Snow: Hire a loser, get losing results

Notice how Avery Williams (22) over runs the blitz and appears to stop, while Nate D. Smith (35)  “almost” sacks Bortles. “Almost” is the story of Temple’s season, thanks to Matt Rhule hiring an Eastern Michigan guy.

You hire a loser and you get losing results.
That’s the story of the year for Phil Snow and the Temple defense.
With virtually everyone back on defense except safeties Justin Gildea and Vaughn Carraway (not great players) or John Youboty (a decent DE who made it to an NFL camp), Temple’s defense was supposed to improve this season.
Instead, against arguably worse competition (Pitt, which beat Notre Dame, and Syracuse, which was good last year, off to the ACC), Temple got two cupcakes in Fordham and Idaho among the replacements on this year’s schedule.

"Hey, I know I'm 0-16 here, but if I ever need a job, I'm owed a favor by a young guy I helped at UCLA if he ever gets a head coaching job."

“Hey, I know I’m 0-16 here, but if I ever need a job, I’m owed a favor by a young guy I helped at UCLA if he ever gets a head coaching job.”

When Snow is your DC, though, there are no cupcakes the schedule. Lafayette, by the way, held Fordham to 14 points, a week after Bucknell held Fordham to 23 points. Snow held the Rams to 30.

Temple should never be mentioned in the same breath with schools like Fordham, Bucknell and Lafayette, but thanks largely to Snow it is.
Snow gave up 44 points a game three years ago at Eastern Michigan and 38 points per game last year at the same school. Before he came to Eastern Michigan, Snow was the defensive backs’ coach for an 0-16 Detroit Lions’ team. Is it any wonder why the defensive backs have not improved this season?
For some reason, perhaps because he has very few coaching contacts, Temple head coach Matt Rhule reached out to an old buddy and gave the keys to his defense to Snow. It’s really never a good idea to hire old buddies as a CEO and place them in key management positions because your judgment is clouded more by personal relationships than productivity. For some reason, Rhule remembered the Snow he knew as a UCLA graduate assistant and not the Snow who failed miserably before he came to Temple.
So, considering that, is it any surprise to get this comparison between the Temple defense of last year and this, with the 2013 team in the middle and 2012 on the far right:

Scoring Defense 30.9 points per game 31.18 points per game
Rushing Defense 213 yards per game 199 yards per game
Passing Defense 367 yards per game 237 yards per game
Total Defense 580 yards per game 437 yards per game

Snow’s best days were in the last century and he came to Temple with no solid resume of stopping today’s modern spread offenses.
You hire an Eastern Michigan guy, you get Eastern Michigan results.

You can throw as many kids under the bus as you want, but giving up 10 points in the last 1 minute, 6 seconds to UCF is a coaching responsibility and that’s happened way too much this season to be the players’ fault.  Even a Pee-Wee DC knows with 19 seconds left and the offense 70 yards away with no timeouts, you put your LBs at 10 yards, your corners at 20 and your safeties at 30 yards and keep everything in front. Temple’s deepest defender was lined up 10 yards off the ball and Rannell Hall just ran by him.

There’s a word for that: Stupefying.

If Matt Rhule, who is not getting fired, doesn’t realize that and jettison Snow at the end of the season, then Rhule will eventually get fired one or two more years down the road. In the case of Snow, we’ll find out if Matt Rhule is “too nice a guy” to be Temple coach by the staff decisions he makes at the end of the season.


36 thoughts on “Snow: Hire a loser, get losing results

  1. This guy is nothing short of a complete disaster. If MR is truly dedicated to his players and the fans he’ll jettison this loser. With a competent DC this team has at least four wins. With a competent HC and OC they have another win or two.

    This owls team has talent that certainly belies it’s record. The inability to realize the talent and potential of players resides squarely with the coaches. MR must realize he’s on thin ice and if he washes out after another season like this one he’ll never get another college HC job and frankly won’t be able to get into a BCS football game it’s a ticket. Bring back chuck!

  2. Phil Snow is an innovator. He created the Our Lady of Alley-oope Defense.

  3. I know everybody wants blame Snow but this game wasn’t his fault. That was a kid that bit on a move and he shouldn’t have. That is it! You can come with every excuse in the book but at the end of the day the kids have to play. It could be we need better talent or that’s all we have for db, I don’t know. But trust me I would love to blame it on the coaches, but you have a young team of mostly frosh and soph with no depth, playing against jr and sr with depth.

    I would bet the house on it that they will look like a different team come next year mind and body. Remember Addazio did not let the team lift weights = Fact. They just began lifting when Rhule took over = Fact. How would I know such information, son is on the team. And he is not the savior but you have about another 5 good kids (highly ranked if your in to that) coming.

    If you went to the spring game there is no way you could have thought we had the enough depth or talent to compete. My personal opinion I thought they did very well. And trust me no one wants to win more then me. I’m recruiting for them and I’m not even on the staff.

    Go Owls!!

    • That doesn’t explain why there weren’t four temple dbs stationed at the 20 with orders to keep everything in front of them.

      • I agree, but don’t you think that it was said “keep everything in front of you”.

        Robey was right saying ” I’ve got to be smarter then that”. He let his instinct take over instead of using his head. Oh yeah love this blog great articles.

        Go Owls!

  4. Stunned. Just stunned that our Temple players, our students, got SOOO close to a victory only again to have it ripped from their grasping outstretched hands by inefficient, laughable coaching ideology.

    Need inches for a first to win a game against Rutgers? Obviously start your RB 5 yards behind the line.

    Want a win against a #17 ranked UCF in the final minute? Play close up and give #6 all the room in the world to catch balls for a game winning TD.

    PJ, along with the rest of the team, showed so much heart and talent it’s painful to see their own coaching staff let them down. Our players and fans deserve better than this.

    Owls fan now and forever!

    • Robey should not even be on the field. If he still doesn’t get it by the 10th game of the season, he’ll never get it. He was the guy at Notre Dame who made sure in the first four minutes of the game that TU had no shot. Moreover, it is coaching error because they had the responsibility of telling the D-backs not to bite and keep everything in front of them especially after the Rutgers debacle. I’ve watched a lot of football and have seen things this year that are simply inexplicable. This team has players; players better than Fordham, Idaho, Rutgers, etc. have. Moreover, this team can stop the run, which means that the coaches, it they reverse scout, had to know that teams would pass against them and instead of formulating defenses such as nickle or dime defenses, we get this slop. What they should be playing is a bend but not break defense, which requires that the D-backs keep everything in front of them and not go for fakes. Having watched the Owls, it’s clear that they have a great red zone defense. Unfortunately, that defense cannot get on the field if the d-backs are beaten long. Snow simply has to go. Had we had a competent defensive coordinator, TU would be bowl eligible this year.

      • the people arlready have spoken with their feet. they will be lucky to get 11-+K real fannies in the seats on saturday night. i hope the administration notices and makes a stand by telling the coaching staff this kind of coaching performance will be unacceptable next season. … or orders a change in coordinator.

  5. Look, I get that you don’t like Matt Rhule or Phil Snow. But you should at least check your facts better. This year’s defense is actually giving up 30.9 points per game and is allowing 192.4 rushing yards per game, both of which is less than last year’s team.

    When I read this blog and these comments, I can’t believe the over-estimated expectations for this team. Yes, Temple returned 16 starters from last year’s team. But last year’s team was 4-7 and was but two kicks away from being 2-9…or did we forget that USF had the go-ahead field blocked in the last minute of the game or that UConn’s kicker missed three FG attempts and had a fourth blocked? So when I read everyone talking about the talent on this team, I have to wonder what they are talking about. This talent barely managed to get to 4-7 last year.

    Everybody says this year’s schedule is soooo much easier than last year’s. Really? Other than Idaho (a bad loss), who is so easy? I’ll match Notre Dame, Houston, SMU and UCF up against Penn State, Maryland, Pitt and Syracuse (teams we all lost to last year). Yes, Fordham is FCS, but does mean they don’t have talented players? May I remind everyone that the QB for last year’s Super Champions played at a FCS school. Fordham didn’t get to be 10-1 and a #5 ranking without having some pretty good talent. And Matt Rhule is not the first Temple coach to EVER lose to an FCS school. Al Golden lost to a FCS school with a team that had four current NFL players, including a 1st, 2nd and 3rd draft pick (and Super Bowl winner). Wayne Hardin and Bruse Arians, who are championed on here as two of Temple’s all-time greats, were a mere 9-7 against Delaware, a FCS school. If is is bad for Rhule, it is also bad for Golden, Hardin and Arians.

    Label me a Matt Rhule apologist if that will make you feel better about yourself, but I’m not going to pretend that he inherited a team that was thisclose to being in a bowl game.

    • the difference was that last year’s players and coaches -+(same players-+-+) found a way to get it done by winning three more close games than this year’s coaches. that fcs team ag lost to won the national championship; the fcs team mr lost to lost to lafayette

      • Oh, I get it now. Addazio and Heater would have found a way to get that UCF kicker to either miss or have his game-winning FG blocked, just like USF and UConn last year. And I’m glad to know you can lose to a FCS team as long as they win the national championship or at least don’t lose to Lafayette.

    • Now this is a good post. Well-researched, objective, knowledgeable. Thanks for raising the bar, NEPhilllyOwl.

  6. -+Nick rapone would have gotten the owls bowl-eligible.

  7. Robey getting beaten doesn’t mean he should not have gotten a picket’s fence worth of help over the top help by the safeties.

    • It was the right call, he just blew it. God bless that kid he has to live with that. For the life in me I can’t understand why people think that this team was a Bowl eligible or a team above 500..

      Everybody wants to be a coach on Monday.
      Go Owls!

  8. -+oNE kid doesn’t blow a prevent defense. he might blow one and one coverage, but not a prevent. there should have been plenty of help for robey back there.

  9. Further on the topic of expectations and talent level for the 2013 Owls, they were tabbed to finish 9th in the preseason AAC poll, with the votes submitted by the coaches. Considering Owls are a 9-point favorite versus UConn this Saturday, 9th appears to be where they will finish. Idaho was dreadful and some of these losses have been heartbreaking. Let’s split the difference and agree that Owls should be 3-7 right now. Please stop trying to convince me that Rhule and Snow turned the Broncos into the Jaguars.

    • I agree completely SUOwls82. I was at the game on Saturday cheering as hard as anybody and was disappointed just like everyone else. Phil Snow is an easy target and excuse for that disappointment. But it’s not like he inherited the some great defense. Look at last year. 36 points by Maryland, 35 by Rutgers (and all in the 2nd half), 47 points by Pittsburgh, 45 by Louisville, 34 by Cincinnati, 38 by Syracuse. Hell, even Army put up 32 points against this defense. So where everyone thought they would suddenly begone the college equivalent of the Steel Curtain or Gang Green is beyond me.

  10. Snow sucks, Rhule sucks for hiring him, and Temple sucks for not firing both of them. Snow makes every QB we play look like an All-American. Who took the blame for the disaster roll-out of Obama Care? Obama did and rightly so, who should take the blame for one of the 10 worst programs in college football? Rhule should step-up and take responsibility for being in charge of one of the worst programs in college athletics. we have stepped all the way back to 2006.., it took us just three months to go back 7 fu#%.., years!!! Frustrated, angry, hurt, and extremely disappointed.

    • Yes, Temple has failed to “get” the business of sports. There have been some great hires (Chaney, Dunphy, Staley for hoops; Wilson for baseball; Hardin, Arians and Golden for football) so Temple, more than any other school, stays with the mistakes (Berndt, Dickerson, Wallace) a little too long. Rhule has shown an alarming number of Dickerson tendencies with bonehead decisions that have cost games (not running the ball against tiny Fordham, not QB-sneaking against Rutgers) and he reminds me more of the latter three than the former three. They will stay with him until he kills football because they’ve already given him a multi-year contract. Can you picture TU giving Rhule an ultimatum to win next year? I can’t. He doesn’t seem to understand the urgency to win now and not four years from now.

      • The proprietor here has typed everything you wrote. You are kindred spirits. I’ll ask you both, then: Define urgency and how one achieves that at the college level? Should we sign a free agent or make a big trade? There are no Pierces, Browns, Wilkersons, Jarretts, Whiteheads or McManuses among the 16 returning starters who were determined preseason to be 9th of 10 in the AAC.

  11. A popular aphorism defines insanity as doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Phil Snow and we fans fail to take heed of this bit of philosophy. Phil Snow still believes that one on one man coverage at the end of a game will work and we fans think that this time the defense will not get burned long. I would love to ask Phil Snow where he learned to coach end of game defense. Why he doesn’t have three or even four deep and play a no one gets deeper than the deepest defender defense boggles my mind. In both the Georgia-Auburn game and the Stanford game guess what defenses they were playing. I know the outcome of the Auburn game but would state that the play occurred not because defenders were out of place but because they did not knock the ball down. Contrarily in Temple’s last two games, the defenders were beaten long with no help from the safeties. That doesn’t happen in peewee, high school, at almost almost all colleges, and the pros(notwithstanding the Denver -Ravens game last year where the defender simply misplayed the ball). If Matt Ruhle, who, to his credit, has turned the offense into one of the most exciting in college football, doesn’t hand Snow, who should have been let go Saturday, his walking papers at the end of the season, Ruhle will never be a head coach again. Hey look what USC is doing since they fired the head coach. All Rhule and the administration has to do is fire an incompetent defensive coordinator.
    One final aside, does the marketing department speak to the athletic department? How could they move a game advertised as family day and move it to 7:00 p.m. in November? That means the kids won’t get on the field until 10:30 or 11. Did anyone think that it’s cold in November? The big Ten allows no November night games for this reason. Any wonder why things never seem to work out at TU?

  12. It’s not on TV. It’s on the computer and the administration should have said no.

    • I stand corrected. I read where they wanted a night game and this was the first opportunity. You’re right, the timing is strange and not well thought out.

      • What I heard is that the administration wants to see if students will attend a night game. If that’s the case, they should have done that in October. Moreover, they angered the few fans who bought tickets so their kids could go on the field.
        Mike’s right. The administration wants to do away with football. If that happens look for TU to get back in the Atlantic Ten. I heard one of the reasons Bradshaw quit (really asked to leave) was that he got us in the AAC, which increased costs immensely because traveling expenses. We can still get a beer,

  13. NEPhillyOwl, let’s get a beer sometime

  14. So one of our players quoted coach Snow in class yesterday and I vomited in my mouth a little.

  15. What is the verdict on the new Athletic Director?

    • He won’t be seduced into a bad deal like Bradshaw was by Marinatto. BB actually believed the crap Marinatto was spinning about Temple cashing in on BCS riches. Bradshaw couldn’t see 2 steps ahead to realize Marinatto was a Dead Man Walking and the Big East was dead. It will take the new AD years to cover the losses on that dreadful decision.

  16. Frankly, Temple is getting more money than it got from the Mac. I don’t think it covers the increased costs. In addition, no one could foresee the basketball schools pulling out, which will be shown to be a big mistake because football stirs the college sports’ drink..

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