Live coverage of new Temple Stadium announcement … not

With a 4-2 record, this might have been unveiled at the inaugural today.

With a 4-2 record, this  sketch might have been unveiled at the inaugural today.

Right around the Notre Dame game, I got a couple of emails from well-connected people I trust at Temple:  “Mike, President Theobald will say something about a new stadium in his inaugural address. Book it.”

Then I talked to a few people at the Houston tailgate who said pretty much the same thing independently. After Fordham and Idaho all such talk dried up.

I haven’t heard a peep about a new stadium or even re-upping the lease at Lincoln Financial Field since it became apparent Temple couldn’t beat the only FCS team on its schedule or the worst FBS team in the country.

No excuses allowed tomorrow. Just win.

No excuses allowed tomorrow. Just win.

I marked down in my calendar as early as a couple hours after Notre Dame that today might be a good day to blog live about the new stadium initiative that Theobald seemed to be open to as recently as 10 days ago.

I listened intently to Theobald’s inaugural address today. No mention of new stadiums. No mention of re-signing the Lincoln Financial Field lease. Heck, no mention of athletics at all.

Instead, Theobald talked about “six commitments” and the first three of those were lowering student costs, improving the faculty and improving relations with the City of Philadelphia.

Pretty surprising considering that one of Theobald’s two stated priorities when hired was to “win in the Big East.” (The other was making tuition affordable.)

That talked dried up, too.

Nothing blunts forward momentum in sports like losing and losing in the way Temple football has lost this year: Generally undisciplined play that shows up in things like penalties and blocked field goals. Add to that poor offensive game planning (i.e., making a three-tool talent like Chris Coyer disappear and failing to recognize that Fordham had a high school JV-sized defensive line) and overall passive play on defense and you have a formula for 0-6.

That’s just where we find ourselves today.


Frankly, if you can’t beat Fordham
or Idaho with this talent,
you probably never deserved
to be here in the first place


Tomorrow is Homecoming and this is the first year I’ve actually dreaded going into the stadium since Bobby Wallace was the head coach because I know this team has a lot more talent than the coaching staff is getting out of it. Even in Al Golden’s first year, I skipped into the stadium because I knew it was going to get better.

Now I’m not so sure.  If this coaching staff can’t beat Fordham and Idaho with THE TALENT CURRENTLY ON THIS ROSTER, that doesn’t bode well for the future, either immediate or long-term. Frankly, if you can’t beat Fordham or Idaho with this talent, you probably never deserved to be here in the first place.

The website lists Matt Rhule’s salary as $1.2 million. I seriously doubt that figure (I think it’s closer to $850,000) but let’s say it is true: I would say he’s getting paid  $1.2 million per win but since he’s got no wins, he’s getting paid infinity per win.

Theobald did not mention football, stadiums or even sports today in his inaugural address. Let’s just hope it was an oversight.

Yeah, that was probably it.



30 thoughts on “Live coverage of new Temple Stadium announcement … not

  1. Not being a Rhule apologist, but we all forget how bad Golden’s last class was in 2010… we honestly lack upperclassman leadership on this team, and I’m not sure we have the talent to beat many teams at all. In my opinion the lack of talent from that 2010 class is really killing us and forcing us to play very young 18 year olds instead of 22 year old men.

  2. What talent??? They were 4-7 and beat a rudderless USF and UCONN, a bad Nova team and Army! The losses by a total of 3 points to Idaho and Fordham were bad but this team is hanging with good competition. Would you be so much more optimistic if the last second TD by Fordham had been swatted away and they came away with the win against Idaho? 2 more wins would have shown us so much more?

    • They should have beaten Fordham 51-14 and Idaho 36-6 … with THIS talent. Poor coaching. Very poor coaching. They should have never been in a position to lose to a Patriot League team and a team that lost to North Texas, 40-6. Can you think of any “rudderless” teams we beat this year? This year has been a disaster. With all of this talent back from a four-win team, four wins should have been the baseline of improvement and this team should have built on those four wins and had five, six or seven wins this year. Now we won’t even get to four. That’s a regression by any definition.

  3. That class does look like a bust, 4 defensive starters according to the current depth chart, Daniels injured, Deon Miller??? and Reilly second string. Big thing to your point are several junior offensive lineman who are on the roster but not even on the depth chart. Should be the core of an experienced O Line. Question I have is how much involvement did Rhule have with that class. Compare that with Adazzio’s 2012 class and it’s looking like he didn’t leave the cupboard as bare as some would like to believe. Either way this team has more than enough talent to beat Fordham, Idaho and Army.

  4. We lost to Fordham and Idaho. Enough said about the talent. Now let’s focus on the coaching.

  5. Temple will not renew the lease at the Linc…., financially too much of a strain on fulfilling the “six commitments”. the Federal and state governments will be under severe budget constraints for the next five years. Temple gambled on big time football and lost. expect the University to make a major statement before the bowl season.
    I’m going to Homecoming tomorrow because I know this will be the last one. The BOT is past the discussion phase and will hold a vote before the season is officially over. big hint is the “limbo” status of the 2014 football budget which had been approved and was suddenly pulled back two weeks ago for “reconsideration”. as with most things, you know before it happens if you follow the money and budgets

  6. I hope kj is wrong but in my heart I suspect he’s right. Matt Rhule might have killed this program by losing to Fordham and Idaho. Losing to either team was not an option this year and he won the Daily Double. That is truly incompetent coaching of a heretofore unseen level and I’ve seen Ron Dickerson. Ron never lost back-to-back games to teams as bad as Fordham and Idaho. I don’t think it will happen as quick as Kj says, this will be allowed to die out a “natural” death because nobody has the money to buy out Rhule’s contract and hire a guy like Dave Clawson or Pete Lembo. Rhule will go 1-11 this year (if he’s lucky with tomorrow being the win), maybe 3-9 next year. That’s not a rapid enough improvement for the BOT to invest in stadiums or leases. If there is no extension of the lease or an announcement of a stadium by this time next year, you’ll know what’s going to happen. No one will have to tell you.

    • Mike, KJ, I really hope you are both wrong but what you say does make sense. I do agree that 4 wins should have been considered the minimum number of wins this season, with playing the better teams close to consider this season as still moving the program forward. Obviously what has transpired so far has been an utter disaster, regardless of the never ending excuses. Hoping for a win tomorrow but even if that happens I think it will be in spite of this coaching staff rather than anything they come up with. To me the only thing that will show improvement next season is at least a .500 record but with no changes in this staff and what I suspect will be large losses in the current list of verbal commitments after the season 3-9 will be lucky to achieve.

    • The thing that sucks is that we don’t have anywhere else to play football unless we played down in Chester (and that would be even worse for attendance). I say this because perhaps we could weather a few years and redirect money into basketball. I know I keep harping on this but imagine if Temple basketball had the subway ads, billboards, TV commercials, etc. We could have snagged more of the great local talent that chooses to go elsewhere and we could have built a contender of a program. The problem is that recruits don’t realize how great Temple’s basketball history is. Then with the increased visibility we could have sold football recruits on the fact that Temple is interested in building winning programs. Instead we went all in on a sport that we have only ever had sporadic success.

      I want Temple football to succeed but I think the strategy used was the worst possible, sink more money than the University had into the sport yet not enough to get the best coaching talent. I am still baffled at why they gave Rhule 1.2 million. If you are going to give a coach their first shot at HC you should at least be getting a great value for them.

      • I definitely agree with this as well. We sold our soul to football because we so badly wanted to be in a “major” conference and we had no foresight into the future or in regards to the other sports programs. We’re a basketball school first and foremost, and football was growing but you don’t sacrifice what you are. Bill Bradshaw was WAY overrated and made some pretty bad decisions

  7. The only positive is that Tony MacIntire was just elected to the BOT. He’s a football guy.

  8. Does he have any money to buy out MR? 🙂

    • Yep that is the problem. 1.2 million is insane money for Rhule, and that is probably the main reason why he isn’t going anywhere. There is no chance that Temple has the resources to buyout Rhule and hire anyone better. At least the administration should just go ahead and tell Rhule that his assistants are fired and he needs to find someone better.

  9. As much as I like to see the rugby program take over the football practice facility, KJ may be right,.. but, in a good way. The lease with the Linc is good until 2018. No hurry to cancel the program. In a recent interview, Temple’s President Theobald talks about the importance of football, with respect to the college experience. He further talked about how an on-campus stadium, combined with other academic uses could work well and serve the community. He talked about the planning of the stadium starting now, not 2018, or 2016, but now. So, maybe this will be the announcement at the end of the season. Get off the ledge! (Maybe they will even annouce the firing of Rhule!)

    Of course, if they do kill the program, then the Prez will never be trusted and wil be regarded as, “Being full of shit!”

    Here’s the article:

    • I don’t think TU rugby will ever take over the E-O … but baseball, men’s soccer, women’s soccer, softball and field hockey might .. hopefully, those who contributed their money to the E-O for football have written protections that it be used specifically for that purpose.

  10. I am at the point where I really believe something I posted several months back in that Temple football caught lightning in a bottle with Al Golden and things are just getting back to “normal” for this program.

  11. If so, they caught lightning in a bottle with Hardin and Arians, too. There’s plenty of lightning out there. Got to go out in the middle of an open field with a key and a kite. We’re looking in the basement for assistant coaches. This is exactly what I feared when I wrote that listening to the players at the end of last year was a huge red flag. Too late now. They won’t fire the guy and we’re going to lose commits off the 1-11 and this losing will be self-perpetuating.

  12. Yay, Temple won now everyone’s jobs will be safe, great…

    • wow, can you imagine the Benard Pierce teams with PJ Walker at QB? more than happy to eat crow today…., spoke to Theobald at the tailgate…., impressive leader…., my gut sense is this will remain a BOT end of season due out…, watch the Athlectic Dept 2014 budget for early clues

  13. Found out today as well that the lease at the Linc runs through 2018, so while the decision process to build an on campus stadium still probably needs to be made in the 18 month time frame mentioned those additional years at the Linc do make a difference. About today’s game, I’m the first to criticize Snow, still think a better DC is needed, he did set up an effective scheme today. Right from start he had a safety up and 8 men in the box which really contained the Army rushing attack, think they had under 100 yards first half. So I’ll eat some crow today

  14. Just got back … working on a post … good day for Temple.. great day for Matt Rhule, congrats to Matt, who I always thought was a good man (but not a great coach). Maybe some day he’ll prove me wrong on the coach part. God, I hope so.

    • I hope you are joking, but if you aren’t. That place sits 6,500 and at least we do better than that. Also, it is too small to fit a football in its current configuration. The right and left field walls are 325 feet away. The center field wall is 405 so a field might be able to fit that way but that would be a horrible live setting as the fans would be very far from the field.

      • Can’t play in Camden. You have to aberage 15,000 in attendance at least 1 time in 2 years or the NCAA can drop you from FBS. Can you say Franklin Field, or Chester?

      • Just found out at the tailgate today that most of the baseball games will be moved to Riverfront Stadium and away from Skip Wilson Field with an eye on making that a permanent setting for Temple baseball.

      • I think that would be a fine setting for baseball. It is a nice facility and there is plenty of parking. Plus beer.

  15. You guys/gals are delusional. Theobald is not so short-sided that the results from one season will dictate the fate of football for years to come. Get a grip.

    An investment in a stadium that will be in place for years and years will not be controlled by the results of the 2013 campaign. If they are (and they’re not), the people in control would be lacking vision to a negligent degree. I think better of the decision makers. Can we chill out on the TU football doomsday theories? I could go on but I think you get the point.

  16. Yes Rhule is learning. Did all you geniuses forget Al Goldens debacle at Navy or the hail Mary at Buffalo There is some young talent on this team with Mankavich, Anderson, Walker and Williams.

  17. Love the use of the word geniuses in the same sentence Tyler’s last name is spelled “Mankavich.” … with no comma after yes, no possessive used with Golden’s and no question mark after Buffalo. Great juxtaposition. With regard to Golden, Al had NO TALENT here when he first arrived. He had to build this thing from the ground up. Matt Rhule had plenty of talent and, yes, he is learning on the job but Temple is too big a school and too established a program (thanks to Golden and a great recruiting class from Daz) for a guy to learn on the job. Much rather have had Rhule “learn on the job” at Kutztown, make those mistakes there, and then come here and make no “learning on the job” mistakes. Those learning on the job mistakes were called Fordham and Idaho. Losing to those schools is way too high a price to pay.

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