Heater flourishing at Marshall

Click over photo for great story on Marshall DC Chuck Heater.

Click over photo for great story on Marshall DC Chuck Heater.





24 thoughts on “Heater flourishing at Marshall

  1. Mike, outside of promising his bud the job, any insight as to why Rhule didn’t keep Heater on the staff. Given that he didn’t follow Daz and seemed to stay on to provide some continuity with regards to recruiting, I get the impression he would have been ok remaining as DC. I know he got an interview for the HC job but I’m guessing that basically a courtesy. He would have been better than Snow, but then again don’t think you can get much worse.

  2. He offered Heater the job, but son-in-law Sean Cronin was going to Marshall and then Doc Holliday (great name), the head coach at Marshall, offered Chuck the DC job. At that point, Rhule’s HUGE mistake was not offering the job to Nick Rapone, now the Arizona Cardinals’ DB coach and a former GREAT DC under Bruce Arians who developed legendary Temple DBs Eddie Parker, Kevin Ross, Todd Bowles, Terry Wright, etc., etc. Heater is 10x the coach Snow is and Rapone is 20x the coach Snow is plus Nick, despite all of that experience and writing nine books on DB play, is nearly a full year younger than Snow. Finally: Rapone’s daughter currently is a student at Temple.

    • At this point I think we would be better off with the DC from The Little Sisters of the Poor!!! Realistically, what do you think the chances are of Rhule making a change for next season? I really believe tightening the defense is one of the quickest ways to improve the team and Snow’s track record gives me no confidence it will happen under his watch. Also, who do you think would be available? I’ve given my opinion on this in prior posts

  3. I think the university will stay away from any football-related decisions this offseason. Therefore, it’s in Matt’s best interests for Matt to get rid of Snow. Now the next linear step in this thinking: Is Matt too nice a guy to pull the trigger and and make necessary decisions to fire old friends and improve both his future and the program’s? Sadly, I think he is too nice a guy to do that.

    • If that does turn out to be the case then I’m cleaning up the DeLorean and getting some fresh fuel for the flux capacitor since we’ll be heading to the Dickerson- Wallace era rather than AG type success

  4. That’s why I was afraid of hiring an assistant coach last December. It’s a crapshoot. You could get Bruce Arians, who did a solid job (hell, he beat Syracuse, 17-6, in his first game as HC) against an unbelievably tough schedule (at Georgia, at Florida State, at Penn State, at Pitt, at Alabama almost every year) or you could get Ron Dickerson. Last time Temple hired an accomplished D1A head coach, Owls went on a nice 13-year run winning 70 percent of their games and that guy will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this December. If MacIntrye or Clawson did not want to come here, keep working your way down that list of ACCOMPLISHED guys (Cristobal, Lembo, etc) until you could find someone who did. We’re all going to Purgatory now for four more years and our fan base did not commit enough sins to deserve that. Hell, we even interviewed Super Mario. He was here. I saw him on campus. Dickerson is a very good analogy here.

    • I felt the program was at a point where an experienced HC would have been best but for whatever reason the hiring decision didn’t go that way. As crazy as this may sound I think the hiring of Rhule would have been better 2 years ago rather than Daz. Would have had better continuity from AG, stronger team for Rhule to break in with, learn to be a head coach and maybe better recruiting so that last year was more one of retooling. But at this point all pretty much irrelevant Rhule is coach for the foreseeable future. My fear is that he is hoping to recruit his way to a better team rather than doing that along with evaluating his staff. With Snow’s record Rhule will need to build an offense that scores 45 points a game. I know a lot of posters on other board continue with the cupboard is bare as far as talent, MAC players, give specific examples of bad in game coaching decisions, etc. ok I’ll be optimistic with regards to Rhule and getting better talent but does anyone think we are going to get the level of talent that Ariz St and UCLA was able to attract when Snow had his best years. If not then what you’re going to get is a defense that maybe gives up 30 points a game as opposed to 40, is that good enough to build a consistent winner?

      • Not going to be able to recruit a better team if this year’s team goes 0-12, and I have yet to see anything that makes me believe that we will any games this year.

  5. Fordham and Idaho were the two easiest games on the schedule. That said, BW went 0-5 with a loss to William and Mary before beating Va. Tech. If I saw great coaching against Fordham and Idaho, a lot of halftime adjustments against Houston that resulted in gobs of points, I’d be a little more optimistic. What I did see in the last two games reminds me of the worst of Ron Dickerson. Ron, like Matt, was a great guy who wanted to win more than anyone else. Ron did not have the HOW TO win down. Matt doesn’t have the HOW TO win down.

  6. Well Greg Schiano might be available soon and he knows how to recruit the area.

  7. Just heard that Texas fired it’s defensive coordinator after the BYU loss. Unfortunately Ruhle lacks the fortitude to fire a guy who time has clearly passed by. He’s still back in the 90’s while the offenses h’s facing are up to date. the failure to get contain against Fordham and allowing the idaho QB to get a first down on 3rd and ten is inexcusable. His players have no clue about what’s going to happen, which was clear on the first nine plays ND ran. His clulessness has continued through every game. Every QB we face looks like an All-American. if it weren’t for herculean efforts by our line backers, every game would be a blowout. If Ruhle wants to be a head coach for a long time, he better act like one and make the change that so clearly is staring him in the face.

    • Couldn’t agree more John. To me the root of the problem is that it seems that Rhule has the feeling, impression, who know may even told by the admin that he wil be the head coach here for awhile. That is my big complaint with him right now, I’ll give him that he has to mature as a head coach from the Xs and Os part of the game, but I’m getting the same feeling as you that he doesn’t have the CEO mind set or the cold detachment that is sometimes needed to make decisions that while not pleasant for him are what needs to be done for team well being and performance. Canning Snow and started the search for a top flight DC should be right up there with recruiting as the most critical goals after the last game of the season.

  8. Snow should never have been brought here. I wrote that the day he was hired. (“I’m all for hiring old buddies, but not old buddies who give up 38 points a game,”) Now if Rhule fires Snow it’s Rhule admitting that he was wrong. I don’t see him being flexible enough to admit that, especially since the TU administration gives coaches all kinds of rope. You really have to climb up to the top of the Bell Tower to hang yourself at this place.

    • Well TU better change its philosophy because of the changes in the college landscape. Not only is every team in its jerry-rigged league one step away from leaving, TU has hurt itself after this season by joining the league for BBall at a time when the Atlantic Ten is becoming a league to reckon with. This ain’t the fifties anymore. College sports is big business and the sooner the administration learns this the better. Sometimes I think the lack of success stems from the attitude of the administration, which really doesn’t want big time football. If that’s the case say so and stop wasting everyone’s time. If I were in charge I would have sought a partnership of some kind with Comcast given its position in the media landscape. How does Comcast Stadium sound? That won’t happen until the administration gets serious and hires based on expertise and not relationships.

  9. It’s really interesting that TU spent $7 million in 2001 to build the E-O, then $10 million last year to make it state-of-the-art, then spent $2 million on ads in the Inquirer and on TV with Gov. Rendell and Mayor Nutter doing the voice-overs and then spends $800K on the head coach. To me, the best investment in Temple football history was coach Hardin was not the facilities. It’s the people. It’s always the people. Coach Hardin had Navy ranked No. 2 in the country not once but twice as a HEAD coach and CEO. There was an almost metaphysical certainty that he would eventually get Temple ranked and he did. Now THAT’S a worthwhile investment. Same with Mike MacIntrye. If the guy could get freaking San Jose State ranked in the top 25, there was a reasonable certainty that he’d do the same for Temple. He knew Temple. He worked here. When you have a guy who has Temple ties who succeeded in the show, got to get him. Should have told MacIntrye, “Mike, you’re a Temple guy, you’re our guy. Whatever Colorado offers you, come back to us and we’ll top it.” That’s the way winning businesses operate. Look at SEPTA. They went out and hired the top transportation CEO in the country and went from awash in red ink to in the black the last 8 years. We hired a bus driver. We hired Ralph Kramden to run our multi-million dollar corporation. I absolutely hated the fact that I had to go into this season biting my fingernails and HOPING Matt Rhule would do the job. I could’ve had metaphysical certainty on my side and not hope.

    • Mike, this is totally off the wall but I’m going to put on my conspiracy theory hat here. Maybe after coming on board and getting the lay of the land president Theobald realized that football was too much of an uphill battle. With his finance background saw that:
      1. The university could not raise the funds necessary and win the political battles for building an on campus stadium
      2. Can’t afford increased lease payments at the Linc, as I suspect with the numbers that you hear that would have negated any increase in revenue from joining the AAC.

      Plus he is coming from a school that made it’s sports name in basketball. Temple has a strong basketball tradition, we have top facilities already in place on campus and maybe his thinking is that let football die a “natural” death that can be rationally explained and put more money into basketball.

  10. I know he’s smart, but I don’t think Neil is that smart. Remember, Neil came here in the “transition” … he wasn’t even President when Bradshaw ran this “look, I have this guy I really like, the players like him, even Al Shrier asked me to hire him. I want to hire him, but I would like you to give him the final interview.” Neil then asks, “Who’s Al Shrier?” …. and says “OK.” Then he interviews Matt and says what all of us think when we talk to the guy, “Wow, what a nice guy. If he’s half the coach he is of a person, we really have something here.” Then he hires him. I think that’s what happened.

    • Ok, didn’t realize the whole chronology with the hire and as I said it was my tin foil conspiracy hat. That being said, since he doesn’t have as much invested in the hire do you think then he is the type of person who could make a decision to cut the losses and go with a hire that is more his and his ADs or at least put some pressure on Rhule to do something about his staff. I know you generally don’t have the admin get involved in this type of activity but if Theobald wants to build up the football program I think the bleeding has to be stopped this year and the team needs to be on the upswing next season

  11. USC does it. UConn does it. Temple historically doesn’t do it. Theobald would show me huge gonads to pull the trigger at the end of the season (don’t want to do it now because you’ll have Snow or Satterfield as the HC). Maybe Rhule hired the S and S boys as his “protection” should the thing fall apart (and losing to Fordham and Idaho is falling apart).

  12. I’ll read the other comments after I post, but my perception of Heater is that he can coach when he has talent, not so much when he does not. We gave up a ton of points last year, especially the 2nd half of the season. Even Army beat our D badly last year. I’m not on the Heater bandwagon.

    • vickmike, I’ll give you your perception of Heater, I can only speak of watching his defenses directly while here at Temple and sure the 2011 D did have talent and were ranked in the Top 5 in the nation. But let’s compare both Snow and Heater in 2012. Temple gave up 32 points to Army, EMU 38 both wins. Temple gave up 10 points to the one FCS team they played and won big, EMU 31 to Illinois State and won. Last year the Temple D gave up 31 ppg while EMU gave up 37 ppg, against a lesser schedule overall. If you look at EMUs first 11 games and compare them to Temple, since we only played 11 games last year, EMU was giving up 41 ppg. So even if Heater can coach only when he has talent, Snow has a track record of doing an even worse job with out top talent. Also, Heater really hadn’t started running the defense until going with Urban Meyer from Utah to Florida. Phil Snow on the other hand has been a DC almost his entire college coaching career. All in all I think if Heater were still on the staff Fordham is a win and there was a better chance picking up a W against Houston. Can’t really speak towards the Idaho game only listened on the radio. Having taken the trip to Uconn last season I can say he at least seemed to make adjustments, something I don’t see in Snow.

  13. Heater holds Fordham to 10 and strongly suggests to Matt that Satterfield run the football on the other side. I think Matt listens to Heater. I don’t think Snow thinks the whole game the way Chuck does.

  14. Heater’s Marshall team almost won the day for Marshall against Virginia Tech. But for a couple of missed field goals, they win the game.

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