The blueprint for beating Army

One of the best sights of this season was seeing a guy like Juice Granger celebrating in the end zone. He's been a great teammate for three years and deserves a win this Saturday.

One of the best sights of this season was seeing a guy like Juice Granger celebrating in the end zone. He’s been an unselfish Temple Owl for three years and deserves a win this Saturday.

A year ago around this time, Juice Granger threw four times, completed 50 percent of his passes, added 85 yards on the ground and orchestrated an offense that produced 63 points.

Former Temple head coach Steve Addazio left the blueprint for beating Army on the field at Michie Stadium last year.

Run the ball. Run it again and run some more.

Click over the Duke coach for five upsets this week.

Click over the Duke coach for five upsets this week.

Matty Brown started it all with two touchdown runs, then he got hurt and Montel Harris added a game for the ages: 351 yards, 7 touchdowns. Even Kenny Harper added a touchdown run.

Mostly, though, it was Interstate Highway-sized holes being opened up by several members of the current offensive line, with the exception of Martin Wallace who has gone on to the Cleveland Browns. They can open those holes up again for Harper and Zaire Williams, if this coaching staff permits it. While Harper and Williams might not be as talented as Brown and Harris were, they can certainly negotiate their way through those kind of holes.

It’s all right there on what former Temple football coach Bobby Wallace used to call the “fill um.” Current Temple head coach Matt Rhule was in attendance that game but he can check the film if memory of how it was done escapes him.

Or he can ignore the evidence, do things his own way, and join Wallace in Alabama as an assistant Division III offensive line coach next season.

We’ll know if Rhule learned from his mistakes against Fordham and Idaho as early as the first quarter. Army is at a size disadvantage against a Temple offensive line that includes at least  two future NFL players in Kyle Friend and Cody Booth and quite possibly a third in Pete White.

If at least 12 of the first 15 plays are not runs, you can leave at that point and head to the parking lots because Temple will lose.

If the Owls run a clean (penalty-free) dozen, they will win and maybe handily no matter how successful those plays are because it will set the tone that will enable Temple to wear down Army on the ground over four quarters. There is an ancillary benefit to running the football against a team like Army: Chewing up the clock and keeping the ball away from a team that scored 50 points a week ago.

If the Owls do what they’ve been doing so far in an 0-6 season–throwing 10 long bombs of  about 50 yards–they are opening themselves up to turnovers and a loss. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Hopefully, sanity returns to Lincoln Financial Field in the form of a pound-and-ground Homecoming win on Saturday afternoon. If it doesn’t, we’ll have to find a new guy to draw up the blueprints.



16 thoughts on “The blueprint for beating Army

  1. Mike….hope the coaching staff is keeping an eye on your blog! Hey…I’ll be there Saturday, as part of the alumni marching band. Hope to see you.

  2. I don’t think they are, Rob. If they were, this would be win No. 4 because Visco would have kicked in the Houston game and they would have run the ball against Idaho and Fordham. 😦 … I will look for the alumni band. I’ll be there at about 9 a.m. and go in five minutes to kickoff.

  3. Mike, if they follow that plan, even if it means a win, won’t that hinder implementing Rhule’s system, plus turn off recruits…;-)

  4. Mike, once again you are spot on. RUN, RUN, RUN, AND RUN SOME MORE


    I hope and pray Rhule has the intelligence to look at the film from last year.

    Do you think we can beat Memphis and SMU?

  5. the best thing about going to temple games this year is watching the band. They Rock!!, those kids have fun, play with enthusiasm, have swagger and are 10 times more entertaining than the team. did I mention they are better at what they do than the football team is at what it ‘doesn’t do’…, ?

    • Kj, have to agree with you the band does seem to have stepped it up a notch this season. I was having a friendly argument with another person in my section at the Louisville game that a good bad is an integral part of the whole college football experience. Of course a team that can win a few games is a must

    • Very true, KJ. I hope I hear some crazy cheering when the alumni band hits the field at half-time! Met my wife in the band; her sister met her husband in the band; my daughter met her husband in the band…….and on it goes. Making beautiful music together — all these years later. Go Owls!

  6. Army runs for 500 yards because Snow doesn’t have the expertise to stop them. Even if they don’t run, they like every other team will be abble to throw passes. I predict 500 people at the Connecticut game especially if its cold.

  7. Army doesn’t run if Temple’s is able to pull off a couple of eight-minute drives. Oh. Freak it. We’re just going to chuck it all over the place. I don’t even think our coaching staff looks at opposing team’s film, not from the way they’ve attacked opposing defenses all season.

    • I’ve been saying that all along.

      • Sad. But true. If Bruce Arians/Al Golden/Wayne were the the coaches and saw that Fordham had a 247-pound DL, they would not have thrown a pass all game except once every 7-8 times off play action. We all know what Daz would have done. Idaho was worse. Should have beat that team, 36-6.

  8. Ball State is the only team that passed their way to victory against the Black Knights. Snow brainer.

  9. As upset as I am about Snow, our offensive game planning has been worse.
    We have Snow brains on defense and no brains on offense.

    • Just highlights the poor judgement Rhule demonstrated when hiring them. For me this is a bigger question as to whether or not he is ready to be a HC then game day play calling. That and the real lack of discipline the team has shown

  10. We haven’t been this undisciplined since Bobby Wallace. Penalties, blocked field goals, you name it.

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