Gotta Lovett: TU’s first signee of 2014 class

Shahid Lovett had three interceptions for Lackawanna JC in 2013, as many as the Owls did as a team.

Shahid Lovett had three interceptions for Lackawanna JC in 2013, as many as the Owls did as a team.

Matt Rhule has proven to be a relentless recruiter throughout his time at Temple and that trait appears to be paying off so far.
The first person to actually sign on the dotted line is safety Shahid Lovett. He’s 6-foot-2, 205, a hard-hitter who picked up three interceptions, as many as the entire Temple team this fall. The Owls also either have or are close to signing another JUCO safety, Alex Wells, but that’s not confirmed yet (his video is below).
Everybody who watched the Temple Owls in 2013, knows what this football team needs for 2014: Defensive backs who are not afraid to challenge for the ball and hit people and defensive ends who easily shed blocks and arrive at the quarterback just before he’s ready to get rid of the ball.

Throwback Thursday: When Temple went toe-to-toe with Alabama. Click on the story for the link.

Throwback Thursday: When Temple went toe-to-toe with Alabama. Click on the story for the link.

Otherwise, we’re good.
You might say the kicking is a problem and I agree with that, particularly the kickoffs. If Fordham and Idaho can find guys who routinely kick the ball into and through the end zone, so should Temple.
In Nick Visco, though, I think the Owls will eventually have a reliable field goal kicker. His percentages as a freshman in both field goals (3 for 5) and extra points compare very favorably to Brandon McManus’ freshman numbers. But there’s no doubt Temple needs a guy who can boom the ball through the end zone.
I’m sure working Rhule’s working on that as we speak.
I try to avoid getting excited about recruiting classes until National LOI day, but this was Lovett’s LOI day and he will be in school before long and participating in spring ball. The fact that he’s a JC means he’s farther along than your typical high school player and that’s the kind of help Temple’s defense needs now.
Now, if we could only find a defensive end with Adrian Robinson’s motor and natural hatred of quarterbacks we’d be back in the business of being Temple TUFF on defense once again. From the defensive end standpoint, we’ve been a day late and a dollar short of getting to the quarterback for the last two seasons. We need faster and meaner DEs.


33 thoughts on “Gotta Lovett: TU’s first signee of 2014 class

  1. With regards to DE’s is Sean Daniels eligible for an injury red shirt this past season and if so what is the possibility of him coming back for the 2014 season. Plus, I think Ioannidis and Ahmed showed some real potential and with a good replacement for Noble on the coaching staff they could be anchors of the d-line next season.

  2. Impact defenders would be a godsend, it’s what we’ve been missing the last two years. Now, this is off topic in relation to this post, but a little while ago I compared Temple Football and Temple Basketball, and everyone jumped at my throat because they thought that I was comparing Matt Rhule and Fran Dunphy and saying they were on the same level. I was not. I was comparing the two teams and the nature of the losses. Both teams are young, lacking solid, playmaking leaders (exception of PJ although still only a freshman) and going into this year I was not expecting good things for either team unfortunately. I felt .500 would be reasonable for basketball, below that would be painful but not totally out of the question. For football, our defense going into this year was horrible and we had nothing that I was confident to build off of. Did I expect the fb team to lose to Idaho and Fordham? No. Did I expect basketball to lose to a 3-7 SWAC team? And Towson? No. But unfortunately the truth is we’re just not that good, and when you’re not that good, losses like this happen (sometimes.) This year, a lot

  3. Sean Daniels is eligible for a medical redshirt. I don’t know if he wants to come back, though. He has very good coaching instincts, let’s put it that way. He was also our best pass-rusher.

  4. Mike,

    I saw on ESPN Recruiting page that Temple had something like 17 Three Star Recruits it had with Oral Commitments

    How many do you think we get out of those 17?

    Also who replaces Noble? Heard anything?

  5. Wild guess: 15. Heard that Matt Rhule doesn’t know anybody in the coaching profession, so he’s going to appoint a GA a line coach rather than hire a qualified guy who is not a buddy (just kidding, MRAs).

  6. They didn’t have the “star system” with Bruce Arians, but Bruce got a lot of top-of-the-line recruits. Two “de-commits” the day he was fired: Alonzo Spellman (Ohio State) and Glenn Foley (Boston College). Both became NFL players. Peter J. had no clue when he fired Bruce. Also, although he’s got a lot of three-stars, I don’t see guys “de-committing” from BCS schools to come to Temple, like Kee-Ayre Griffin (BC) and Adrian Robinson (Pitt). I like Anthony Davis a lot and, if he sticks, he’s the jewel of this class IMHO. Have to wait until the first Wednesday of Feb. to come to a final conclusion on this vs. other classes.

  7. These recruits will beat Notre Dame on Halloween, 2015 at LFF. Am I an MRA or just an optimist in general? Go Owls!

  8. Other than a new D-Line coach will their be any other new coaches? Delaware State replaced what team on the 2014 schedule?

    • You mean Delaware State isn’t playing us in 2014? When did this happen?

    • They were a fill-in. Temple had an offer to both Villanova and Delaware but both declined. Villanova did not want the bleep kicked out of them for the fourth-straight time and Delaware wanted a home and home and Temple is never going to do that for a 1AA school. Neither is any other FBS team with BCS aspirations.

  9. Who will or should be the next school/team to join the AAC UMASS, Army, both or someone else?

  10. Jay, check out Temple’s 2014 Scheduled on Also, this was talked about a while ago.

  11. East Carolina Looks Dangerous…

    They look organized and well coached.

    They have some excellent receivers and QB Carden- 75 percent Completion percentage this year

  12. Mike, any thoughts on East Carolina vs Ohio in Beef O’Brady Bowl?

    its on Espn right now

  13. East Carolina should win…. but Ohio’s got a good game day coach, unlike Temple unfortunately.

  14. Best recruit we could get on defense would be a new DC. Even the MRA group can’t defend Snow. MR needs to man up and make the tough but easy call.

    Peace to all this holiday season.

    • Totally agree. Can’t say I didn’t see this Snow train wreck coming. Also not surprised that Matt Rhule hasn’t fired him yet. He values personal relationships over the overall good of the Temple football program and that’s an unfortunate truth going forward.

      • “He values personal friendships over the overall good of the Temple program.” That’s a deep statement. But is it true or fair? I understand u depise Rhule. It’s becoming a broken record on this site….but I refuse to believe that a coach would choose his friend over the good of his team and his coaching reputation. Now I’m not a RA but I am a Temple fan. It doesn’t make any sense that a coach would just keep his friend on staff knowing it would hurt his team. I was disappointed in the defense this season just like everybody but Im not willing to hang the DC. Now if Rhule would have fired him I would not had shead a tear but Im willing to give Snow another season to see what he can do with better players. And with the look of our recruiting class he will have better players. The defense wasn’t good in 2012. The upperclassman were really MAC athletes. And like Rhule said we didn’t have the athletes in the secondary to compete in the AAC. Next year will give us the answers. If the defense starts out horrible next season than Rhule will have a decision to make. Then we will have our answer to if he values personal friendships over the good of the program. I think Rhule is smart enought to understand that Snow has to deliver early next season.

  15. The problem with Snow was that he hasn’t stopped an offense since 2001. That was a long time ago. He came in with questionable credentials and immediately had Temple giving up 500-plus yards a game. Rhule doesn’t need to give him another chance.

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