Justin Ford’s TU-Memphis photos

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26 thoughts on “Justin Ford’s TU-Memphis photos

  1. So what do you think about Temple eliminating sports?

  2. Not in favor of it, but Temple fans haven’t supported those sports and they don’t bring in any revenue. They don’t support football, but cannot be blamed in 2-10 season. A 9-4 team attracted 20K fans to Washington, D.C. proving a WINNING Temple football team draws significant support across the university community. Does the adminstration know how to win in football? That will be determined 12 months from now. Rhule’s got a very tight window to wiggle through and he must win now. Can’t afford “patience” now with the lease and stadium issues coming up on the table in less than 2 years. I will say this: Gavin White Sr. and Gavin White Jr. have brought the university a significant amount of glory and I was rather shocked that men’s crew was part of the cuts. When I lived in Center City, I always made it to the Dad Vail Regatta and it was great to hear the roar of the crowd when the Temple Varsity Eight crossed the finish line first, which was many, many times. I played pick-up basketball with Gavin and Gavin Jr. when they lived in Northeast Philadelphia on the OLC courts and they were both quite good back in the day.

  3. Looks like we picked up two dbacks. The kid from ASA looks solid. At this point all we can do is hope Rhule learned from his mistakes. We shall see. To be honest my hope more so is in the players. I feel they’re going to take matters into their own hands.

    If Auburn can bounce back from a 2-10 season then we can can do it too. We bring back all the key players. Next year its BOWL or BUST.

  4. I agree. No bowl and Matt Rhule should go the way of baseball, softball and crew at Temple. Period, end of story.

  5. Mike, given the way the bowl bids for the conference can be impacted by a number of factors, I will be satisfied for next season with a 6-6 record as a minimum. I think that is a very realistic expectation and given that most of the excuses used this year will not be “real” next year anything less is a failure. Higher level of competition — Temple will have played 2 years at that level shouldn’t be a factor anymore. Tougher schedule next season — No tougher than this year. Talent cupboard left bare by Daz — 2 years of playing a lot of freshman and sophomores will give this team a solid core of returning juniors on both sides of the ball. Plus I think even the recent Mike Jensen Temple football article shoots that one down a little as well:
    “Any Temple fans who want to blame this season’s problems on Addazio’s recruiting are not exactly right. The players who should have been leaders on this team should have been a lot of fourth- and fifth-year guys, recruited before Addazio arrived.”

  6. Whats the latest on D Coord and D Line Coach positions? In fact, should also look at DB Coach too. Need a proven DB Coach not a Grad Assistant.

  7. I think we’ll see them replace the D-line coach and that’s only because he left on his own. Rhule is not “tough enough” to fire a coordinator, even one with a recent history of unparalleled incompetence like Snow. If he’s not tough enough to make that decision, he cannot be trusted with the CEO football job at Temple. That should have happened a day after the season. The fact that it didn’t speaks volumes. Rhule would show me a lot by hiring a DC with a RECENT history of shutouts on the FBS level, not someone from a place like Western Carolina or Eastern Michigan.

    • So with Snow coming back, what do you think their record will be? 5-7 or 6-6? Because I don’t see them any better than that.

      Also, how many recruits have we lost?

      • Talent is there for 8-4, but I have to adjust downward for the HC and DC. I agree the BEST they can do is 6-6. With a Clawson or Lembo here, they’d go 8-4 but that ship has sailed.

  8. football generated just over $13M in revenue this year, down $3M from last year…., so much for joining the Big East…, the university will ride it out with Rhule to this end – either we win and generate more revenue, or the program is gone. another non bowl season next year and football is history.
    a bowl game next season will get football another two years before the next BOT decision…., also Notre Dame has already informed Temple of the intent to back out of the agreement if we are not bowl eligible next year.., stupid us, first game should have been in Philly

    • I did not hear about that Notre Dame initiative. .. I doubt it will ever go public even if they want it that way, but our agreeing to play out there FIRST was a huge mistake. Navy screwed us by taking our 2009 game to Annapolis (it was supposed to be played at LFF and they said they needed an extra home game and we told them we weren’t happy about it, but we would go to Navy instead of them having to find another opponent). Poetic justice, we WON that game, beating a Navy team that won 10 games and beat Missouri and Notre Dame that year. Ever since then, I thought Temple should protect itself by playing the first game home and, in the case of a three-game series, the second game home. That way, to get Temple out there, ND has to play in Philly at least once in a 2-for-1. Now, with the series cut from 3 to 2 and us already having made the trip, there is no incentive for ND to honor its contract. I don’t believe ND will ever play in Philadelphia. I’ve said that for two years.

  9. From the NY Post today: On Sunday, [Rutgers} fired defensive coordinator Dave Cohen, quarterbacks coach Rob Spence and offensive line coach Damian Wroblewski. Cohen had been accused of bullying former Rutgers player Jevon Tyree. Too bad Snow didn’t bully anyone. How does he still have the DC job?

  10. Don’t think Matt’s experiences at UCLA and Western Carolina gave him a wide enough pool of available coaching friends, so he limited the hires to the guys he knew rather than stepping out of his comfort zone and opening applications to the best available OCs and DCs. I think Satterfield’s tryout turned out pretty good. Snow’s shockingly did not. (Shockingly is sarcastic because on the day he was hired I asked why the hell would MR hire a guy who gave up 44 points a game in 2010 and 38 points a game in 2012 to be a DC? He didn’t know anybody else. He should have hired Nick Rapone.)

    • Mike, I think your point about Matt Rhule’s limited network is really on target with regards to his coaching staff, especially with regards to DC Snow. I think that even more than being his friend was a key point in his hire. Probably didn’t know too many other DC candidates with as extensive a resume, granted on the down side since 2002, as Phil Snow. I wonder of coach Rhule would have been better served getting on the staff of an established FBS program for the 2011 and 2012 seasons rather than stay at Temple for Daz’s first year and then the NY Giants for a year. In addition to hopefully giving him broader connections he could have learned more about running a program at this level. Not saying Coughlin isn’t a good coach to learn from but the NFL isn’t college football

    • Where did he become friends with Nick Rolovich?

      • I wish just once you MRAs would add even a semblance of thought to the discussion rather than your constant smarmy, pointless comments. Guess that’s all you have time for between lighting the votive candles at your Matt Rhule shrines and getting your I Heart Matt sweatshirts from the cleaners. Clearly he didn’t know Nick Rolovich that well at all if he didn’t know what it would take to get him to come to Temple.

      • Geez…you’re not paranoid are you? I was just curious if he had some friendship or connection to Rolovich in someway prior since offering him the OC position was totally out of character compared to his other coach selections. Thought maybe someone on here might know.

  11. Agree JD. Daz did nothing for him because Daz had limited experience as a head coach. While he supposedly acted as one at Florida, I believe that was during the Spring. He couldn’t have impressed them there given that he did not get the job after Urban Meir left.

  12. It appears that Nick Saban again has ants in his pants and may be going to Texas for the challenge of winning a national championship there. If he wants a challenge, he should come here. LOL.

  13. ENOUGH WITH THE “MATT RHULE APOLOGIST” COMMENTS! I think some people here are so obsessed with bashing Matt Rhule that they think everyone who objectively looks at the program beyond him are “Matt Rhule aplogists.” So obsessed that you come up with terms like ‘MRA” and claim that other people worship Matt Rhule when all they are doing is providing logical counter arguments and going beyond the OBVIOUS logic that anyone could point out. I’ve been accused of being an “MRA” and I was not even a fan of his hiring! No one ever said that the man was Nick Saban! I would love for a winning coach to make Temple a destination program, but why would someone do that at this stage, and what have we proven? People should want to coach here for the rest of their career because we’re in a big market and we had 3 winning seasons in a row? Let’s quit this Matt Rhule apologist BS.. it’s the equivalent of fans that spend an entire game watching and yelling at every call the refs make instead of what is actually going on in the game. Sure, they’re passionate and sometimes they’re even right, but it’s all they know

    • Owls13, when you provide ANY logical counter argument besides Rhule will stick around IF he is successful, no problem. Just seems that is the only argument “The Cult of Rhule” has. I don’t know how good he will be, this past season didn’t give a lot of confidence, basically due to the UConn game. Prior to that game looked like things were improving on the game day coaching side but in that one he was totally outclassed by Weist in the second half. So if he holds what looks to be a good recruiting class together, then hey he at least has half of what it takes to be a good college coach down and then we need to hope he starts getting better with the coaching aspects. Now, I’ll pose the question to you, from a coaching stand point both this past season and his prior positions, what outside of wanting to be here are the logical counter arguments??

  14. We can get a big-time coach. We already had one in Wayne Hardin. Lembo, Clawson, Cristobal would have come here. Would they have left after 2-3 years? Yeah, maybe but at least I’d have one or two AAC titles to look at in my trophy case. Rhule wants to be here 10 years but, based on losses to Fordham and Idaho, don’t have a whole lot of confidence in his ability to x and O Temple past slightly better athletes and that’s the kind of coach Temple needs. No need to apologize for Fordham and Idaho because beating those teams would have never made it necessarry to say you are sorry.

  15. Here’s one. No one else wanted the job. According to reliable, published sources, Clawson and Lembo both turned down the job and Cristabol felt he was better off rehabbing his career as a assistant at a big-time program. Wail all you want about how any of these three would be better. I agree with you, and it sounds like Owls13 does too. But they weren’t coming.

  16. Here’s two: Clawson wanted the job but was told by BB that he was forced to give it to MR due to pressure from the new president, Al Shrier, the players and the parents and ALLOWED Clawson to withdrawal his name from consideration as a face-saving measure. Lembo wanted to talk AFTER the Beef O’Brady Bowl, but that would cut into Temple’s recruiting season. Bowles also wanted the job, as did Mark D’Onofrio. I’m glad they picked Rhule over Donofrio, not the other three. Cristobal was on campus and interviewed. Hard to believe he would consent to an interview if he didn’t want the job. I got this info from someone who was involved in the process and has never steered me wrong. Plenty of great candidates who were head coaches wanted the Temple job both when Golden and Daz left. BB told me himself that he was leaning to hire a successful head coach from a FBS this time, rather than an unproven assistant. Players, parents and key administrators then forged a MR coalition. The thought that no attractive candidates wanted the Temple job is a completely false narrative pushed by the Matt Rhule Apologists.

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