Photo Essay: Owls at RU

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7 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Owls at RU

  1. Great pictures. Just want to know if the coaches are the ones voting for handing Harper the ball five yards deep. Can’t imagine who, other than them, would run that play.

  2. After the game, Matt said he called the play. He also called for the jailhouse blitzes. To me, he missed the “easy” call: 4th and 3 inches and hit on the “hard” call, the blitzes. I was tired of seeing Nova get time. We rushed him good three straight times and even nearly had him on the 4th and 10 touchdown pass. I’d rather see that then see Sean Daniels over run the Fordham QB and allow him to run to the right (his throwing side) so he can chuck the ball into the end zone. If that was Robey and not Zamel, I think Robey would have made that a harder catch for Carroo. Bottom line, 4th and 3 inches, you sneak, take 3 knees, sing T for Temple U and go home.

    • Mike, a question regarding the 4th and short call. Hypothetical, do you think if Nick Rolovich were on the staff as OC the same call would have been made. I get the feeling that even if Satterfield wanted to run a different play he is still probably to “green” at this level to really try to push back with the HC. The reason I ask this is that if what someone posted on I think the board is true, that Nevada basically outbid Temple after Rolovich accepted the position here, then I’m a lot more concerned about this program than just being 1-8 this year. Seems to me that Temple talks the talk but is unable to walk the walk when it comes to be even a strong competitor at the AAC level. Which also means that the university probably can’t even buy out Snow’s contract.

      • BB alluding as much to it when he said he didn’t “want to get in an arms’ race” … I think Rhule got Temple to offer Rolovich $300,000 (about $50K more than Ryan Day was making and about 100K more than Rolovich was making). When Nevada equaled the TU offer, that’s all Nick needed. He likes living in Reno. After spending his life in Hawaii and Reno, I think he would have had a hard time adjusting to 10th and Diamond. Chuck Heater loved it. Some people love it. Some people don’t. As far as the fourth and inches call, that’s the deepest handoff I’ve ever seen on fourth and inches. That call screams for a sneak. It would have worked. They will probably go with a sneak the rest of P.J.’s career and it will work ever time. If they don’t, they are even more stupid than I think they are. It’s a shame because they would have beaten both Fordham and Idaho with Rolovich.

  3. I was there surrounded by Rutgers fans and when they didn’t get the 1st down I was going to leave because I knew we were going to lose. My son wouldn’t let me so instead I congratulated the Rutgers fans because I knew we were going to lose. How could there be press coverage on fourth and ten from the thirty three with 35 seconds left and Rutgers having no time outs. Unless the corner back is Deion Sanders no coach would play such a defense at that point in the game without safety help over the top. Any quarterback we played except for Army’s would have made that throw.

  4. … and all week along, the Rutgers fans crucified that kid over his poor throws and interceptions in the loss to Houston. Figures made a nice throw under pressure against us. Why couldn’t that have been overthrown for once? Someone said Temple is cursed. When I saw that on fourth and 10, I admit I was thinking the same thing but our coaches continually put us in not just bad spots, impossible spots. It ain’t rocket science but this stuff is hard for them. For coach Hardin, he handled all of these pressure situations superbly and I never ever had a problem with any call he made. We need someone like a modern-day version of him who basically had a football computer for a brain.

  5. I remember a call in the ’78 Penn State 10-7 game where he overruled the guys in the box and ran a reverse pitch-back pass play that got blown up. (the passer was sacked for 15-20 yd loss). I was in the press box and the coaches there were screaming at him not to run it. so even the best screw up but not like this crew, which does so at least five times a game.

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