt Rhule

Nice going, Marcus. You have a quarterback on your team who was good enough to be a bowl MVP and you haven’t had him throw one pass off a fake in four games? What are you, blind? Your plays are bullbleep Tennessee-Chattanooga plays. Why all the 50-yard bombs, when you only need 6-7 yards to move the sticks?

It’s not the talent. It’s definitely not the talent.

This talent is one year removed from putting up 62 points on Army and one year removed from shutting out UConn on the road in the second half. Montel Harris might have run for all those touchdowns, but those holes opened up by the very same players (sans Martin Wallace) were probably large enough for Zaire Williams to run through, too.

I had hoped I was wrong and all the other people who thought hiring Matt Rhule was a good idea were right. I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. Fordham and Idaho are Exhibits A and B and this case appears to be closed.


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  1. Mike, I agree and have to say you we’re spit on from the start with regards to this coaching staff. I say 2-9 at best this year and under the assumption that Rhule stays, no real change in the record unless he gets better coordinators . As I’ve in other posts, I also agree with you that the talent on the team is not as bad as the “in Rhule we trust” crowd wants us to believe. People also need to stop being delusional about the AAC as well, while the top of the conference (Louisville and USF) are probably better than the top MAC teams, the rest of the conference is at best on par and worse, as evidenced by Buffalo’s pasting of Uconn today. Right now this team is regressing not rebuilding. I look at a team like Houston as rebuilding, pretty much the same record as Temple last year with a weaker schedule, now this year beating the teams they should, those with losing records. I’m sorry there is no way losing to Fordham and Idaho ( with 2 weeks to prepare) is rebuilding. This is just a badly coached, underperforming team that seems to have no direction or plan. But as you said to these same underperforming players Rhule was the man

  2. Not sure what was more painful today; waiting for an offensive drive in the first half, a defensive stop in the second, or level-headedness in this post. At least Chris Coyer wasn’t compared to Otto Graham.

  3. He’s no Otto Graham and Marcus Satterfield is no Sid Gillman. But at least Coyer is definitely a guy who can come around the end, pitch it to him, and have him chuck it down the field for big gains. This is like having a bazooka and a pistol in a fight with a tank and using the pistol all the time.

    • Reilly can be Leslie Mann. With a little patience and seasoning he will be absolutely fine. Next year he hits those long balls he overthrew today and that will be enough in a mediocre league. Don’t bail yet. No turnovers and few penalties today. I watched a team lacking in confidence and closing ability, not lacking scheme.

  4. We didn’t miss a kick tonight. LOL

  5. John, I told you we should have used Nick Visco from the jump. How come Jim Cooper can’t reach the end zone? Every other kicker, even the Division I-AA ones, kicks it into the end zone.

  6. Mike: I have been going to Temple football games since 1975, way back to Temple stadium. This is the end for me. I even took a date and sat through the 76 to 0 beating Pitt laid on Temple. This is a joke. The university sinks big bucks into a program and they are maybe the worst Temple team of all time. I took my son to the Houston game and shook my head at the huge coaching mistakes made during that game. Idaho, really, you have to be joking. For years I have stood up for the program and university, Say what you will, but I have paid my dues and loved this football program through thick and thin, no more. Goodbye.

  7. I hear you. I’m going to the game, but for the first time I just might hang with Steve Conjar at the tailgate. It’s going to take a lot of courage for me to go on. I’m sick of seeing Temple run Tennessee-Chattanooga plays. You get 5 yards with a Kenny Harper handoff on the first play of the game and then you throw about 50 straight passes? There is no linear thinking involved in this game plan at all.

  8. Don’t put too much money into shutting out Uconn in the second half… by the looks of this 0-4 Uconn team that only scored 12 on Buffalo we could once again shut them out in the second half, but that means nothing because they are simply a terrible team offensively… regardless, “Phil Snow Has To Go”

  9. That UConn team also beat Louisville. This UConn team is much worse than that one. Kudos to our current starters (plus Montel and Wallace) for beating UConn last year. Heater knew what he was doing on defense. Snow doesn’t. Heater at least tried to mask weaknesses. Snow doesn’t. Heater took Marshall talent into five overtimes with Va. Tech. Snow isn’t capable of doing that. Heater served our kids well. Snow didn’t.

    • Excellent point about good coaching try to mask weaknesses. They try to do that and also put in game plans that maximize the talent they have and play to their strengths. I don’t any of that with this staff nor do I see any attempt to attack the opponents weaknesses. The attitude seems to be who cares if we’re getting 4 to 5 yards a pop on the ground, our QB has a cannon for an arm so we’re playing for the home run ball. I know everyone complained about Daz’s ground and pound, myself included, but this staff seems just as single minded and at least Daz seemed to know what he wanted to do just wasn’t real successful. By the way where are all the pro Rhule players and patents on the other boards…. Not seeing too many “In Rhule we trust”

  10. Jesus Mike give him a break. It is his first year as a head coach. Did any of us here really expect to be unbeaten right now? We are 1/3 through the season you are already throwing your hands up and saying “TOLD YOU SO HE IS BAD”

    Yes I agree Rhule made some poor assistant coaching positions, but let the rest of this season unfold. See how things adjust and players grow.

    ” If it makes a mistake, as this now appears to be, it swallows the mistake, admits no wrongdoing and gives the guy a period of years to either succeed or fail.”

    You are really ready to fire someone after 4 games or after a season? That is the PROBLEM with sports (collegiate and professional) these days. We want everything to happen NOW. We all want to be the big dogs right now and we don’t want to wait. So what happens after you fire Rhule? You bring in a 4th guy to install a new D and O? After he leaves or gets fired in a few years you do it again. It just becomes this revolving door and it helps no one. We need some stability and allow players/our head coach to grow. This isn’t Alabama we can wait.

  11. Where does it say in this post I want him fired? I didn’t want him HIRED. Big difference. He’s not going to get fired. Alabama can wait. We can’t. If we go 0-12, there will be 4,000 (in the games after Louisville, not Louisville, because the Eagles’ fans want to see Teddy Bridgewater). The Linc will look like Tumbleweed and the administration would say, “why renew? Why build a new stadium? Let’s cut our losses and get out of the football business.” Alabama can wait because those fans would keep coming back. Ours won’t. This is precisely the time we did not need Rhule but the administration is much more likely now to drop football and make the E-O an on-campus facility for Olympic sports than it is to fire Rhule. They will give him his four years. If there is no Linc contract renewal or new stadium announcement within the next two years, you will be able to tell what the administration is planning to do. They won’t have to tell you.

    • Mike great points, especially about the difference between not hiring versus firing. While I don’t think Rhule is doing a good job as I’ve posted here I don’t think firing a coach during the season helps. On the other hand there seems to be a group of Owls fans who seem to be bending over backwards to find every excuse for the teams performance so far:
      1. The cupboard was bare, ok so Daz didn’t do a great recruiting job but I think Rhule came into a better situation than Golden
      2. Much better conference than the MAC, from a financial and media perspective probably true, from an on the field performance perspective, myth. The AAC is not going to be any great step up over the MAC
      3. No coach, ok from a system perspective true enough but given that Rhule was only 1 year removed from the program and knows and recruited a lot of the players you would think he would be able to put in schemes to take advantage of their strengths and better cover weaknesses.
      I agree the talk of firing is probably throwing him under the bus right now, on the other hand the players and parents who lobbied for him and the “In Rhule we trust” crowd seem to want to give him 4 or 5 years to build the program. I say at best he needs to have this program in the top half of the AAC in 2 years tops. That’s why I think you we’re spot on about replacing Daz with a proven HC at the FBS level, someone from C-USA, Sun Belt or the MAC. I think you are right about 2 years as well, while not going into specific, president Theobald spoke about an 18 month time frame when asked about the Linc and on campus stadium situation as he was doing his meet and greet at the Alumni tailgate tent before the Fordham game

  12. What I would like to know is why are we paying Rhule 1.2 mil for this?

    Check this out:

    I don’t know about you guys but half then names below Rhule seem like better hires and cost way less. How is Clawson only getting paid 375K?

  13. Clawson is underpaid. You-know-who is overpaid.

  14. If we are going down, let’s go down in a blaze of glory. Hire Lane Kiffen. I don’t even know if I am joking anymore.

  15. Enough. “I don’t want him fired, I didn’t want him hired.” What leadership thinking. Exactly who would you have hired, considering the two names you incessantly put forth were not coming here under any circumstance? Jensen gets this. Why can’t you? And isn’t it possible that Rhule has what it takes and is just learning on the job? I’d tske 2-10 now for a guy who will be loyal after he goes 8-4. Stay at your tailgate. Good riddance.

    • Rudy, I think not being able to get some of the head coaches mentioned says a lot about this program, both from its perception and the admin’s commitment. I think the real point being made is that this program doesn’t have a lot of time, if Rhule is an 8-4 coach by the 2015 season fine and in this conference there is no reason he shouldn’t be. If you talking that he gets to that level 4 or 5 years from now, then I think we’re back in Bobby Wallace land. If their season continues the way it had started Uconn will most likely have a new coach next season, I doubt they will after anyone but an experienced winning coach. After this season within roughly a 6 hour drive of main campus we will be recruiting against not only Uconn in our conference but also 3 B10 teams, 3 ACC teams and a B12 team. So we have a bad record after the 2014 season coupled with this year and last how are we going to be attractive to local recruits. Ok this season is obviously Rhule’s learning curve, I thought 5-7 was realistic this but obviously not. Next season he needs to have a team that shows it’s moving forward, I don’t see that so far, is playing at close to .500 in conference, beats ooc schools that have losing records or are FCS, plays the top teams on the schedule at least competitively through say 3 quarters and maybe pulls out a “signsture” win against maybe Vandy, which would be big because of the SEC, or UCF/ Cinncinnati in conference

    • Jensen gets that ONLY Clawson and MacIntryre wouldn’t come here. So do I. But there are dozens of more qualified D1A WINNING head coaches who WOULD have come here and SHOULD have come here before Rhule got his chance: Pete Lembo (Ball State), Jagobowski (Boston College), Mario Cristobal (Florida International). All more qualified than Rhule and all would have taken this job. Temple should have worked its way down that list before giving it to a guy who NOBODY ELSE wanted. Now we know why.

  16. +1 to GSI. Might need some coordinator changes, but I’m not ready to give up on him just yet. Al Golden didn’t win on coaching, he won on recruiting. It’s gonna be the same with Rhule. If Golden could get guys to come play for bottom-dweller/near disbanded Temple and actually have some fans show up (sorry, I really don’t think 60k is gonna happen in Philly for college football), then I think Rhule can get players and fans to come back after one bad year.

    • Nick I agree about the coordinators, that’s we immediate coaching help is needed. With a good OC and DC to handle the on the field, game day calls and adjustments Rhule’s maturation as a HC would most likely be smoother. After all Satterfield was more of the “emergency” back up OC once Rolovich turned the job down after accepting. I think Satterfield is showing he wasn’t ready yet to be an OC at this level. Also Daz’s first year he had A couple good coordinators, which I think we’re as much responsible for the success that year along with the talent left by Golden. My big questions are if we lost Rolovich strictly on $$$ with Nevada, that concerns me about the long term commitment of the administration and second will Rhule his friend and former mentor Snow if the defense doesn’t improve and he hasn’t coached a top defense since the 1996-2000 time frame. If Rhule makes that move and brings in an experienced OC that will tell me something about him being a HC moving forward

  17. I knew not to watch this game. I anticipated the humiliation. I am still pushing the FCS. Call it the Eastern Football Conference. Temple, Rutgers, UConn, UMass, Buffalo, Eastern Michigan, Western Michigan, Army and Navy. Play at a small stadium on campus and call it a day.

    • Rutgers, don’t you read ther boards they are going to go through the B10 like Sherman throug Georgia.,.LOL. Realistically, I don’t know if FCS is viable, certainly playing Nova and Delaware would generate interest and playing teams like Fordham, Towson, Lehigh, etc would be more cost effective along with only needing a small on campus stadium. But the AAC is not going to be a powerhouse conference, if we can’t be competitive in this conference and in the upper half of teams maybe its time to reevaluate football altogether at Temple. I think the approach needs to be rework our ooc schedule only have one top team, not ND and PSU ad in 2015. By then Navy is in the AAC so we will play them. The other 3 ooc teams should be teams like Army, Buffalo, UMass (all FBS teams by the way) along with newly minted FBS teams like Unc-Charolotte, ODU, bottom tier C-USA and Sun Belt teams.

  18. Adazio knew exactly Temple did not have the talent, University commitment, fan base, and media support and coverage to compete at the BCS level. I really think Temple should stop throwing good money after bad and give up on football. no way we can compete at that level without an on-campus stadium and big name coach.., we have absolutely nothing to sell to recruits…., worst team in college football

    • Kj at this point you may be more right than wrong but I think Temple can have as much to sell to recruits as Cinncinnati, Memphis, Tulsa the question is the commitment there and is it there to get this program to that point in the next 2 years

  19. I really think that Temple picked the wrong strategy by putting their support behind football. Temple basketball is one of the most winning basketball programs ever, we have a fairly nice on campus arena, and there is plenty of basketball talent in the area. Had Temple focused on promoting basketball the way they have football over the last seven or eight years maybe we would be a sweet sixteen basketball program. Then after Temple was known as having a good athletic program try and build the football program.

  20. Football can succeed at this level. It’ll take smart coaching and if Rhule realizes that he needs new assistants, things will change. He also has to use the players playing the best and not those with the best reputations. Had Visco been inserted after the Notre Dame fiasco, Tu would have had two wins by now. On another note the Inquirer pointed out today that the Owls have the second or third most freshman and sophomores on the roster. Things can only get better. Remember, Golden didn’t succeed right away either.

    • Agreed, there is a lot of talent on this team, Rhule is just using his so called boys with the good reputation or his click players. Think he needs to make some adjustments , and use the boys who can get the job done because his starters are not!

  21. One more point, had Reilly hit even one of the several long pass plays where guys were wide open, Temple would have won. Can’t forget that Reilly has played only four games.

  22. Rhule is playing mostly freshman and sophomores. This is a throw away year. Al Golden got the same deal in year one and now he is basking in Glory and is ascending into football heaven. Rhule team is not getting blown out like Golden’s did. Here is Saint Al’s 2006 record:
    8-31-06 at Buffalo LOST 9-3 (OT)
    9-9-06 LOUISVILLE LOST 62-0
    9-16-06 at Minnesota LOST 62-0
    9-23-06 at Western Michigan LOST 48-7
    9-30-06 at Vanderbilt LOST 43-14
    10-7-06 KENT STATE LOST 28-17
    10-12-06 Clemson @Charlotte, NC LOST 63-9
    10-21-06 at Northern Illinois LOST 43-21
    10-28-06 BOWLING GREEN WON 28-14
    11-4-06 CENTRAL MICHIGAN LOST 42-26
    11-11-06 at Penn State LOST 47-0
    11-18-06 at Navy LOST 42-6

    After four games. Golden’s 2006 team was outscored 181-10!

    Rhule has kept it a bit closer being outscored 106-72.

  23. Close isn’t good enough when you are talking about Fordham and Idaho. Those teams don’t belong on the same field with Temple.

  24. uh, UCF is better, SMU is better and a more organized program, Houston is clearly more dedicated to their football program than we are, Louisville speaks for itself, obviously Rutgers is leaving. So who are we better than? Memphis?

    we will be bottom dwellers

    Time to drop down to FCS before we lose Football all together.

    Its obvious what the next 5 years will look like with this idiot at the helm.

    • Exactly. Move to the FCS quickly. Keep it realistic. Even as an FBS, what kind of recruits are we getting??? I think that even as an FCS team we can continue to have a few players make the NFL every year. After all, there are a number of FCS (1-AA) players who became NFL stars. Why be so hung up on being FBS?

      • No place to play FCS football. Uni will not put FCS football in the Linc and will not build a stadium to play FCS football in …the 26th-largest uni in the country should play FBS football BUT play to win by hiring a head coach, not a neophyte assistant.

  25. oh I forgot about UCONN who fought MICHIGAN till the end of their game.

    USF is a Florida team who will beat us at recruiting eventually.

    Smoke and Mirrors won’t get it done.

    Mike we did catch “Lighting in a bottle” with AG.

    FCS makes sense. The 80’s are over and they aren’t coming back.

    • Jay, I’m at a point were I have to agree with most of what you say, I’ve said before that I feared we caught lightning in a bottle with AG as well and it’s starting to look more ane more like that. I do disagree somewhat with regards to SMU and Uconn. SMU hasn’t looked good this year and for as well as they played Michigan, UConn was smoked by a 1-2 Buffalo team. If we are not better or at least on par with SMU, Uconn, Memphis and USF next year then this program is in big trouble. While Houston appears committed to their program, let;s see how they fare when they play better teams, so far they are 0-4 against bad teams. Now of course teams that are progressing tens to beat teams with losing records. Bottom line if we can;t compete in this conference, especially next year I don;t know if will be much better going FCS

  26. He could have shut us all up by beating Houston, Fordham and Idaho. Instead, he didn’t beat any of them. This failure is squarely on the coaching staff, no one else.

  27. FCS makes no sense. School is not going to build a stadium to play FCS football in and certainly not going to play FCS football in a 70K stadium. It’s either up or out and I vote for up. If you spend $17 mil on a football practice facility, you should be able to spend $5 mil on a big-time coach. That’s a much more important investment but that unfortunately is four years of fat and ugly football away

    • Not sure who or when but I vaguely remember someone in the past looked at 1a versus 1aa and found that moving didn’t provide much savings financially so I kind of think that ties into what you seem to be saying about Temple football, either put up or shut up. And to keep sounding like a broken record the AAC is not going to be anything close to a power conference next year and Owl fans should realistically expect Temple to be highly competitive in 2 years tops

  28. Villanova currently is losing money playing FCS football. The last figure I heard was $700,000 in 2011. Temple is making $7 million a year to play AAC football.

    • Temple learn from UConn!! An 0-4 start is unacceptable and changes need to be made. UConn just fired their HC after an 0-4 start. REGARDLESS if it was Pasqualoni’s second year, if you’re trying to be a competitive D1 program, 0-4 is unacceptable. Take Rhule and his buddies, or at the least take Rhules “buddies” and clean house!

      • Wonder if Daz has already made a call to Stoors telling him that UConn is his real dream job

      • The AD really needs to talk to Rhule and let him know it is time for somebody to fall on their sword.

        I understand that this is a new coaching regime and it will take time to get things running how they want but this team looks lost. You can’t lose to Idaho and Fordham without being lost. Sorry that isn’t possible.

  29. Ok, I know I’m going to catch flack with this comment but here goes. As Mike as stated and I believe him, the university isn’t going to make a move in the head coaching department, Rhule is going to be here. WIth that being said to me the major problem is a poorly performing defense with a bad, paste his prime DC in Snow. Not knowing who is available but with things settling down at Penn State, getting scholarships back etc. What about considering Tom Bradley as DC, I know about the whole scandal baggage, but hear me out. I did a comparison of his and Snow’s records over a comparable time frame, 2001-2004 and 2010-2011. During those years Bradley’s defenses gave up on average 20 ppg with more shut outs and single digit opposition scores than Snow’s defenses. Also, PSU had some losing seasons during those years along with winning. Snow’s defenses in the same time frames game up 28 ppg on average and that was with the top ranked defense in the PAC-10 in 2001. Plus Bradley knows the area from a recruiting perspective and with his stint as HC could be a benefit to Rhule as well. I you can guess I’m feeling desperate about this defense.

  30. Not going to catch flack from me. That’s a GREAT suggestion. Rhule must have had a good relationship with Bradley from PSU days and Bradley will finally bring some big-time credibility to our defense. He’s 100x the DC Snow will ever be. Maybe Snow in the 1980s was nearly as good, but not now. Bradley has been good right up until the Sandusky fiasco. Two issues here: 1) Would TB come to TU as a DC (I think so): 2) Will Rhule feel threatened by TB’s presence (allowing for an easy mid-season firing next year)? Probably. If not, he’ll go down with his small-time Western Carolina and Eastern Michigan buddies and we’ll end up playing like Western Carolina and Eastern Michigan. (Heck, we already are.)

    • Mike, I think the way to get around point 2 you make and of course this is all dependent on the team rebounding next year and getting back on an upwards trajectory. Bring Bradley in figuring that if Temple is doing well, moving to the upper half of the AAC he would start getting feelers for other HC opportunities, like MAC schools or AAC teams, etc Let him know when you bring him on board that this situation is fine and have him work on mentoring a protege to take over the D if he moves on to a better opportunity. Try to make a job here a win- win all around. The other thing I not sure of in addition to your 2 points is how much is he making as a CBS analyst? I would hope he still wants to coach and a couple years away recharged the batteries and gave him space to move on from the Sandusky scandal

    • Perhaps it would be a good motivator for Rhule to have someone waiting in line. I never thought about him bringing in his friends as protection but if the AD were to fire Rhule (he won’t) then his buddies might say “I don’t want the job.” Temple would be up a creek sans paddle.

  31. D’Onofrio was making $300K per as Golden’s DC/assistant HC. I think that’s about 200K more AT LEAST than CBS pays a part-time analyst. Plus, Bradley is a great recruiter in Western Pa. Him and Terry Smith (and Fran Brown) would give us three big-time recruiters on the staff.

    • Ok so it sounds like $$$ shouldn’t be a problem for the university and I think with PSU getting scholarships back the stronger we can get recruiting in western PA the better. Rhule would show me a lot by hiring a guy like Bradley, if he doesn’t feel secure enough in hiring a big time coordinator then he will end up getting canned on poor performance. Plus with Bradley working as an analyst you could probably wait until the end of the season to make the move. Not sure even if Rhule could or would make a move now if it would make a difference except maybe on the recruiting front. Have to think some of our better D recruits would like the move and who knows maybe even help get Smith and Funderbank back on board

  32. Dave’s top ten reasons to be an Owls fan now:
    More leg and arm room
    Lots of tailgate leftovers
    Certainty of starring on the cutie, smooch, muscle cams and drilling a year-supply of taco field goal
    Shorter security check lines
    Holiday with the family
    Excuse for putting on weight and drinking too much
    No neophyte front-running fans
    There is a future billionaire comedian is on the field
    Better cash flow than Eagles, Phillies, or Flyers fans
    Drum Roll…
    We get the number one draft pick!

  33. what is better? Temple without a football program, or a Temple with a losing program, without fan, faculty and student support, and a program you are totally embarrassed to say you follow? nothing is better than having something worth nothing. let it go, we are throwing good money after bad

  34. If we are going to be a national embarrassment, I agree with you. Under Rhule the first four games, no team has been a bigger national embarrassment (we’re actually in a tie with FIU, but they aren’t on TV as much as we are). This kind of “publicity” does no good for the uni. Now if the uni is serious about winning and getting a big-time coach who would win here, it’s definitely worth the investment (Todd Bowles, Mario Cristobal and Pete Lembo all would win here and those are just three guys out of about 10 who would come).

    • That isn’t saying much considering that FIU has been playing football since 2002. Really we should be doing a fair bit better consider that Temple has been fielding a team since 1894. I am starting to think if we haven’t figured out this whole football thing by now maybe we aren’t supposed to.

  35. No doubt Cristobal would have beaten both Fordham and Idaho like a drum. Remember, this is the same coach who with FIU talent lost to Louisville 28-21 last year and his successor at FIU with the same talent lost to Louisville 72-0 this year. An experienced HEAD coach can bridge a talent gap and Cristobal was always good at that. We now have the “distinction” of being the only 1A (fbs) team to lose to a 1AA team AND the lowest-ranked FBS team (Idaho) in consecutive games. Temple should have been the team up on Idaho, 17-3, at the half on the way to a 34-6 win. The fact that Idaho was even in this game was a total disgrace and totally reflective on what has proven to be an incompetent coaching staff. Sixty-two points at Army now seems like 100 years ago.

    • Mike I think moving forward to start correcting this situation is squarely on the admin at this point. By that I mean the word needs to be given to Rhule that they expect results sooner rather than latter because I get the impressionq Rhule feels perfectly safe with the teams performance. I’m not saying he likes it and doesn’t want to win. I base this on talking with couple of friends who live in my neighborhood and have sons being recruited by Temple. When talking about the team with them the thing that both mentioned was how Rhule stated basically no way he would get fired during his contract and that the team really wouldn’t be good for 3 to 4 years. Of course this is second hand information so You take it for what it’s worth

      • He feels perfectly safe because there is no one to take the job if they did fire him. You have pretty good job security when then two people who would replace you are both incompetent and old friends.

  36. for too many years we were the joke of college football, now it is back to the future and this new reality show is once again the joke of college football. why suffer? there is no upside., we will lose to Louisville, by 50 points or more, with less than 20k in the stands….., how is that good for Temple’s image and reputation? we do not have the will, support, money, fan base, or coaching to compete. is there a program with less? stop throwing good money after bad!!! two consecutive bad hires have put this program back for at least six years. we are not in the situation to sustain a losing team for even three years!! it is a joke to have home games at this level with less than 20k in the seats

    • KJ, while I think you make a lot of valid points. I think Uconn’s actions show a program that has the type of commitment lacking here and by that I don’t mean fire Rhule now. What I’m referring to is a university and fans, boosters, etc who invest in their program, expect results and hold you accountable if you don’t produce. I think that is lacking with the Temple community. If you read some of the other boards, it hey are loaded with Rhule needs at least 3 years, no talent, young team and on and on. I wasn’t quite as optimistic as Muke before this season but with last year pitched a rebuilding year with a lot of freshman and sophomores playing, with 15 starters returning and playing in a conference with maybe only 2 teams head and shoulders above the level we played in the MAC I looked at this as more of a retooling with expectations of no worse of a record than 2012 , 5-7 (12 game schedule vs 11) . I like you don’t think program is in a position to weather 3 years of losing in order for Rhule to “rebuild”, this team needs to show major improvement next year and be winning in the AAC the following. If not and football continues at Temple with a losing tradition, I think Mike laid out a very plausible scenario of how it couldn’t with increased cost to use the Linc and no on campus stadium, are we back to the days of post game concerts to get people in the stands, “hey, hey we’re the Monkees”

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