Color win Cherry, White … and Brown

The Diamond Marching Band killed at halftime.

One way to tie the Temple football win with the Homecoming Game crowd was the mention of Morkeith Brown, whose Homecoming lasted a full week with the team.

The defensive end and tight end was always one of my favorite Temple Owls. He was the guy seen in the middle of the celebration at the Eagle Bank Bank announcement, a former Army ranger and probably one of the best leaders on the Al Golden and Steve Addazio teams. Morkeith wasn’t the greatest player, but he got the most out of his ability and his leadership with infectious in a good way.

Great shot of the tailgate scene. You'll never find more Temple grads in one spot as you will at a TU football game.

Great shot of the tailgate scene. You’ll never find more Temple grads in one spot as you will at a TU football game.

Brown, like a lot of other alumni, was around all week and his influence as a motivator was felt on the team. Hopefully, he used the days to develop another leader. Temple head coach Matt Rhule made special mention of Brown in the post-game press conference and how his mere presence around the team all week was an intangible benefit.

Maybe they can take him to Dallas.

Whatever, the post-game burgers tasted better in Lot K after the win. (Thanks to Adrian Robinson for the burger.)  No amount of spicy hot mustard or Heinz Ketchup can make the burgers and dogs taste better than a dash of winning.

Speaking of which, it was a great crowd and the Diamond Marching Band, always unbeaten in my book, was never better than it was at halftime. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the video above. In all my time coming to Temple games, I never saw a pre-game Temple crowd quite that large in the parking lot. That’s particularly impressive after an 0-6 start.

The win changed the whole atmosphere around Temple and now the challenge is not to make this a one-week deal. Six wins in a row is probably too much to ask, but there’s no team left on this schedule, with the possible exception of UCF, that Temple cannot beat.

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11 thoughts on “Color win Cherry, White … and Brown

  1. great win and never felt so good eating my own words…, of note: MR was in the middle of the defensive huddle during timeouts, not Snow.., it was MR who called key defensive time outs, not Snow.., it was MR encouraging our defense, not Snow…,

  2. Great point, KJ. … Rhule said afterwards that he was “hands-on” with the linebackers this week and it was “fun” because he was former LB coach under AG. I wrote before the season that Rhule was going to have to name himself DC midway through the season if things went South. Maybe this is a step toward that process. I did notice the LBs playing a lot better.

    • Hopefully this means that Snow will be gone at the end of the season. No one wants to have to do their subordinates work for them.

  3. I did notice him getting more involved on the bench as well with the defense, hopefully he’s realizing that Snow is a liability and he’ll make some changes after the season

  4. Hopefully, he straightens out the secondary. Army’ second team QB completed too many passes.

  5. thanks Mike…, the band is clearly national TV “bowl ready”…., let’s pray the football team can find a way out of the dire straights…,how in the heck can the band make soo much improvement and the team go in the exact opposite direction?

  6. The band doesn’t have Phil Snow coaching the tuba section

  7. The Diamond Marching Band playing Bohemian Rapsody reminds me of high school and my old man’s Pacer.

  8. Mike! I can’t believe you posted the band’s show! We in the alumni band had a great time. If anyone’s interested — I’m not sure why they would be — I can be seen, playing trombone, wearing a white hat, standing near the “5” in “50” (as in, yard line) at about 8:30 into the video clip. (Maybe a great, great distance from the camera is the way to go for me from here on in, Mike 🙂 BTW, you’re right, what a GREAT atmosphere in Lot K. Never anything like it when I was at TU……more than, um, 30 years ago.

  9. Rob,
    Thanks. Looked for you before the game. Went up to one of the band kids (a skinny kid with glasses) and asked him, “Do you know where the alumni band is?” He said, “They are all over the place.” Geez, thanks. Not very helpful in me finding out, but I went all over the place and ran into tons of other nice Temple fans. Maybe next time. Temple has changed for the better and it was 30 years ago for me. Roxie Morgan was the baton twirler. I think they named Morgan Hall after her 🙂 … not really. No great tailgate atmosphere at football games. I got my 1974 Opel Manta stuck in the mud in the grass parking lot at Temple Stadium. Hopefully, we are creating a much bigger fan base for long after I’m gone.

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