Temple’s biggest rivalry comes to an end

Click on the stadium for my story on the TU-RU rivalry that led the national Rantsports.com college football page. Any Facebook shares or tweets would be much appreciated. Go Owls.

Click on the stadium for my story on the TU-RU rivalry that led the national Rantsports.com college football page. Any Facebook shares or tweets would be much appreciated. Go Owls.


11 thoughts on “Temple’s biggest rivalry comes to an end

  1. I really hope they keep this rivalry alive. If Florida/Florida State, Georgia/GT, USC/Clemson can all keep going on, then there is no reason to kill this rivalry.

  2. I never considered Rutgers to be a rival in the sense that you use the word, a team that you just had to beat, and I bet if you asked other former players they would say the same thing. Delaware, Villanova, Pitt, and Penn State would place higher on the rivals list than Rutgers would. Nevertheless, the fact that they are so close geographically and now recruit for the same area kids as Temple does places them on the list.

  3. I’ve only been an owl for 5 or so years so I’m not quite educated enough on Temple’s history with Rutgers beyond it being a matchup between two similar schools in the same geographical area and with the same recruiting base. Never heard anything of Temple-Rutgers before I became an owl. That aside, though. I always thought that it COULD be a good rivalry (you’re saying it already WAS) so I think we can both agree that this is another example of conference realignment hurting college sports and traditions, and football-brainwashed people like Bradshaw hurting the landscape

  4. It’s pretty much the entire college football landscape. West Virginia’s move to the Big 12 was extremely short-sighted. I bet their fans are missing the Pitt rivalry big-time now. The best way to do it would have been what coach Hardin wanted a long time ago: An Eastern League that included Penn State (before the Big 10 move), Temple, Pitt, West Virginia, Rutgers, Boston College and, eventually, UConn (which really wasn’t even D1 back then). That would have been a GREAT league capturing 46 percent of the nation’s TV sets. Maybe even Maryland would have wanted to join something like that.

    • I heard that the league never was formed because Pitt and Penn State, the two big dogs, could not reach an agreement on whether the league should include all sports as Paterno proposed, or just football and maybe basketball. Eyeballs were not a consideration because of the limits on telecasts in effect then, which wasn’t lifted until 1982. If energy and transportation costs explode or a la carte cable proposals take effect, thereby lessening the amount of cable money available to the conference networks, look for such a league to form if only for economic reasons. Once the money goes look for the death of the non-revenue sports. .

  5. Yes, coach Hardin wanted a football-only league … but Paterno wanted an all-sports. West Virginia is now in all-sports hell and its sin was greed. Soon RU may feel the same way.

  6. Absolute Disgusting Joke Moron Coward of a Football Coach

    Is he trying to lose?

  7. I don’t think the crew team is stupid. I’d put the money toward a new football coach, though.

    • I’m apologize for being gruff about the crew team, but the administration and athletic dept are absolutely insane if they do not hold a press conference at the end of the year and can this person.

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