Penn State will get a great coach in Al Golden

While a James Franklin hire will be better for Temple fans, Penn State fans should not fret over landing Al Golden.

While a James Franklin hire will be better for Temple fans, Penn State fans should not fret over landing Al Golden.

When his coaching career is over,  Al Golden is going to sit down in front of his laptop and type the story of his life.

Like another coach who served time at Temple University, he’s already got the title of his book:  Deserve Victory. When John Chaney coached basketball at the school, one of his favorite phrases was “Winning Is An Attitude” and that turned out to be a best-selling book about Chaney, who found his way into college basketball’s Hall of Fame.

Sometime on Monday, Al Golden is likely (though not certain) to be named head  football coach at Penn State and even though he was a Nittany Lion football captain, very few Penn State fans know a lot about Al Golden. Temple fans, of which I count myself among the few and proud, do know a lot about him because his life was an open book for his five years of transforming the football program at that school.

Golden carried a binder around with him for all of those five years and, on the front cover, were the words: Deserve Victory. In its pages, were detailed notes on how to build a winning football program,  from hiring a staff to recruiting to dealing with the fans and the media and minute details on how both spring and summer practices are organized. There was even a part in there on the importance of summer football camps.

As a Temple football fan, I got to know Al Golden during those five years and, while no man is perfect, Penn State could get no better man to lead its football program. His attention to detail is impeccable. When he walks into a recruit’s home, he usually closes the deal and he’s coached at two places where the home stadium is usually half-full. That won’t exist at Penn State.

Does he have flaws? Sure. He’s not a great game day  coach, but there are very few of those around anyway. The current Temple head coach makes him look like Albert Einstein on game day.  If Penn State announces Al Golden as its next head coach in a press conference on Monday afternoon, it will be getting a very good head coach with a lot of great chapters left to write.

Take it from a Temple fan who saw his work up close and personal for five very good years.


19 thoughts on “Penn State will get a great coach in Al Golden

  1. Yes, Curt, good development for Temple (Rhule would never get a recruit Al wanted), bad for Penn State.

  2. back to the previous post reference Rhule being a ‘good’ recruiter…, uh, not so fast.., 247 Sports has his class ranked 74!!! Very, very bad years ahead for Temple Football, we have a guy who can’t recruit, nor can he develop and scheme the talent on hand

    • Keep in mind several problems with the 247 ranking. They don’t have Anthony Davis listed , they only have Aaron Ruff as a three star and Michael Dogbe is a beast who undoubtedly would be listed as a four star prospect if he was going “football” school. There has also been word that we have someone, who would be a considered a huge catch for Temple, with a confirmed verbal that does not want it announced yet. Don’t know who it is, hoping it’s true.

  3. The recruiting ranking dropped because of decommits. Had they won six or seven games, it is likely that they would have been in the top forty, if not higher, as some services had them in the summer.

  4. Curt, do you think all of the 73 teams ranked above us could have the same issue of having several players under or not ranked? unfortunately we probably are what our recruiting ranking says we are…., Rhule is over paid and his record sucks…, John had it right, top kids are far smarter and have far better choices than Temple…, my vote would be to fire the FB and BB coaches

  5. Curt, I hope you are right but UNTIL that commit you talk about becomes a reality, dropping from the No. 30-ranked class to No. 74 is all on the coaching staff BECAUSE they proved from game 1-11 they could not coach their way out of a paper bag. I will give them Game 12, but that was too late.

  6. The team is also very young; how many scholarships did they even have to offer?

  7. Every team can sign 25 players even Penn State, which was limited to 15 only in the first year of the four-year bowl ban (they restored their schollies this year). I had hopes that four years of 15 scholarships vs. four years of Temple 25 scholarships would have helped Temple catch up to and surpass PSU. That ain’t happening, unfortunately.

  8. So glad PSU is getting Franklin, hope that Vandy dips into the ranks of NFL assistant offensive line coaches for its next HC. Owls will have a better shot against a guy in his first year just learning on the job.

    • While that’s a good point abut Vandy, I’m hoping PSU hires Munchak. Mediocre NFL HC at best and no experience either recruiting or coaching at the college level. We’ll know for sure how good of a recruiter Rhule is come February, but as KJ pointed out earlier even their he doesn’t seem to be as good as his supporters would like to believe, so I’d rather have someone with no recruiting background at the helm at PSU then a coach like Golden or Franlkin.

  9. is that being shirt-sighted? Franklin to PSU spells doom for Temple recruiting in PA for as long as he stays……,,plus every Philly sports story will be about Franklin…., not sure if there is a hotter coach in America than Franklin

    • Don’t think so, KJ, only because golden’s magnetic personality would have made him a more difficult coach to recruit against for Rhule, who is not proving to be the great recruiter we all thought he was going to be (as you correctly pointed out in an earlier comment). Franklin is a better gameday coach, but Golden is a tremendous recruiter. I want Franklin out of Vandy by the time Rhule gets there. Franklin would carve up the Owls. Hopefully, they’ll promote an unproven assistant (like we essentially did).

      • No offense but the constant hate towards Rhule is getting tiresome (and i’m not a huge Rhule fan besides the spread O), why don’t we just let it play out i’m sure the new AD will do something if we win 2 games again next year. As i’m sure you know Kyle Flood at Rutgers was also an unproven Offensive Line coach, during his tenure Rutgers wasn’t very good either and they are entering the B1G with him at the helm. Last year and the year before were huge let downs for their squad more talent then they have EVER had.

  10. No “hate” toward Rhule, just stating my honest opinion of his coaching ability and recruiting ability. Don’t see why I have to “let” 2014 play out to comment on his job performance again. Temple should have hired a head coach for the job, a guy who had done it before like Lembo, Cristobal and Clawson rather than hand the reins to the program to an unknown like Rhule. This will eventually come back to bite Temple and MR provided plenty of evidence in that direction in 2013. No hate. Just opinion. You have yours. I have mine.

  11. Franklin is an incredible recruiter. Vandy’s class is ranked in the top 25 this year. Temple fans would have been happier if Munchak got the job.

  12. Plus, Vandy is about as hard to get into as Northwestern, Stanford, Duke. It’s the Harvard of the SEC.

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