Logic fails TU braintrust once again

When this young lady saw the Owls line up in a shotgun five yards back when they needed an inch, she flipped her wig. Can't blame her.

When this young person saw the Owls  line up in a shotgun five yards back when they needed an inch, the fan wigged out.   All the fans watching in Philly were screaming at the TV for the QB sneak, too. Can’t blame them.

Every fifth grade student learns this basic tenant in Geometry class: The shortest distance between two points in a straight line.

Either way, with Walker taking
the snap behind Friend,
you are giving it to either your
first- or second-best player following
either your first- or second-best player

Little Matty Rhule must have called in sick that day in 1985 because on Saturday, facing a fourth-and-inches from the Rutgers’ 15 with less than two minutes remaining, the Temple head football coach elected to run a play to the halfback, Kenny Harper, out of a shotgun formation instead of sneaking his 6-1 quarterback, P.J. Walker, straight ahead for the three or four inches needed for a first down.

Since Rutgers was out of time outs, had the Owls secured that first down, all that was left was three kneel downs for what would have been Temple’s first-ever AAC win. Instead, Rutgers stopped a slow developing play two yards into the backfield, got the ball back and quarterback Gary Nova executed an effective drive that resulted in a 23-20 win for the Scarlet Knights.

What made the curious play call all the more egregious was the fact that Temple has one of the best centers in the country in sophomore Kyle Friend, a 6-2, 305-pound behemoth who neutralized Notre Dame All-American Louis Nix III in the Owls’ opener. Arguably, Friend is the Owls’ best player. Before the season, Rhule said that the team gave out single-digit numbers to the nine “toughest” guys on the team but that the only reason Friend did not get No. 1 was because offensive linemen are not allowed to wear single digits. He might not be the best player only because of what has happened over the last few weeks, but certainly is the toughest.

Arguably, because the team’s best player over the last few weeks has turned out to be Walker, his true freshman quarterback. Either way, with Walker taking the snap over Friend, you are giving the ball to either your first- or second-best player followed through the hole by either your first- or second-best player.

For a head coach, failing geometry is one thing but failing logic is far worse.





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  1. It’s worse than that. I think this is the third time this year that play failed in the same circumstances. I just don’t get it.

  2. Unfortunately, I think I do get it: This is not the kind of a guy who is going to get Temple wins in games where the talent is even or an upset by outsmarting the guy across the sidelines, like Hardin used to do all the time but this is a guy who CAN win by being such a great recruiter he brings in classes far superior to the opponents. Since that will NEVER happen at a place like Temple (we’ve beaten Penn State out for a recruit once in 30 years), he’s not the right guy for Temple. A guy who is extremely smart, like a Pete Lembo (Ball State), IS the right guy for Temple. Our new AD, Kevin Clark, is from Indiana. Lembo is in Indiana. I hope he gets the hint.

  3. Let’s not forget another defensive scheme gem from Phil Snow on the winning RU drive. 4 and 10 and he decides to go into an all out blitz, into the middle of the RU offensive line and leave Johnson all alone with no deep support. The one time he should have been playing that soft cover 2 and kept everything in front. So even when he makes changes in his defense his timing is wrong. Sort of reminiscent of the game winning drive Snow’s defense gave up in the 1997 Rose Bowl, one of if not the best defenses in his career. Gee DC and DB coach responsible for the Sun Devils secondary playing so poorly down the stretch and costing the Sun Devils’ chance at the 1996 national title. Have to say we’ve seen that kind of defensive performance twice this year Fordham and now Rutgers. Oh well, guess you have to say Phil likes sticking to the familiar.

  4. Nobody bashes Phil more than me, but a QB sneak with Walker behind Kyle Friend gets four inches (or more) 100 out of 100 times. Phil Snow should have been celebrating on the sidelines instead of preparing for Custer’s Last Stand. This loss, like many others, is squarely on the shoulders of Matt Rhule.

  5. I still can’t believe it.

    What was Einstein’s theory about doing the same thing over and over….

    Temple chokes, again

    The Sixers are trying to win so they can Lose the Number 1 overall pick

    This city is cursed

  6. No fan base has had to endure more tough, no BRUTAL, losses than this one, that’s for sure.

  7. This loss is entirely on the coaches. If I were a player I’d have serious doubt about their competence. On a day when the Owls utterly outplay a better team the coaches stopped coaching in the last two minutes. The call on 4th and inches was pathetic. Fake the hand off and either have Walker run or throw to a tight end. On defense, I heard after the game that the cornerback went into press coverage on his own. Even if that is true it’s still the coaches’ fault for not calling a time out. The only defense at that point was three deep. If Snow’s still a coach next year boycott and don’t buy tickets until he’s go

    • John, couldn’t agree more. Matt Rhule I guess trying to show how he’s smarter than everyone else with that stupid call on 4th and inches. How the heck can Snow let a corner go into press coverage on his on, as it made no sense to do tit there, I of course figured Snow called the defense. Again a player doing that on his own, completely undisciplined team which to me reflects directly on the coaching.

  8. They are going to take a huge season-ticket hit off 1-11 or 2-10 … Huge … I feel sorry for the guys in the ticket offices in the winter and spring who are going to hear the sound of a phone hanging up every time they say, “Hi, I’m Owen, from Temple, I was wondering if you are interested in Temple football sea …”
    Toughest job in all of sports.

  9. Mike, 2-10? Do you really think this team can win against either Memphis or UConn. This coaching does not know how to win a game. Hey, what were all those MRAs saying “In Rhule we trust”…..LOL

  10. Jay pretty much hit the nail on the head. I did write “1-11 or 2-10.” Not all that confident in beating UConn with the coaching decisions we’re making this season.

    • 2-10 this year and then all the MRAs will be crowing how Rhule is moving forward at 4-8 next season. I know they are quick to toss out AG’s first season and how it took time to build the program. If you are telling me we have to wait 3 years before this team has a winning record or is bowl eligible. Look, even if there is a final conference realignment, Temple is not going anywhere unfortunately, so the team needs to get back on a winning track sooner rather than later. If Rhule needs 3 or 4 more recruiting classes then he is clearly not the right guy.

  11. I’m serious about the ticket boycott. Either Snow goes or we don’t. A little awkward in its wording but it gets the message across.

    • There won’t have to be ticket boycott. People will just lose interest and not bother. I am afraid for the continued existence of the Temple football program. With the Link lease up for renewal at terms we cannot afford, will the Board of Trustees allow the expenditure of money on a stadium? A few more years of this and we may be solely a basketball school.

      • Could not sleep more than two winks last night, thinking that same thing. This is Ron Dickerson all over again: Stupid decisions costing precious close games and a nice little recruiting pipeline drying up after three years when all these great recruits see the guy cannot coach his way out of a paper bag. 1-11, 2-10 and 3-9 (and I think that’s the ceiling of this guy’s intellect) and the BOT is more likely to drop the program than hire another head coach. Cut the losses now and get Lembo or Clawson in here (or Jags or Bowles or Matt Campbell) and you can see that 1-11 jump to 6-6 or 7-5 in one year with this same talent. But it’s clear they are not willing to cut their losses and will continue to pay for 1-11, 2-10 and 3-9.

  12. Snow makes every QB we play an all-star…., Rhule makes absolutely stupid calls…, new Pres and AD are from Indiana, no football geniuses out there…, worse yet, we have a coach, AD and Pres who collectively have a college football IQ of an idiot.

  13. No mention of sports in the inaugural address by Theobald was very telling. He doesn’t want to get in an arms’ race with the other AAC schools and therefore that tells me he’s very satisfied to wake up every Sunday morning and see Temple in the football basement. I’m not. I thought those days were over when Golden built a nice brick house. This season is a revolting development.

    • Texas State was triumphant at Idaho tonight. The cherry on top.

    • Really hope you are not reading that one correctly. Maybe Theobald is reading the Temple boards and sees all of the people who seem to be content to basically go through an AG like cycle all over again. 1 to 2 wins this year, 3 to 4 next then maybe 5 the following. That along with people who are posting that we are improving every week, excuse me 2 weeks in a row, blow leads and lose games. Given this attitude why get an arms race when so many seem content with this process. So now we are not even going to be competitive with teams like Tulsa, Memphis, Tulane, UConn, USF. Thought we were going to get more $$ with the AAC. I mean what was the whole point of this move out of the MAC if not for the increased $$. At this point the MAC seems to have as many bolw opportunities as the AAC, except for maybe Louisville and UCF the top of the conference is as good as the AAC. Our attendance was good for that conference, we were competitive and even in the sorry state this team is in right now there are probably still more teams at our level over there that even Matt Rhule could probably win some more games, I know that’s a stretch. Given if that attitude about Theobald is true, we are in a conference were we should be but don’t seem capable of being competitive and don’t want to spend what we need. Temple’s move is starting to look like a very pointless, dead end exercise.

  14. Well on the bright side the team actually looked like there was some improvement. We didn’t look completely unorganized, so that is good.

    Yes, the play calling on both sides of the ball was highly questionable at times. The only thing that we can hope is that the coaches learn from their mistakes. I am not holding my breath but I am looking for some hope.c

  15. This is why Matt Rhule should have started at Kutztown, not here. Get all those “learning from mistakes” fails out of your system so that he’d be ready to replace Pete Lembo or Dave Clawson. Making those mistakes at Temple is way too costly. These losses are blunting any recruiting momentum we might have had with decommits and I would not be surprised to see some transfers as well.

    • Mike, re recruiting you’re absolutely right. There were thirty Rutgers recruits on the sidelines for the game and there surely had to be several who Temple is recruiting as well On top of that, I was very impressed with the facilities, fan support, and the fun experience permeating the stadium. Frankly, if I were choosing between TU (AAC) and Rutgers (Big 10), the choice would be simple.

      • The fun coming out of the Rutgets stadium??? There fans were leaving in bunches with 5 minutes left in the game!

    • Learning on the job is costly but unfortunately we are still Temple and that is the way it is. We all want Temple to be a destination job but frankly it isn’t. It looked like it was on the way to becoming one but that opportunity may be fading quickly. I know the AAC has certain advantages over the other mid majors (bowls and television money) but unfortunately I don’t think that is enough to make us any more than a stepping stone at best. Think about it this way Matt Rhule makes 1.2 mil (if we believe that figure is accurate which I don’t think it is, and shouldn’t that figure be public record?). The lowest paid coach at a BCS school makes 1.3 mil (Jerry Kill, Pat Fitzgerald), they have even better facilities, better television exposure, more media coverage (I can’t remember Temple being mentioned on ESPN since the ND game where Northwestern is mentioned weekly), and better bowl opportunities. Why would a good mid major coach take this job here over staying put, winning against easier competition, and hopefully moving up to a job in a power league?

      • Oh and even if they did take a job here, why wouldn’t they be gone in 2 years? Someone mentioned in a previous thread perhaps the best strategy is do what Cincinnati does and try and scoop up good coaches who fell out at big programs even if it is just for a year or two at a time.

  16. Not sure whether this will make me persona non grata on this board, but I agree with the point made by CS above that the team has shown significant improvement in its last three games. It also can’t be understated that the coaching staff has identified and created playing time for what looks to be a legitimate BCS-level quarterback.

    Having never worn a whistle around my neck, I can’t vouch for any member of the coaching staff nor will I pretend to know whether they have or lack the leadership qualities necessary to take the team to the next level. As a fan, I certainly acknowledge they have made some heart-wrenching mistakes. Maybe we can judge the defensive coordinator more harshly because he is on the back nine of a spotty career. But I would personally would feel more comfortable giving the head coach a little more rope.

    Let’s face facts here and put the drama aside….the program is not going anywhere. Even if the BOT wanted to drop football (which is a huge long shot), the exit fee from the AAC would be so high it would make the thought a non-starter. And the thought that people wouldn’t buy season tickets and the loss of revenue would doom the program is silly. If Temple starts 2-0 next season, the fans would come back, season tickets or not. And the 2015 Notre Dame game is a guaranteed sell-out, with Domer fans guaranteed to scoop up at least 1,000-2,000 full season packages to get seats on the 50. That is probably in the range of today’s season ticket base.

    Unless TU goes 0-3 and looks increasingly worse the rest of the year, give Rhule another chance. My guess is they go 2-1 with Walker getting better each week and Rhule does get more decisive. If Owls are 1-8 (or even 3-6) at this time next year, I’ll accept the current negativity of this board as sage knowledge.

    Go Owls!

  17. To: SUOwls82
    Rhule has slackened the rope around his neck a little but he still makes mistakes a pee wee coach wouldn’t make. At Rutgers, he finally discovered that he had a running game EIGHT games into the season. Had he employed it at Idaho, Houston, Fordham, and even SMU those games would have been wins. Then, at Rutgers after running the same read-option play six times in a row, he doesn’t change it up on the penultimate decisive play of the game. Any coach worth his salt would have figured out that the opponent would employ a strategy to stop that play and to Rutgers credit they did. For years i watched TU lose to teams simply because they had better talent. That’s not true today and that is what makes these losses harder to take.

    • John, you wore the uniform so respect your knowledged opinion. My patience sometimes has proven not to be a virtue so I may be wrong on Rhule. My business and campus experience tell me, though, not to worry about the BOT making any rash decisions about the program based on 1-2 bad years. Among the myriad reasons why football is safe…the BOT would never make the other sports orphans without a league. If the consensus is that TU is better without Rhule, then I hope they pick the right guy. But Rhule or the next hire will not be the death of Temple football.

  18. “Rutgers stuns Temple….”

    Temple outscored 20-7 in second half.

    Temple allows 20 of 23 total points in second half.

    Another second half collapse. No answers, no adjustments.



    • Forgot to mention that this is perhaps the best 1-8 team you will ever see. The team could easily be 6-3 at this time (more realistically 4-5 with a couple of close losses).

      • Run the ball against Fordham and Idaho=2 wins; Commit to the run to kill clock with a 28-7 lead against SMU=1 win; QB sneak against RU=1 win; that’s five (counting Army) so far. Should only need to win one of three to get to a bowl game. Can’t believe a high-intellect guy like Clawson or Lembo would not have been able to get that done. Lembo beats Idaho, 36-6. That game should not have been close.

  19. Don’t know if the fans have the patience to go through another 3-year rebuild. Read a laughable statement from a MRA on the Scout board saying, essentially, “if he goes 1-11, you expect him to go at least 6-6 next year to keep his job? Be serious.” Well, I am serious: It was HIS fault that they go 1-11, if they do. He should have went minimum 6-6 with this talent (UConn, Memphis, SMU, Rutgers, Fordham, Idaho) so he doesn’t get any stars for going 4-8 after this unachieving year. I expect the MINIMUM standard for him to keep his job is 6-6 next year, but, sadly, I don’t think the TU administration is as demanding as I am. Prove me wrong, Kevin Clark.

    • Mike, the best part of the MRAs on that board is whenever you ask them to go into detail as to what they would view as a successful season next year, if not based on wins and losses then what criteria do they use, or even to go into some detail as to why saying this team should win 6 games is ridiculous, never get a response. I’m certainly not saying I’m any expert or right I at least take the time to look at both past and current performance, hence my strong feeling with regards to Phil Snow being a bad hire.

  20. we are losing to teams we should beat because of coaching mistakes…., this is a bowl team if we had a bowl caliber coaching staff…., both AG and DAZ would have this team in a bowl game……, starting next year and until the program end we’ll lose to teams because of inferior talent. John B. is spot on, very easy decision for 17 and 18 year olds…., every good reason for coming to Temple is gone…., this program is squarely in the “one of the ten worse” programs in America…, haven’t felt this embarrassed since the Dickerson and Wallace years…, the new AD is a basketball guy…,

  21. The harsh reality is that this program is doomed. What kind of recruits can they get?? Assuming you make an argument that the academics are strong, are the academics much stronger than the academics at Penn State or Rutgers?? It think we will lose many good football players who are also looking at the academics to Penn State and Rutgers.

  22. That’s why I say cut the losses now. What are the MRAs going to say next year? That the freshman class was bad, that’s why he couldn’t win? Bring in a guy who can coach talent UP, not down (see Idaho and Fordham, which beat FREAKING Holy Freaking Cross, 32-30, yesterday.

    • Mike, the MRAs are very good with their planning to keep the excuses coming. First off they make vague statements about as long as the team is improving and not moving backwards….of course to them winning games is not a measure of improving, that only matters to the unwashed masses like us. By the time the level of talent is to the point where even a guy like Phil Snow could put together a good defense, then “oh no” PJ Walker graduates, how can you not expect the team to regress some as it has to develop a new qb. Look, Rhule may be a very good recruiter, but is Temple going to consistently out recruit Penn State and even a B10 Rutgers for players from NJ and SE PA. “In Rhule we trust”…..LOL

  23. I watch Christian Hackenberg play for Penn State and cringe at what he’s going to do to our secondary. I was soooo looking forward to beating them next year (two years ago I was certain it was going to happen, given the schollies lost), now they can still have 15 less schollies (like Fordham did) than us and Bill O’Brien is going to beat us again. Hardin, Arians and Daz came thisclose to beating Paterno with LESSER talent. Plus, PSU has their schollies back. Some penalty.

  24. If Addazio had not lost his nerve and played offense the second half of the Penn State game at the Linc it would have been a win. Why he sat Pierce the second half is one of the great mysteries that will never be solved.

  25. He got pissed at the fumble right before the second half. Daz was too stubborn. Rhule too stupid. We can’t catch a break post-Golden. Pete Lembo is neither stubborn nor stupid and the same can be said for Dave Clawson, Jeff Jagodzinski, Ken Niumatalolo and Todd Bowles. One of those guys has an Owl in the middle of his name; the other has God in the middle of his name. Can’t go wrong with either, though I think a detailed genius like Lembo who doesn’t freeze up in big in-game decision situations is perfect for the kind of athletes Temple is able to get.

    • What do you think will happen at the end of the season? Is the program seriously in danger of being shut down? How come the AD hasn’t come out with ANY statement regarding this debacle of a season?

  26. Any season that includes a loss to Idaho (Old Freaking Dominion will hammer them this week, you can bet on that) is a debacle. If I was Kevin Clark, I would come out with a statement saying that anything less than being bowl eligible next season would be unacceptable. But Kevin Clark is from Indiana and he’s used to 1-11 and 3-9 football seasons, so I don’t think he views this as a debacle. I do. It’s a joke to go from 4-7 and have (basically) everybody back and lose to Fordham and Idaho. I guess that’s the players’ faults, too. I blame the paid professionals, not the kids.

  27. CS made a good point above about the “Cincinnati Model” (i.e., hiring PROVEN WINNERS). To me, that was the way to go for Temple last year and that’s should be the way to to forward. When I hire a guy, I want to know with metaphysical certainty he would do a good job here and I know that about Pete Lembo and Dave Clawson. To me, when they hired Rhule, I HOPED he COULD do the job. Hope doesn’t get me to a bowl game. Metaphysical certainty does. Who cares if they leave after 1 or 2 years? Now we are stuck with Ron Dickerson again for four years and I don’t think we can do anything about it.

    • Now that Descartes has apparently taken authorship of this blog, maybe he can tell us with metaphysical certainty who is going to cover every NFL game this coming weekend? That would certainly wash away the sting of this Owl season.

    • Exactly, what does 4 years of “stability” get us if the absolute ceiling is sub-mediocrity.

      Unfortunately, it takes time to build a program that makes coaches WANT to be there. This doesn’t happen with a once good head coach in 30 years.

      The only thing we can hope is that the offense is improving and maybe with a one win season that means Snow is gone. With a better DC we could definitely add a few wins next season, and maybe by the following year be a bowl team especially with our QB and RB.

      • CS, if the team does end up with 1 win I agree with you regarding Snow, even if the team ends up with 2 wins I feel the same way. The offense is improving and if it continues this way this team doesn’t need a great defense just a serviceable one. Since Walker has taken over at qb points scored per game has gone from 18 to 25.8, unfortunately for the same stretch of games the defense has gone from giving up 26.5 ppg to 32.8 ppg. I think your assessment is on target, offense continues to improve at the pace it has over the last 5 games, develop a kicking game that can hit close to 100% xps and even 60% fgs and get a DC who can put together a defense that can shave say 3 to 4 points per game off this years average and games like Houston, Idaho, Fordham and Rutgers are in the win column.

      • I don’t think he has the makeup to get rid of old friends, even old friends who are ruining the program. I think he’s going to see the 23 points given up to Rutgers as signs of “improvement.” It’s Fool’s Gold when you continually give up leads and lose. A bad coach becomes good and a good coach becomes great by making hard but necessary decisions. We all see this as necessary. We’re objective. He sees Snow as a friend. He’s not objective.

  28. Are you sure that’s a “young lady” ?

  29. Good one. At first glance, I thought so. Now I’m not so sure. Thanks. I’ll edit an another caption. Thanks for pointing that out.

  30. Why was Temple (Finch?) called for delay of game on the sack just before the Hail Mary Pass?

  31. He was trying to wrestle the ball away from (Nova) to get a fumble (legal). The refs said he was falling on the ball and staying on it (after Nova was down) to delay the game. Gray area and you NEVER call a penalty in that situation. I could see if Nova was down and he was holding Nova down and not allowing him to get up. That was not the case. Did it cost Temple the game? In a way, yes. But I’m still fuming over no QB sneak. So are 83 percent of Temple fans (see poll upper right). That really cost Temple the game. I hate it when OUR COACHES are costing our players and fans a well-deserved win and that’s happened at least in three games, maybe four, this year.

    • I think almost any play would have worked better in that situation. Why not spread the field, have all the receivers run slants and curls, if the defense doesn’t cover the receivers hit one for a one yard gain. If the defense does cover the receivers then run the QB sneak because there would be a hole somewhere on the line where he could get six inches or whatever it was. Instead, we tried to run a power running play out of the pistol for no reason.

    • Hopefully we’ll get a make-up call against UCF with 30 seconds to go.

    • Thanks for the explanation. I was in shock for a couple days after the game, and my dad reminded me of the goofy penalty call. I fortunately have a short memory span.

  32. I agree that we could have a few more wins that the coaches really screwed us on, however i would say our pass defense is pretty awful, which i dont entirely put on coaches. if the secondary can’t stop qb’s from and wide receivers from idaho and fordham, i blame the players more for that. all this negative rhule talk as an in game coach i agree on. but recruiting wise he is a stud. at one point this year we were ranked in the top 30 recruiting class, and at 1 and 8 right now, we still have a recruiting class ranked in the middle of the country (60 to be exact according to rivals), which is probably the best recruiting class of any 1 and 8 team ever. ill give rhule a few years based on that alone. if he can pull that recruiting class off with this bad of a season imagine the one we get when we finish 6 and 6. and yes this season has been disappointing, but with all the underclassmen getting time, especially pj walker and zaire williams who i think are the future of this progam, i believe next year we can be a 8 win team (given the coaches do make some better adjustments as well) but imagine when those guys are juniors and seniors and rhule keeps bringing in solid recruiting classes. SO to those saying the program is DOOMED, i would have to disagree.

    • I won’t officially declare him a “recruiting stud” until I see how many of our current commits stay committed on Feb. 4. He’s given the people trying to Cherry-pick (good term here) our recruits a lot of ammunition to say these words: “Don’t go there. Dude can’t coach.” Is he suddenly going to go from making bad in-game decisions this year to great ones next year? I doubt it.

  33. Rhule has made more stupid play calls than any Temple coach I can remember since Ron Dickerson and that includes Bobby Wallace. He ran exactly the play every Rutgers’ fan was praying he would run and didn’t go to the play every Rutgers’ fan was praying he wouldn’t run. I guess they have more people praying than we do.

  34. I totally agree…Rhule is making bad calls, Snow is attrocious…his record speaks for itself. But lets be realistic, they will not pull the plug on Rhule. Give him at least another year. You can’t already count everything off. I understand you guys are frustrated, but people rarely pull the plug.
    Its tough to see TU lose, but the plug wont be pulled this year and complaining can only get us so far this year. We have simply got to be patient and see how things play out next year. We do know for sure that we bring back tons of talent…so although WE are not taking any excuses, no one else next year will take any excuse either. But for crying out loud, just be patient to see how things play out next year. If you don’t want to be patient…then I dont know what to say because theyre not pulling the plug…so stop giving yourselves highblood pressure

    • I didn’t have HBP until I saw Kenny Harper get the ball 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage. Then it went to 160/140. When I don’t think about the play, it drops down to 120/80. When I think that we could have just fallen ahead for the first, it goes back up to 160/140. I try not to think about it now.

    • Matt Rhule will win more games than he loses in his Temple career and this blog will claim it was behind him all the way.That doesn’t make the owner any different than those who run most fan sites. It is just a very ordinary, predictable reaction. If it is written here that TU fans deserve better, start with better, more thoughtful copy; not just emotional, repetitive diatribes.

      • I wish I could agree with you about the Matt Rhule part, but I don’t. … 58 comments above you support my point of view. The only thing repetitive about this season and this blog is the number of mistakes week after week by the coaching staff that are costing these kids well-deserved wins. When those mistakes stop, so will the diatribes. Not before. As far as the well-written part, this blog won the top award for college football NON-BCS blogs
        , so if the people who hand those out feel it is well-written, I won’t be deterred by a Matt Rhule Apologist like yourself. I was here well before Matt Rhule and I will be here long after he leaves.

      • Hope you are right with your assessment, but the Rhule is the best man for the job and WILL be successful are really no less the emotional, repetitive diatribes as well. Based on actually less facts than the Rhule is not a good coach posts at this point in time. I really don’t know if Rhule will be successful or not. I think we’ll all know whether we are looking at another AG like run or Ron Dickerson II by the end of the 2015 season at the latest.

  35. I actually have to side with SUOwls82 a little bit on this issue. No offense and I understand the frustration because Im a TU fan to the bone, but to be fair it is still early to count Rhule out. You can do it if you want…but he still has time. I know you don’t want to wait Mike, but what else are you going to do? I know we are all disappointed, but give him his fair share of time.
    I swear during some of the lowlights of Golden and Dazs tenures you found something to pick a bone…and thats totally fair as a fan. But if Rhule starts winning next year, will you admit that you counted him out to early. Its like now you seem to almost like Daz, and last year it was like you hated the man. I think overall as group of fans, we are def tired of losing but we dont have to be so impulsive. We are complaining about 1st world problems right now. Give the man time…what other realistic option do we have? Call me an optimist but I think he will improve and the team will improve next year. i hope Im right.

    • FIrst off as has been stated here and on other boards, Rhule isn’t going anywhere university hasn’t operated that way and as you said, there will be a good bit of experienced talent coming back along with what looks like a good recruiting class if it holds together. On the other hand, I for one am not in the camp that some are that as long as the team shows improvement and doesn;t go backwards, of course with no objective measure of what improvement is put forth by this group, then the program is fine. Given that the team will have a lot of starting juniors returning on both sides of the ball (5 on offense and 8 on defense based on the Rutgers game depth chart), and as Mike points out the “team wanted him”, “he know the personnel” and he wants to be here my expectations are the Rhule has the same level of success as Curtis Johnson at Tulane. Tulane had won 9 games in the 3 seasons prior to hiring Johnson, he was 2-10 his first season and now has the Green Wave at 6-3 and bowl eligible for the first time since 2002. Anything less by Rhule in 2014 and it’s time to cut the losses.

  36. I agree we have no options but if he had the “right stuff” he would have held serve against Idaho and Fordham and pulled off an upset in one of the other games. That’s the MINIMUM I would expect of him given all the hoopla surrounding his hiring and “knowing the personnel” and the “team wanting him.” If, by some miracle, he has a winning season next year, I will give him his credit but I will never claim to have been on his bandwagon from the beginning. Shocked out of my mind,, that’s how I would be. I hope he shocks me out of my mind. I seriously doubt it.

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