Junior Galette’s Return to Philadelphia

Click on photo of Eagles' fans to find five keys to the game, one involving former Temple player Junior Galette.

Click on photo of Eagles’ fans to find five keys to the game, one involving former Temple player Junior Galette.

Just like about six million other people in the tri-state area on Saturday night, I’ll be watching the Eagles vs. Saints playoff game on Saturday night.

I also hold no hopes for New Orleans’ starting defensive end Junior Galette to say “Junior Galette, Temple Owls” when he does his own introduction on NBC. That honor will be probably reserved for Spellman College, which recently eliminated all intercollegiate sports.


Galette is returning to Philadelphia, but not “coming home.” He had to be dismissed from the team by then head coach Al Golden for a discipline issue we won’t get into here, but I’m always sad to see great talent exit Temple for any reason.

Galette’s return does make you wonder about what happened to the one vaunted Temple pass rush, though. Consider the guys who have been through here: Galette, Muhammad Wilkerson and Adrian Robinson. Of the three, although “Big Mo” is the all-pro, Robinson was the best pass rusher in college. I always told his dad he was playing out of position (I thought the Owls should have used him as an OLB with pass-rushing responsibilities, ala Lawrence Taylor with the Giants) but I could see Golden’s point in that the Owls needed to play him as a down lineman.

Hopefully, Matt Rhule brings in Galette, Wilkerson and Robinson type talent in with this class. Pass defense becomes a lot easier when the bad guy’s quarterback is on his ass all the time.

Greatest Punt Block Ever:


6 thoughts on “Junior Galette’s Return to Philadelphia

  1. Heard that the big tackle decommitted for Penn State. However, he’d recommit if O’Brien leaves PSU. Let’s hope it happens and maybe we can snag more PSU commits. Happy New Year.

  2. Happy New Year, john. Learned a long time ago not to drive on Amateur Night. Don’t think we’re getting any of the PSU players. The big tackle was quoted as saying that even if BOB leaves “Penn State is always going to have a great coach.” Yeah, they are. Money talks, bullbleep walks and we’re pretty much bullbleep until we have the foresight to shell out the bucks for a big-time coach. Spend money to make money.

  3. Happy New Year, Mike and Temple Nation

    Now that O’Brien is leaving, is Franklin headed to Penn State? or AG?

  4. Franklin to Texas. AG to PSU. Don’t think PSU is dumb enough to hire Schiano.

  5. I’m a big advocate of psu hiring Matt Rhule. It seems their alums are in the market for a young coach who won’t leave the program anytime soon. Maybe I should save this post for April 1 not January 1. Happy new year.

  6. Me, too. Yes, he was 2-10 but he’s a great recruiter and a nice guy. That should qualify him for being PSU’s head coach.

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