Throwback Thursday: Henry Burris talks Temple

Watching P.J. Walker play this season, I am reminded of one Temple quarterback: Henry Burris.

Henry Burris as an Owl.

Henry Burris as an Owl.

Hank was a great Temple Owl and he remains a great Temple Owl to this day and will go down as one of the greatest quarterbacks in Canadian Football League history.

The one regret I have about Henry’s career at Temple is that Ron Dickerson did not recruit enough Henry Burrises at the other positions so that the Owls would have bowl games and championships under Henry’s watch.

“Henry Burris is an excellent quarterback,” Penn State coach Joe Paterno said. “He has a super arm and is very, very mobile. “

Hopefully, Matt Rhule will learn from this mistake and not waste P.J.’s final three years. Temple needs at least two, hopefully three, winning seasons under P.J.’s watch and that’s the job of the coaches who are hitting the recruiting trail hard now.

Henry talks about Temple at the 8:17 time stamp of the video above.

Unfortunately, I could not find a single YouTube clip of Henry Burris playing football at Temple. If anyone has something, please send it to me:


29 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Henry Burris talks Temple

  1. Proud to say one of the best Temple quarterbacks hails from the same state as this prior Temple athlete; Oklahoma!

  2. So much for the BOT dropping football. I am heartbroken for the true student-athletes in the dropped Olympic sports. They are every bit as “Temple Tuff” as the football and basketball scholarship players. TV wins again.

  3. What’s really ashame is that after such a dismal football season that should have been much more successful, The BOT decides to drop 7 other sports (meaning the present and future for “student-athletes); instead of taking a hard look at their lousy decision of a football coaching staff and worse yet, not doing anything about it now that the season is over, specifically the DC. Just how thick-skulled can they get? Football, but mostly lousy decisions, is now officially ruining Temple athletics. They really need some outside consultants to help them with their decision-making because its evident keeping it internal is not working.

    • If the BOT does this, I would not put anything past them. Of course, if Matt Rhule resurrects the program and goes 7-5, 9-3 and 10-2, they’ll be plenty of money for everything. If he goes 2-10, 2-10, 3-9 and 5-7, I would not be surprised if the BOT commits to Franklin Field. If that happens, it’s over.

      • I really think today’s cuts put the pressure on Rhule to start producing ASAP, and not look at say a 4-8 record as any improvement in 2014. After looking at the AAC bowl line up from 2014 onwards, I’m not seeing any huge upgrade from the MAC football wise. I’m guessing at least the TV money is better?

      • totally agree. it’s all up to Rhule to win now or no stadium and no extension of LFF lease, which means a couple of years in FF purgatory before being sentenced to death. The message from the BOT is abundantly clear: Win or else. Just win, baby.

      • Considering this is the biggest Temple athletics story since the men’s basketball was an annual Elite Eight team I would suspect your paid readers and Twitter followers would like some insight into why this happened and what it means for future. I read a few more things into it other than “win now, baby”, but I’m not an insider like you.

      • Winning is now the only solution, which is why I lobbied so hard for Bowling Green’s Dave Clawson to be hired at the end of last season. That’s my insight and unfortunately it is true. With Clawson, we don’t lose to Fordham and Idaho and UConn and Rutgers and SMU and we’re sitting in a much better financial situation than we are now. My paid subscribers already know this. Unfortunately, the Matt Rhule Apologists don’t.

  4. Considering this is the biggest Temple athletics story since the men’s basketball was an annual Elite Eight team I would suspect your paid readers and Twitter followers would like some insight into why this happened and what it means for future. I read a few more things into it other than “win now, baby”, but I’m not an insider like you.

    • SUOwls82, what are some of the other things you read into it? I do think winning now is part of it. College athletics is being driven first and foremost by football, followed up by basketball. Losing teams football teams don’t do much to help the picture. Look at this year, I’m assuming the AAC splits bowl revenues among the conference and there is a possibility it won’t have enough qualified teams to fill it’s primary commitments, revenue left on the table. If TU had won 6 games this year the team would be bowling and adding to conference revenue. I think the same situation is possible next season so that’s why “win now baby” is part of this. You don’t make money losing and that’s the bottom line in college athletics anymore

      • Well put, JD. Winning is part of it, not all of it. To think that the decision to drop 7 sports is a message to football to “win now” is beyond myopic. This whole mess was caused by an exaggeration of football success by Bill Bradshaw. He sold the BOT a rotting bill of goods by getting into bed with John Marinatto and the dying “Big East.” Football had done nothing to earn such a move and every other sport became a stepchild. When the league eventually died — please stop with the insane counter that it only changed its name — Bradshaw lost his job. This is now collateral damage. Football will never save Temple sports, nor should it. That is the message and it is long overdue. This was a tough but smart decision by Clark.

  5. Going to the Big East was the only move TU had. They made zero dollars with the MAC and 2 million plus w/ the AAC. No one could have predicted the vehemence with which Villanova reacted to TU’s entry into the Big East that culminated in Villanova convincing the other BB schools to leave the conference, which by the way, generated money for TU.. Those schools are going to pay a price without having any tie to football, which generates the most money in college sports. Other than Villanova and Georgetown, the other teams cannot keep the league in the media’s eye. Yea I’m aware that Marquette and Butler are in the league but Butler lost its coach and Marquette will not be able to recruit.

    • Pure fiction. Georgetown, not Villanova, led the Catholic 7 exodus. And while it is accurate that Temple did not receive significant TV money from the MAC, its overall operating costs in the American offset the gain. It is also didn’t take a genius to see that the American was going to lose its AQ status for a BCS Bowl. That is where the real money was. And what happens in 2017 when the original TV deal ends? Do you really think ESPN, FS1 or a major network is going to shell out big $ for a league that features Tulsa, Tulane and East Carolina as marquee members. Please. Temple was well suited in the MAC and A10 to all except those who feel football is king.

      • Stand by my assertion that Villanova fought tooth and nail to keep TU out of the big East and it’s quest to separate itself from Temple, something which was told to me by someone high in TU athletic administration was a big reason the conference split up even though it cost those schools football money. Georgetown may have also wanted to separate but Villanova really did so because they did not want to compete with Temple As a public institution TU has more resources. The only thing that separated Villanova from TU was its membership in the Big East. With that gone, Villanova felt it had no choice but to secede. . The AAC will get a deal because these networks need to fill airwaves and Philly is the 4th largest market. TU does very well on TV by the way..

  6. Somehow a “Matt Rhule Apologist” jab gets thrown in here once again, which is one-track minded and pathetic. As if these financial problems didn’t exist when we had three winning seasons. As if all of the financial problems would have gone away if we had the Savior Clawson or Lembo leading us to a 6-win season this year. Forget intelligent conversation, it’s just another opportunity to bash in your point. Hey, Temple basketball has lost some pretty close games this year, especially late in the game, and they now have a 4-4 record. By your logic Fran Dunphy should probably be held fully responsible

  7. No, Fran gets a pass for taking us to six straight postseasons. When Rhule takes us to just two, we can talk about his hall pass.

  8. How can anyone reasonably compare Fran Dunphy and Matt Rhule at this stage of their careers. Take this Saturday for example. Not only did the Owls look horrible in the first half and part of the second, they looked like they were going to lose by thirty against a team that was physically superior to them. Not only did Dunphy devise a strategy that had the Owls in a position to win but also one which would win 99 out of one hundred times. The only reason they lost was because the KIDS shot 48.3 percent from the line. Matt Rhule on the other hand, lost two games with 21 point leads to inferior teams and lost to three of the worst teams in the country. Then in two other games, the play calling and failure to play a prevent defense resulted in losses. Stop defending Matt Rhule’s coaching this season because it was simply horrendous. Hopefully, it won’t hurt recruiting and the kids already committed stay with the Owls.

    • I was not comparing Dunphy and Rhule at all, I was simply trying to make a point that sometimes wins and losses aren’t cut and dry with the coaches responsible either way. I am ten times more a Dunphy supporter than I am a Rhule supporter and I always trust and respect Dunphy, one of the best coaches in the country. Dunphy and Rhule are on different levels. HOWEVER, Matt Rhule’s staff had his team in more games than Addazzio did last year. We had a chance to win in the fourth quarter in most of our games, and against better teams in many of them (you’ll have to excuse my lack of research and specifics right now.) I don’t fully blame the kids of course, but if Robey or someone makes ONE play at the end of one of those games, suddenly the coaching looks different because of one play.

  9. It wasn’t one play owls 13, it was many plays this season that undermined any belief that Rhule had a clue. The fact is that Roberson was beat numerous times this season and it was obvious after 4 minutes at Notre Dame that he was having problems, which only worsened as the season progressed. In addition, from not calling a quarterback sneak at Rutgers to not playing prevent defenses to failing to overpower teams when TU had a size advantage shows the lack of expertise demonstrated by the coaches this season. Time is short for TU football and frankly I’d feel better going forward with a field general with some experience and success as a head coach.

  10. Fair enough. I understand and appreciate your points, and I’m not trying to give Rhule a free pass. I’ve acknowledged these things on my own from the very beginning, and I’ve heard them ad nauseam. I think Snow should have been fired after the UCF game. The OC proved that he can move the ball effectively (with PJ’s rise to stardom) and I think this team just needed a year to mature, learn and grow. This team had no chance against better teams last year and this year I feel like we improved. If we go bowling next year and say it is solely because of the talent on the team (or if others say it is solely because of coaching) I don’t think either would be accurate. Bad losses are incredibly hard to swallow but with or without Rhule, I wasn’t expecting a bowl year or a lot of promise this year. Now, we put the losses behind us, learn how to finish, and build on our last victory

  11. Y’know, observing the way TU has historically done things, I don’t think football is in jeopardy of being dropped. Getting the right coaches is the key to winning at Temple. If winning is the savior as MG believes, then the BOT, president and/or the AD must force Rhule to do what’s necessary with the coaching staff – namely and firstly replace the DC and probably the D-backfield coach. Seems like most every other aspect is on firm footing or getting there. If Snow remains then the whole system is not doing the job. Why is that so hard to see and implement? That’s a real question Mike – got any thoughts?

  12. It’s both simple and complicated. Simple, because Temple hired a “great guy” as its football coach, probably the nicest guy I’ve ever met who held the position (although BA is right there). Now BECAUSE he’s a nice guy he’s very reluctant to the verge and over of error to FIRE a guy he relocated from Michigan here. He sees those “nice guy” things over hard and sometimes impersonal decisions good CEOs have to make for the overall advancement of the organization. That’s the quandary Temple is in with Matt Rhule going forward. Al Golden was cutthroat if it meant the advancement of his career. Matt Rhule is not. Temple football benefits and wins when it has a cutthroat pirate in charge.

  13. As someone who firmly believes that old adage that the image of your school is seen through the football team, I am still outraged at the bastardization of college athletics. Temple shares a lot of attributes with my alma mater, Towson. Towson pulled the same cuts last year, only to see public outcry manifest so deeply that the Governor ordered a 3 year reprieve to give the baseball team a chance to self fund. (And Towson is I-AA so those that wanted Temple to drop down to avoid this are a little off base) Towson baseball meant a great deal to us because they gave chances to kids who weren’t big time recruits. Temple was similar. Isn’t that what all these people say the mission is? It was a greater success to see a local kid grow up into a ball player at Temple than to make more money. I don’t blame football in these situations; football is just the big bad scapegoat. I blame the Administration that is unable to manage a budget, a university or an athletic department. And then they just pull the rug out to save their own. I don’t see this happening this way with Peter Liacouras. There is no dignity or class left anymore. Were there even any rumours this could happen? At least at Towson we heard whispers for a year or so before they dropped the hammer.

    It’s all about the money; have some respect and decency to just come out and say it.

  14. Can’t disagree with anything you said. Well-put. Temple football especially faces a Catch-22 situation: Apathy fueled by long-term (largely) failures on the field, with surges of interest during recent winning seasons, only to be letdown again but this totally unexpected two-year downturn leading to a rebound of apathy from a fan base who thought AG turned this around for good. The rebound apathy might be worse.

  15. It’s a shame; I see such potential. Heck, I didn’t even go there and care about the program that my brother played for almost 30 years ago. (I can’t believe it’s been that long…) I only made it to one game this year unfortunately (had my own school to support most Saturdays) but I will continue to support the team. Do you think Rhule can grow into the job? If he can, and they make it through the struggle, will it be worth it long term? You don’t want to become like the MAC schools or Arkansas State with the coaching turnstiles. That’s your Catch-22; how do you get through today without robbing tomorrow?

  16. I hope Matt Rhule can grow into the job. When he coached the linebackers the week of the Army game, the linebackers had their best game of the year. I just don’t want him out of loyalty to Snow to have to be the DC and the HC. That’s what gave Bruce Arians’ migranes. I have no doubt that Matt Rhule would be a better DC than Phil Snow. Growing into the job means making the hard decision to fire Phil Snow. Matt needs someone he can just give the keys to the defense and not have to worry about it. Giving the keys to Phil Snow is like giving the keys to your Lexus to a 16-year-old daughter with a bad vision problem with a habit of texting while driving.

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