Photo essay Temple-SMU

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5 thoughts on “Photo essay Temple-SMU

  1. So you’re saying there IS a chance?

  2. There’s always a chance, VM. I like this matchup a lot better than the SMU matchup (great passing game vs. poor secondary) and now we have a great passing/running game vs. a poor secondary and our defense is facing a great running game vs. a poor passing game. Leadership always is a concern and I never felt that way with Golden/Arians/Hardin. Also the team’s fragile psyche worries me. Abdul said: “Guys were celebrating” after a 28-7 lead. Well, they SHOULD celebrate but you never stop playing or trying to make that 28-7 a 48-7. Now if we get up 28-7, do they look around and say, “Oh, oh, what’s going to happen TO us next?” Can’t play that way. Can’t think that way. Celebrate and have fun but have that killer instinct, too. Pedal to the medal. We should have pounded and grounded SMU into submission. Knock them off the ball and give it inside to Kenny and outside to Zaire all second half. That’s water over the dam now. We have enough dam water this season to power seven states.

  3. If you can forget that they lost, the offense looked pretty good. Maybe P.J.’s emergence will draw some receivers with talent. Even if they lose, a receiver will have great stats, which today, may be all that matters in some kids’ minds.

  4. Wow, in the one picture where you can see the stands in the background, looks like there are hardly any fans in the stands. For all the flack Temple catches regarding attendance, any idea what the situation is at SMU

  5. Amazing to me in a “football-crazy” state like Texas, SMU draws MAC-like crowds and gets 15K for Homecoming and a winless Temple team gets 25K for Homecoming. I hope that’s an indication to the TU administration what kind of goal mine a 6-0 coach and not an 0-6 coach could bring in future Homecomings. We’re running out of Homecomings, though. The time to win and win big is now.

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