Teddy Brewskis

Click over the photo of a great head coach, Ball State's Pete Lembo, for five possible upsets this weekend. We're already 1-0 with Iowa State covering the 9 against Texas. If you win any money this weekend, please throw one percent this way via a pay pal donation. Thanks.

Click over the photo of a great head coach, Ball State’s Pete Lembo, for five possible upsets this weekend. We’re already 1-0 with Iowa State covering the 9 against Texas. If you win any money this weekend, please throw one percent this way via a pay pal donation. Thanks.

Teddy or Brewskis?
Or both.
Or just stay home.
That’s the dilemma Temple fans are facing this weekend.

Temple vs. Louisville
Time: Noon
Place: Lincoln Financial Field
Breast Cancer Awareness Game
(fans are asked to wear pink)
TV: 6ABC, ESPN National
Announcers: Eamon McAnaney (play-by-play)
former Monsignor Bonner and New York Jets
tight end Anthony Becht (color)
Radio: 1210AM
Announcers: Harry Donahue (play-by-play)
former Heisman Trophy runner-up
tailback Paul Palmer (color)

Come to the game, have a few brewskis, then watch a very bad matchup for Temple, Teddy Bridgewater vs. a secondary who could not cover a fat guy at a picnic. Or stay at home and have a few brewskis and watch on TV.
For years, I’ve cajoled and pleaded with Temple fans on this site to come to the games and support the Owls. Based on the results of the first four games, I cannot do that anymore.
Although I will be there because I haven’t missed a home game except for work in the last 30 years, I would not blame a single Owl fan for not attending. We’ve already been through one rebuilding cycle, eight years of total misery. It’s really too much to ask this fan base to go through another, even for a year or two. I’ve got an idea: After Saturday’s game, let’s win now. Let’s face it, unless God himself intervenes and has the pigeons knock down Bridgewater’s passes, Temple isn’t winning this Saturday but that doesn’t mean it can’t win a lot of the ensuing Saturdays.

We’ve already been through
one rebuilding cycle,
eight years of total misery.
It’s really too much to ask
this fan base to go through
another, even for a year or two

I’ve been hearing too many “we can wait, we’re not Alabama” and “we’re rebuilding” comments lately from the Matt Rhule Apologists (the MRAs).
Please stop. We’re not rebuilding, at least not when it comes to talent, and we can’t wait, not with Board of Trustees’ decisions on stadiums and leases due within a year or two. Nothing says no to a building a stadium on campus or extending the Linc lease better than an 0-12 or 2-10 season.
The rebuilding was supposed to stop with Al Golden’s “I’m building a house of brick, not straw.” Golden kept his part of the bargain, recruiting five straight No. 1 classes in the MAC. One of Steve Addazio’s recruiting classes was No. 55 in the country, putting him No. 1 in the MAC and ahead of any of the Golden classes, which never got rated any better than 55th in the nation.

Run the ball against the 247-pound-average
Fordham defensive line and the Owls might
have gotten 500 yards on the ground alone.
… Commit to a short passing game, like
North Texas did in a 40-6 win over Idaho,
and Temple wins like North Texas did

Well, where did all this talent go? Did they transfer out?
There’s enough talent here to beat Fordham, 51-14, and Idaho, 36-6.
If this talent was coached properly, those would have been the scores but those were not the scores and this talent has not been coached properly.
Run the ball against the 247-pound-average Fordham defensive line and the Owls might have gotten 500 yards on the ground alone. Heck, one St. Francis of Loretto back got 293 on his own against that vaunted defense.  Commit to a short passing game, like North Texas did in a 40-6 win over Idaho, and Temple wins like North Texas did. Instead the Owls attempt what only seemed like a hundred 50-yard bombs to slow-footed receivers that are overthrown by 10 yards each time. That’s not Carl Lewis running under those passes, they are midget versions of Riley Cooper. (Unless Nate Hairston and Khalif Herbin are allowed to run under those throws and, except for a couple of Nate cameos against Idaho, it seems like both of those guys have been in Witness Protection.)
Did that look like smart game-planning to you?
We’re not asking for Temple to be like Alabama here. We’re asking for Temple to be like North Texas. North Freaking Texas.

Scout.com’s National Recruiting Rankings

Year Temple North Texas
2013 92 124
2012 55 110
2011 95 113
2010 75 117
2009 89 116
2013 result Idaho 26, Temple 24 North Texas 40, Idaho 6

Teddy Bridgewater vs. a Phil Snow-coached defense is perhaps the biggest mismatch I’ve ever seen in a Temple game in the last 30 years. I’m hoping Temple shocks the world and wins but I wish I had more than hope.
I don’t.
Hope and pigeons is all I’ve got.


10 thoughts on “Teddy Brewskis

  1. Mike,Mike….I see I’m going to have to get you over to the big MRA tailgate tent tomorrow for some of their delicious ‘The Cupboard is Bare’ Cherry&White ale to get that mind set of yours back on the right track.

    I mean after all, Daz didn’t recruit much talent at all, he left the cupboard bare. we are a team that was recruited to be competitive in the MAC (humm in a conference that has as many, or more if you count Tulsa, teams on the ESPN Bottom 10 page then I would think this team would be very competitive), a new system and qb, no team speed (ok I’ll give the MRAs that one), MUCH better competition (see last comment about ESPN Bottom 10), we can’t run the ball or good qb recruits will de-commit (0-12 won’t cause them to re-think their decision…naaahhh). Fordham is a top FCS team just overflowing with FBS recruits (that didn’t cut it at FBS schools) and are a Patriot League powerhouse (even though they have never finished better than middle of the league even with a lot of Patriot Teams not giving out scholarships), Idaho was a trap game????

    Ok, I’m even making myself feel ill spouting all of that. Needless to say I agree with a lot of your points and this post is spit on. Maybe you could make the point that the conference opposition was stronger last year and it was a move up from the MAC, but not this year and certainly not going forward. Memphis, SMU, USF and UConn (2-14), Houston 4-0 against all losing teams, Temple included, who with better coaching I think we beat. this ooc schedule was not as strong as last either. We have an OC that was at least the 2nd maybe 3rd choice for the job, someone I know said that Bill Cubit may have been approached as well for the OC job. Who seems to have found some of Andy Reids old playbook pages lying around the Linc and it’s pass, pass, pass no matter what the defense is giving. I think anyone who has read my posts here knows my feelings about Snow. Bottom line, could the players execute better, sure but isn’t it the coaching staffs job to put them in a situation where they can execute and to use offensive and defensive schemes that maximize the talent available.

  2. yeah, that “we have to pass the ball or a QB recruit won’t come here” is the most laughable excuse I’ve ever seen. You play to win the game, as Herm Edwards says. Everything else is secondary.

  3. After it took me 5 days to even re-visit this site after watching Temple embarrass themselves against the Idaho “potatoes”, I am shocked to see how many Temple fans are not only throwing in the white towel on this team (coaches more so though than players), but how may wrote about going to 1-AA or even discontinuing the program – as someone called it “a natural death”.

    It was been well-documented and apparent that this coaching staff has put this program back in the bottom 10. Nice guy or not, Rhule has alienated fans/student body from Temple again, and if action is not taken by the university OR Rhule soon, the fan base, not to mention recruits, will not return and Rhule’s future in coaching may be high school football in Montana.

    I know it’s frustration that fans write what they do – I just wish Rhule shared that passion for Temple as well. A GREAT sign of that passion would be to get rid of Snow and find a DC who can help his cause and the university’s.

    • JLPG, I said “natural death” and what I’m referring to is the whole Linc lease increase vs on campus stadium. If Rhule is planning on a 4 year “rebuilding” program then I think the university will be put in a position where financially neither option is viable. I just don’t think the uni is going to pay 3 to 4 million a year to play at the Linc. If we are a losing team and an embarassing losing team like we are now I think an on campus stadium is even less viable. Looking at some of the newer college stadiums at the same size as something Temple would build, InfoCision at Akron and Yulman at Tulane, 60 to 70 million will need to be raised. A tougher with a 0 to 2/3 win a year team with the support TU gets today. Just don’t see that deep pocket donor ready to drop 5/6 mil to get things started. At a million a year lease you can probably set a program goal to get attendance to the point where it covers the lease, at 3 to 4 times the amount forget it. With Rhule in the process of setting this program back 8 years I do believe it could be put in a position where it doesn’t recover

  4. The most frustrated fans think that Temple has never gotten this football thing right but, in reality, it’s gotten it right a few times …. well before I was born, Pop Warner’s seven years and, in my lifetime, Wayne Hardin’s 13 years, Bruce Arians’ five years and Al Golden’s five years …. those are the times it’s gotten this thing right. If Rhule goes 0-12, which I think won’t happen but is now very possible, the uni cannot turn its head. It must admit to the mistake of hiring a neophyte and get a guy like Pete Lembo or Mario Cristobal who got teams in bowl games as HEAD coaches. What do I think happens? Temple goes 2-10 and Rhule gets rid of of Snow to appease the administration. If Temple goes 2-10 and Rhule keeps Snow and Satterfield, he’s effectively giving the finger to Temple and telling them to get out of his business. That would not be wise.

    • Have to agree with you about the 0-12. For me even at 2-10 the best options are admit a mistake was made and clean house and second if Rhule get rid of Snow put him on a short lease of one more season. In that case he should be told . 500 at a minimum, both in and out of conference or you done. While a lot of folks will talk about 4 coaches in 5 years I would rather the program bite the bullet next year and get back on track rather than go 2 or 3 more losing seasons, where I’m sure attendance will be back in the toilet, recruiting will drop, etc. While the Rhulebot are still strong on him on Owlscoop, not seeing all the messages from players and parents about how he is the best, in fact only coach for the program.

    • I made a comment something to that effect, but the problem for me is that Temple hasn’t been able to create a football atmosphere. Sure Temple has had its moments, but every time there is some momentum it seems like they take a step back and by that I mean a 2 win seasons. Other teams that have been around as long as Temple see missing a bowl game as a bad season. Temple has made what 4 bowl games ever. Sorry but winning is the exception at Temple not the Rhule.

  5. 2006 #6 Louisville 62 Temple 0 Al Golden’s 1st Year
    2013 #7 Louisville 30 Temple 7 Matt Rhule’s 1st Year
    That a 35 point (62%) improvement over a coach who is now 5-0 in the ACC and ranked 14th nationally.

    Peterliacouritis – Mild form of megalomania. Symptoms include irrational Sugar Bowl Dreams. Prognosis – Firing promising young coach, horrible SEC drubbings, 15 losing seasons. Diagnosis – Patience, perseverance, weekly reality checks, long-term perspective, steady progress with young promising coach.

    • Still no excuse losing to Fordham and Idaho, which lost, 63-14, to Fresno State today. Got to win those games, no matter if you have a first-year or a first-day coach.

  6. Thank you, Dave. This comment section is a lot busier than it was years ago, which is a good thing, but its also instant rage for me any more. I’m not saying Rhule is perfect, but I am saying any coach coming in is owed at LEAST one season. And let’s not start with the “alienating the fan base.’ We weren’t exactly filling up the Linc before; attendance is probably half the NCAA average, but its also closer to triple the FCS average. Until we start consistently winning, and consistently winning bowls, it’s not gonna happen.

    That winning is not gonna come if you are changing coaches every other year because he didn’t come in an post a 5-0 season, with #7 Louisville and #14 Notre Dame. At best, I expected Temple to be 3-2 so far and those other three loses were not exactly thrashings. Looks to me like the losses of a young team in a new system.

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